Without prostitutes men have no protection from what is in effect FORCED MARRIAGE

http://demiandashton.org/realmen for more photos of Hollywood actors who get their sex for FREE from their female fans and who don't need to go to a prostitute.

I think prostitution is an honest profession. More honest than getting knocked up and getting the CSA pursue the father of the illegitimate child who never wanted to be a father in the first place.

For this reason, I am proposing that men should treat known prostitutes as a degree above the Slut Single Mum.  If he wants to give up to his seat to a woman, for example, he should offer it to the prostitute first.  Only if the prostitute declines should he offer it to the Slut Single Mum and there is no other woman who is not an SSM in the vicinity who might want that seat.

Criminalising prostitution is a like women ganging up on men and saying "You have to marry us (or support an illegitimate baby you never intended to father) if you want to have sex with us."

That is what it really boils down to.

By the way, prostitution and by extension brothel-keeping is tolerated in the Koran.

Just think: the Koran is more tolerant of prostitution than feminists!

Men, if you want sex from a prostitute, you know the full price and the cost of any extras.

If you accept no-strings sex from a woman who knows where you live and work and is careless about contraception you will find yourself paying for that child you never intended to father until it is 16 or finishes full time education.

Why should a man who only wanted sex have to pay to maintain a child until it is financially independent if he never even wanted to have a child in the first place?

Why should women who think that every men who has sex with them wants to father and maintain a child be rewarded for this sluttish behaviour?

All sluts are by definition STUPID, by the way, and a stupid slut is a pleonasm, like "tuna fish" since a tuna can only be a fish, and a slut can only be stupid.

What happens to a nation who is ruled by the morals stupid sluts I have no idea, but it can't be a pretty picture.  Something nastily Biblical, probably.

By tolerating SSMs you are just encouraging stupid people to breed criminal bastards who will eventually drag your entire civilisation down into the sewer.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascha_(brothel) Such brothels would help the British with their balance of payments and put slut single mums to work.

I am not suggesting that all SSMs should become prostitutes since they are not all desirable.

The rest can do the lower paid jobs like cleaning, security, book-keeping, catering, beauty, health and fitness and perhaps even mind the illegitimate children of SSMs in creches and nurseries.

Most foreign women who end up in brothels in this country knew full well that that was what they came here to do.  Feminists pretend they care about the exploitation of these vulnerable women when all they want to do is to keep out the competition and kick them out of the country in just the way some members of anti-immigration parties want to kick out foreigners who come here to take the bread out of their mouths.

You see, getting what you think is no-strings sex from a slut does not give you transparent pricing.

The man may think he is getting a free fuck but if she knows where he lives and works, his CSA goose is cooked.

Sex with a slut is one of those things that you are told is free but full of hidden charges.

There is NOTHING wrong with prostitution.  A wife is just a prostitute with a long-term exclusive contract with more onerous duties, and a husband is just a punter with a long-term exclusive contract with more onerous financial duties.




Adolfo said…
It's nice to know that the future Queen-Dictatress-Brutal-Ruler of the UK does know what her very much suffering nation needs in order to overcome their current sorry-ass condition and recover its once magnificence greatness. May Allah save the Queen!
Anyway, it’s my opinion that if you abolish marriage and introduce the “Heterosexual Civil Partnership for the Raising of Children” and give every man the right of abortion (feminists want equality, right?) that is, the power to quit to unwanted parenthood, so they cannot be suit in a family court to provide child support for a child he didn’t asked for, sanity would come back to male-female relationships.
By the way, I hope you haven’t forgot our little agreement by which you are going to grant me a Royal permission to open brothels all over the UK. May I ask you for something else? I am going to need a Royal permission to bring Brazilian mulattoes into the UK to work in my brothels. I tell you, those girls are hot, hot, hot. British men are going to be delighted!
What? You don’t really expect me to hire old fat entitled British single mothers sluts for such jobs!
Antifeminist said…
It's funny when male CELEBS, who get all the groupies they want, and guys like Sean Penn who is one of the prime beneficiaries of feminist marital laws (got massive amount of money when divorcing Madonna) spew feminist dogmas like "prostitution is bad".

Hey, Penn and Timberlake, you are not real men.
Anonymous said…
They don't buy them, they rent them!

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