Why is Woman's Hour promoting immorality AKA sluttery and bastardy?


Single Mums v Single Dads
As the Office of National Statistics reveals the number of single parent families in the UK tipping two million for the first time why does a single dad invariably still attract greater social sympathy than single mum? Jenni is joined by Benjamin Mee, whose own experience of being a single dad is played by Matt Damon in the forthcoming film ‘We bought a Zoo’ and by Maria Roberts, author of ‘Single Mother on the Verge’.

‘Single Mother on the Verge’ ISBN: 978-0-141-03777-6 is written by Maria Roberts, published by Penguin Books.


Maria Roberts is a Slut Single Mum complaining about how much better-treated single fathers are compared to Slut Single Mums.

Haven't the feminists delighted us for long enough?

Why do these women want to destroy Western civilisation and the white race?

Why are white men so pathetically helpless against these sirens?

Is it because their women control them in the same way pimps control prostitutes by getting them hooked on drugs?

If sex is a drug then women are the drug dealers or suppliers, if you prefer.

If the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world then the world is being ruled by the Slut Single Mum.  Her low moral standards are made worse by her inability to engage in rational and civilised discourse as well as her proven capacity to lower the morals of the rest of her society, destroy the quality of the next generation and therefore the future of your nation.

The lower the morals of women the lower the morals of men.

What is feminism but a legal right for women to fuck whom they like without fear of the consequences, at the expense of the usually male taxpayer who are now  mere women with penis extensions too afraid of challenging the status quo?

Feminism is a cancer.

Drastic and immediate surgery is required.  


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