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Sky News joins in with the BBC in not broadcasting Gaza Appeal

Now that Sky News has decided to join with the BBC in not broadcasting the Gaza Appeal, it seems that I must, to be fair, also enquire into the people that might unduly influence John Ryley, Head of Sky News, whose marital status and attachments I am currently ignorant of.

I really cannot see how it would affect Sky one way or another if it broadcasts the Gaza Appeal. The reason given for not broadcasting it is that Sky is, like the BBC, international.

It does not make sense, since the rest of the world is anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist anyway.
MPs slam BBC and Sky over Gaza snub

Is the BBC Director-General henpecked?

BBC stands firm on Gaza appeal refusal

He now lives in Oxford with his wife JaneBlumberg, an American academic,whom he married in 1987.

Maybe he doesn't want to be a victim of FemiNazi legislation which will give him no quarter.

for the effect of divorce on men

His "rigorous" interviewer, John Humphrys, on the Today Programme did not ask the crucial question: "May I know your wife's views on Gaza?"

Robert Burns 1788
Curs'd be the man, the poorest wretch in life,
The crouching vassal to a tyrant wife!
Who has no will but by her high permission,
Who has not sixpence but in her possession;
Who must to he, his dear friend's secrets tell,
Who dreads a curtain lecture worse than hell.
Were such the wife had fallen to my part,
I'd break her spirit or I'd break her heart;

The effect of false rape allegations on men

You obviously would not know me, but I used to be part of the UKMM. I set up the campaign M.A.F.R.A. Men Against False Rape Allegations. This campaign proved more successful in the USA than it did over here.

This campaign was mainly designed to help the innocent men and their families, who became subjects of wrongful allegations of rape. I started such a campaign in 1996 -1998 then proceeded to study GCSE Law in my local college. I started studying in 1999 & 2000. Funnily enough , I was "given" the same grades "D" even though in 1999, I was informed I would easily obtain a "B" Grade. This went through into the following year. I became highly suspicious when I had the same grading for 2000.

I then enrolled onto the Access to Higher Education course from 2001 -2003. In the first year, my course tutor suggested I should do an I.T. degree, instead of studying towards a Law degree. The second year, the course tutor suggested I should do a bricklaying course,…

The effect of divorce on men

This is a letter I have received from a men's rights campaigner.

Comments welcome.

My name is Peter van de Voorde from Australian radio program DADS ON THE AIR, understand you would like to find out more about fathers' groups.

I am a little curious as to which fathers groups you are referring to when you refer to them as "odd"? [My email to a men's rights contact explained that I wanted to form an opinion about how they are and what they do. "I know they are perceived to be quite odd", I said, "so I would like to see for myself."]

With a little searching, you will note that almost every fathers group in the world, fits into your "angry fathers group" category. Why is this so, you might ask? The answer is very simple.

With few exceptions, they are responsible fathers who strongly resist the forcible removal of their children from their love, care and protection, by State sponsored agencies, institutions and bu…

Why is the divorce rate higher in the West than in the East?

This is the question I answered at:

Since I am certain it will be deleted, I will set it out below:

Because the laws in the West encourage it in the name of feminism, which no man is allowed to question, or he will end up losing his home, half his property and access to his children while having to pay for them until they are 18.

The West is also The Land of Bastards, Bastardy, Welfare Claimants and High Crime, ruled by the ideology of Feminazism whose Sacred Cow is Single Motherhood (which includes Divorced Mothers as well as Never Married Mothers).

Successive governments dare not address the harm caused by single parenthood because that would be tantamount to blaspheming against Sexual Freedom Without Responsibility, a deity every Westerner is expected to worship unquestioningly. Primary schoolchildren are prepared for Sex Worship (in the form of Sex Education). As soon as they are in secondary school, they will be shown h…