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Sexist Misogynistic Advice or The Truth?


listen to sample chapter, and leave your comment here! continues this theme, but is entirely unrelated to the DVD and its originator.

The Muslim Marriage Contract - Pt 1

This seems fair enough to me.

Marriage is business after all!

Those of you who have had an expensive divorce (Are you reading this, John Cleese and Roman Abramovich?), read the following and marvel at the fairness and commonsense of these principles.

According to Islamic law, marriage is the most sacred commitment in life between two adults of opposite sex. It attempts to save it wherever possible.
As a consequence divorce is regarded by Allah as the most ‘hated thing’.

However, breakdown in marriage does take place for a variety of reasons. If the divorce is initiated by husband he has to pay the woman any Mahr [the price paid to the bride - think of golden handcuffs and you will get the idea!] that remains unpaid.

If the divorce is initiated by the wife, and the husband is found to be at fault by the arbiters she does not lose her Mahr.

But if she cannot prove his fault, she has to return to her husband whatever Mahr amount she has alr…

Shock horror! Labour MP says teenage mums a drain on society!

WHEN Carolyn was in hospital, having just delivered us of wee Reggie, a very young girl in the bed opposite was also celebrating the arrival of her newborn. As was her proud father, who made great play to anyone who might have been listening (me) of how proud he was of his daughter. She was, I guess, about 16.

I don’t think he should have been ashamed. And it’s great that this young girl had such a loving dad to support her.

But proud? Proud that his teenage daughter was not only sexually active but was now a mother? Proud that any chance of a decent education, followed by a decent job, was now remote at best? Proud that she was, in all likelihood, about to embark on a lifetime of depending on benefit handouts for her and her child?

I’m a Labour MP, so some will undoubtedly be surprised, and shocked that I’m writing this. But I can no longer pretend that the army of teenage mothers living off the state is anything other than a…