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The Miseducation of Women by James Tooley

Another seminal (pun intended) book on the destructiveness of feminism, which dates national decline back to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

Very readable and makes its points clearly.

Any woman who wonders where all the decent men have gone will know that they lie buried after extermination in the mass grave of feminism.

Instead of limiting the supply of sex only to marriageable men (thus incentivising them to behave decently), men and women have been behaving like promiscuous constantly copulating gay men but with the additional disadvantage of producing offspring that have the effect of lowering the quality of the national gene pool.

So that is why Andromeda seeks Perseus in vain. The Age of Heroes is well and truly over.

Anne Phillips disagrees at

She says:

"Tooley is probably right that young women are drinking too much chardonnay, and no doubt right that many are unh…

A contribution by Andrew Slade - "The Disillusioned Bride"

Andrew Slade, whose marital status is uncertain, emailed me this day:

I came across this MS poem in a National Trust House at the weekend; attributed 2 Jane Taylor (1783-1824) "The Lavenham poetess". But it might as well b entitled "The Disillusioned Husband", written at the height of the Age of Romanticism: unrealistic expectations unrealised!
Please post it under my real name,


The twentieth week is well-nigh past,
Since first in Church we two were asked:
Oh! Would we had not gone at last.

=My husband.

Thy kindness has a fainter blow,
I see thee daily cooler grow,
How canst thou bear to serve me so?
=My husband.

And when sometimes thou wouldst fulfill
Some little office for me still,
Thy love now seconds not thy will.=My husband.

Safely thou showest a tyrant's heart,
For Hymen's thread with cruel art
Hath bound us so we must not part.
=My husband.

Thy unpolite expressions seem
With no affection now to team
And never are my charms the theme.
=My husband.


Men now so useless they cannot deal with ambiguity because of paralysing fear of rejection

So, men are so frightened and clueless now that they cannot respond to subtle female signs of interest and encouragement unless it is something as unambiguous as

"Fancy dinner?"

"Can I give you my number?"

"Do you have plans later?"

"What are you up to tonight?"

"Your place or mine?"

So it's official then. British men now secretly want to dress like women and sit around in bars looking "new-manly" while waiting for women to chat them up. Their pretty fluffy little heads are now incapable of dealing with such things as ambiguity, risk of rejection and the basics of male courtship that even lower animals know they must perform if they desire the opportunity to sexually reproduce.

I wonder if the problem is anything to do with the fact that most British women are now so "liberated" that they think being promiscuous, or,…

Marital Discipline through Flogging

It is NOT in the Koran that you are to be lashed for merely being in a position to commit adultery. It must have been the case that pre-Islam, the Afghans would flog each other over trifling matters such as dropping litter and subsequently adapted Islam to their customs.

I repeat, there is nothing in the Koran that says "flog a woman 34 times for putting herself in a position where she could have committed adultery". It does however say in the Koran that 100 lashes are to be administered for convicted adulterers and 80 lashes for falsely accusing someone of adultery.

Under such a system, I would argue that victims of adultery be personally allowed to administer these punishments in the privacy of the bedchamber. I know for a fact that quite a fetish is made of discipline and the sex industry caters very well for this preference in men such as sir Max Mosley. I do not doubt that quite a few women…