Men now so useless they cannot deal with ambiguity because of paralysing fear of rejection

So, men are so frightened and clueless now that they cannot respond to subtle female signs of interest and encouragement unless it is something as unambiguous as

"Fancy dinner?"

"Can I give you my number?"

"Do you have plans later?"

"What are you up to tonight?"

"Your place or mine?"

So it's official then. British men now secretly want to dress like women and sit around in bars looking "new-manly" while waiting for women to chat them up. Their pretty fluffy little heads are now incapable of dealing with such things as ambiguity, risk of rejection and the basics of male courtship that even lower animals know they must perform if they desire the opportunity to sexually reproduce.

I wonder if the problem is anything to do with the fact that most British women are now so "liberated" that they think being promiscuous, or, not to put too fine a point on it, being a slag and a slapper, ie females behaving like a predatory males, is a badge of British womanhood.

(Perhaps this is why Muslim women go to the other extreme of covering themselves in their burqas, to show that they are most certainly not wearing this particular British badge.)

If it is true that both men and women have had their characters ruined by feminism, then this explains why men (who are too busy considering and accepting offers made to them by their liberated women) no longer have the inclination or capacity to fulfil their natural masculine roles of impressing their women with their ability to be provide and protect, in order to win their favours.

It would appear that women are now seeking advice about cajoling men into having sex, as if they were infants with feeding difficulties and an aversion to the breast.

Men are now more to be regarded as Reluctant Companions to Women who may at any time change their claim from being

(a) in need of protection and provision, or
(b) equal partners, or
(c) she who must be obeyed

according to circumstances and mood.

Men are also regarded as sperm banks by the more ambitious and enterprising sink-school "educated" young women who want to "move on in life" and receive more benefits and more spacious council accommodation for themselves and their variously-fathered children.

Professional women who cannot find a decent man to become their husbands and the fathers of their children after spending their potentially child-bearing years building their careers, have a similar "sperm bank" outlook towards men.

If I were a man (or a boy, marriage would be the last thing I would do these days. Were I to meet a woman whom I considered capable of being a good wife and mother, I would expect that she agree to the terms of a Domestic Partnership Agreement, with negotiations conducted "at arm's length" by our respective legal advisers, before entering into any relationship involving cohabitation and children.

Unromantic, I know, but to do otherwise would be folly indeed.


Robert H Brown said…
You couldn't of put it better ... this is truly the state of the majority of men of our nation who appear to have no backbone or strong commitment to the role they should play.

The man is supposed to be the head of the family and be the person who has the ability to take the lead. Women have there role to play which should be protected by the man. The man is the one that needs to work and provide and the woman in my book is the home maker and child bearer who's responsibility is to raise the child, teaching it morals, standards, discipline and respect.

Both male and female have their individual roles to play in life and neither is more important than the other.

As for me, single as I may well be I have not had the good fortune to meet the right person for me.

Naturally, I'm still interested in meeting the right person and I will not settle for second best neither should you have to except second best either, even if it means having to go all the way through life not meeting the right person.

I am of the firm belief a good relationship is vital to a well balanced secure lifetime commitment which should not be entered into lightly.

So well done you for this blog you have posted ... Your spot on with the state of man's silly fear of rejection. As men, we need to take courage and make a united stand.
Jeff Marshall said…
What rubbish this article is.

And why read so much into it - all it says is that men prefer unambiguous invitations.

Looking down the list of examples of suggestions men do not prefer, I was not really surprised.

One of the less popular proposals was, 'May I put my Mercedes keys in your bag?' I don't know what I would make of such a suggestion.

(For one thing, I do not carry a bag; secondly, it would be rather a mistake to give your keys to a car thief - just kidding).

Another cringeworthy, would-be funny line that men hated was ‘Your shirt matches my bedspread. You belong in my bed.’

It certainly makes one wonder whether it would not sometimes be better to say nothing at all.

Now if I wanted to invite someone to dinner, I would say something along the lines of, 'Would you like to have dinner?' Then I imagine I would receive an answer I could interpret.

However, if I ask a question which is opaque, then I guess I would receive an opaque answer. Why am I to do with an opaque answer?

Not surprisingly, top of the list of questions men prefer is 'Fancy dinner?' (Are you seriously telling me you would say NO?)

Remember the Lerner and Loeb song from your favourite musical, MY FAIR LADY, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

By implication, why can she not think more like a man?

Of course, if you just hate men and are looking for an excuse to put the boot in - be my guest.........

Andromeda said…
I do not HATE men, Jeff Marshall! I just hate what has become of them. Of course men prefer YES rather to MAYBE (as would women)! But I have heard too many women complaining now about how much more often women themselves have to take the initiative. Perhaps we always have, using all our feminine wiles to prompt the man into chatting us up, and letting him think it was his idea all along, but it appears that these days we have to do the chat-up AS WELL!!

Anyway, I suppose I had better draft, polish and burnish mine.

"Have you heard about the Domestic Partnership?" is one that comes to mind.

"Now that you are aware of the concept of optional fidelity and intimacy in the context of domesticity and separate bedrooms, do you feel it is something that could be for you? Or are you alarmed and disgusted by such an outlandish and unromantic idea?"

(He makes his excuses and goes, never to be seen again.)

If a lady thinks like a man in sexual matters then men and women will be behaving like promiscuous gay men, and this is exactly what has happened.

Now is that a good thing for society, now that we know that promiscuity results in family breakdown, single parenthood and the increased birthrate of the offspring of low status men who cannot offer their women protection and provision being brought up by women with low expectations and low standards of behaviour?

Is not the national gene pool being progressively debased by such widespread tolerance of feral reproduction?
Anonymous said…
The traditional male role as the aggressor has been killed by the feminist movement. Men are not allowed to go after women like they use to. Women want to feel like they are in control these days. When I went to school girls were allowed to treat guys like shit. They could name call and hit them. Sure it wasn't fighting but if you hit them back as a male you would get in trouble.
This sentiment has carried over into their future relationships and the events that I experienced were not isolated to my geographic location. Girls everywhere I have gone are violent towards men. They are verbally abusive and physically abusive. We as men cannot fight back.
Now the females that were once girls and now women are complaining that the after effects of the conditioning they put men through is having undesired traits expressed in men.
Do you see how it is all female centric? Women get to complain and make demands and do whatever their little hearts desire, because they get to decide what is acceptable and what is not. This article is a prime example. Women dress a lot like men these days. They wear jeans and many have hairstyles similar to men, and act a lot like men as well. Men are not really excited about this. But guess what if we say anything we are being sexist and need to grow up.
The author is saying men need to understand subtlety. Subtlety? Why, why do men need to pay more attention to the female more so than they already do? Why don't women quit playing games with men and treating them like dog meat and like the female is the prize, so you have a lord and master? When it was the other way around and men had the outlook women have today they were called megalomaniacal. Women do it and they are "liberated".
Go to a store where a woman is in charge. She has a minion of young men to do all the heavy lifting. So her job is designated bitcher and belittler. When a male boss treats women in this manner, they cry and complain to management that he is mean and he needs sensitivity training. When a woman acts this way towards men and women she is a role model and should be promoted.
Why are men feminized and weak? They are trained to follow women from the time they are 5-6, and if they had a mother they have been getting trained from birth. You want more assertive men? Quit saying they are harassing you when they say hello. Quit treating them like they need to be able to read your mind. I mean we do everything else for you, so it is only natural that you would want us to read your minds but it is beyond us. You don't even understand you and you want us to read your mind.
Women don't know what the hell they want because they have been coveting what everyone else has their whole lives and think it would make them happy. When in all actuality the reason for their dismay is due to the fact that they never have to suffer the consequences from their actions. Those who have illegitimate children get a check for the rest of their lives and a free education. Free babysitting, food, tuition, fees, books, school lunches for their kids, healthcare, and preferential hiring when applying for a job, if they choose to work. If they identify the father, they get money from him too, even if they share custody. What do men get? Burden.
Why are men so meek? Because women are turning into tyrants and men don't want to go to jail, have to pay for child support for the rest of their lives, get slapped, get kicked in the nuts, get labeled a sex offender, get stalked, treated like shit, get cheated on when she gets bored, or lose all their money from a gold digger. Women have it easy. They complain and wait for the knight in shining armor to save them.
I mean listen to you, why are men so wussy? Because when they were young and normal you treated them like they were abusing you just by existing. Now the world has beaten them into submission and you don't like it. Surprise surprise you don't want to live with the consequences of your actions. Big shocker...
Yaz.k said…
Chad, I must say you are an utter MORON. You think raising children alone is somehow an easy job and a free ride, well obviously you've never had to take care of or do anything for anyone else other than yourself. And as for 'preferential' treatment wuith jobs- you are joking aren't you? Do you know how many employers are turned off as soon as they hear you have children and you're single? You are entitled to your opinions however derogitory they may be, but please do not try to state them as some kind of fact based in reality at all. You obviously have had some bad experiences that have tained your views to a massive degree, but you need to realise that 'traditional' males being 'aggressors' wasn't all about men treating women like property and doing whatever they want, the 'traditional' male came with a great amount of words men these days don't seem to like the sound of such as 'duty' and 'responsability', and that's what earned them the respect and care they demanded- not self centred behaviour acting like a man-child but then expecting all the perks of a 'traditional' womans love and respect.
As for it all being the fauly of big bad nasty women...sorry, there ARE peanty of assertive and good guys out there that don't feel the need to try to justify any kind of violence and aggressions towards women in general- perhaps you could learn something from a few of them instead of having role models that are overgrown babies and idolising guys that thing going through a string of air heads is a 'manly' trait.
Damn right employers don't want to hire any single mums. I am saying that they SHOULD be discriminated against. After all they are women too unattractive or stupid to find themselves a husband to provide for them. Why would you want to hire someone stupid, unattractive, parasitical and sexually incontinent as an employee who probably won't be able to cope with being a single mum and will be having all sorts of problems with her children and be calling in sick or saying that her children are sick? No thanks. If you are nice to them you would only encourage more of that sort of behaviour.

The preferential treatment I was referring to is the fact that they can sue an employer for any sort of grievance and put it down to sex discrimination.

Good on you, Yaz K, that you can find lots of decent manly single men who aren't scared, stupid and skint. Send them this way if you have any spare.
Lex Dras said…
The only thing I can say to Chad's Soliloquy is, "DAMN!!!!" Should I say it again?? Yea, I will... DAMN! That was marvelously put and is an all to common example of what happens to a boy when there is not a man in the house! He turns into a bitch! When I say, "It's Mama's Fault!" this is the form of psychological damage I'm talking about! --Lex Dras
Lex said…
The only thing I can say to Chad's Soliloquy is, "DAMN!!!!" Should I say it again?? Yea, I will... DAMN! That was marvelously put and is an all to common example of what happens to a boy when there is not a man in the house! He turns into a bitch! When I say, "It's Mama's Fault!" this is the form of psychological damage I'm talking about! --Lex Dras
With years of feminist equality being ingrained into young men, and years of telling young women they can be anyone they want to be in life, we are seeing a role reversal in Western society.

My wife is living proof to this. Some days I am an ass for not offering to cook dinner; other days I am an ass for telling her to leave my dinner alone as I am cooking it.

Some days I am an ass for not chasing her and trying to get her in bed. Some days I am the ass for grabbing her butt and fondling her.

She gets mad that I don't chase her, and even madder when I tell her she should wear something sexier when we go out, or commenting that she should do something with her hair instead og just putting it up in a ponytail.

Lets face it, women want to be treated like a woman only until they want to be treated like a man... or vice versa.
Claire Khaw said…
In a matriarchy we must remember the following at all times:

1. Women are equal to men.
2. Women are superior to men.
3. Women are weaker than men and therefore need their financial support.
4. Women are always right.
5. Men are always wrong.
6. Women are right even when they're wrong.
7. Men are wrong even when they're right.
yaz.k said…
Clair, research and stats show most single mothers are created via divorce, and as womena re the majority of those filing for divorce, it hink that must mean it's not a case that they're too stupid, unattractive etc etc to 'hold on to' a man to ';provide for them'- and more a case of those men seem unable to be the men they think or claim they are to deserve that title of 'head of the house'. It's simple economics and the idea of not carrying dead weight in a relationship and household just as you wouldn't keep on a useless employee that created more work than they did. Sorry if that sounds harsh,b ut idf you want the brutal breakdown of it there it is. And a lot of this 'women don't knwo what they want/want it all' business sounds more like people who actually just donm'r know how to communicate effectively with their particular partner. Stop whinging and blaming the new bogy (wo)man of our age that is feminism for -you- relationship problems- go see a relationship councellor, try -talking- to your partner about hwat's going on and how you're feeling etc. Jeeze, ther amount of bitching on here is it anyt womnder so many women prefer to be single!
Claire Khaw said…
There is no reason why you should put with a useless man, I agree.

But why are men these days so much more useless than before?
Anonymous said…
This is so immature and one-centric in it's reasoning. Real men refuse to pander to any woman, simply because they are women. I will not act the circus clown for any woman, out of some ridiculous "paternity-hunter-protector-biological-drive" theory that you or anyone has. If a woman wants to attract a real man, she first has to prove to him that his attention to her is something she values, not something for her to use to her advantage and try to control him with. By this I don't mean the product overload and dressing up and endless preening that all women do, affording them a "million-dollar-pussy" entitlement syndrome. Many women, no matter their social station in life or income level, act, walk, dress, talk, conduct themselves and wish to be paid like whores, then have the utter gall to wonder aloud why men want to treat them like whores. Show some respect to men that pay attention to you girls and you might actually find a real man in the ocean of vaginized twits who will do anything you say on the off chance you might give up a little ass; that isnt a man. The other thing that is of PRIMARY importance to a real man is chastity. Sluts are easy to find, they are everywhere. A woman needs to prove to a real man that he can trust her with his most valuable possesion; his heart. He will take on the entire world for her and their children as long as he is assured that she isn't going to breach this trust. So keep your heads in the sand. This essay is just more psycho-babble "men need to do what women tell them to do" bullshit. WE BUILT ALL OF THIS LADIES. All of the luxuries and comforts and "entitlements" you take for granted is directly and indirectly the fruits of the labour of MEN. FFS women's hygenic products were invented by a man. You girls couldn't even manage that. We built all of this and we will tear it all down in a fucking heartbeat and leave you to your devices against the cold, cruel, predator-filled world. Then you can "have your chance" to run things since "men have fucked up the planet for long enough" according to rabid feminists. You will have your chance, but from the ground up, not one finger lifted by us. We will file our nails and get fat and talk over each other all day about how useless women are. I gurantee, after 10,000 years of female rule, we will still be living in dung huts. MAYBE. That is if you women don't tear each other apart from the word go over which of you is going to be in charge.
Claire Khaw said…
Spoken like a real man. Let me just say to you that men have and do trust me with their hearts and minds, Big Boy!
Anonymous said…
It is women who are useless as they make no financial contribution to the family. While men are useful as they can earn money, women merely stay at home, get fat and contribute as a maid to the household.

Women are freaking ungrateful. After receiving a large part of their husband's salary, women still call their husbands useless.
Anonymous said…
LOL! Look at them and what they have done to themselves and they say men are no good? pahleeze... this is just their cover story for fucking up constantly and not having any real spine to acknowledge the truth that they did it to themselves... typical life long perpetual shoe hating jealous, envious, angry and retarded LOSERS... who want to blame anybody they can instead of looking the the mirrors. most are retards... LQQK at them... I wonder how Sex in The City - Life as A stupid Human Toilet worked out for them... oh yeah... IT'S WHAT THEY CHOSE... lol, but of course, it's a man's fault.

ummm.... maybe all these bitches just aren't worth the effort and these gals deep down inside know the truth... but still can't deal with it... yeah, that's more likely = they can't fuck to get what they want... 'cuz they all tapped out and used up... but oh! poor me! waaaaa... it's the imaginary hillary clinton push for potus "patriarchy". real men get with real women. not blown out useless breeders and parasites.
Fran B said…
I'm fairly anti-men now - I spent 10 years in a marriage to a controlling, violent tosser - I tried so hard to do everything right and got royally f**ked over, then I spent 10 years with a guy with mental health issues - the perfect man when well, the ultimate b**t**d when not - cooked lovely food for him, worked flat out and dealt with his sex addiction, infidelity and nastiness - I ended both relationships, have 3 kids (done well at school/nice people etc), have always worked, am a size 8 (have been told I am intelligent and attractive) - my 18 yr old son has told me that I am too much of a caring person and that I attract 'needy' men - hooray!! My point is that I have always tried to do everything right and been shat on by men - I am a one-man woman - I never cheated or was promiscuous (I love sex) despite a lot of opportunity because I don't feel comfortable with it and I want to set a good example to my children. Men treat bitches better in my experience - I don't trust or particularly respect men anymore and I cannot stand weak/whiny/irresponsible men - they can go to hell :)
Claire Khaw said…
I am saying feminism has drastically lowered the quality of men. Would you like to consider whether this could be true?
Stephanie Hill said…
No sir. I'm a woman who admits my flaws. I have a child and no family other than my son. My family died, my son's father wasn't willing to work (my bad) so I do. I don't depend on men, I pay a bunch full price for everything, no child support, no support period because I made a choice and had sex young and dumb but I don't make anyone "deal" with my life or my son's. I did this and will continue to because I figured my son would admire me despite how society labels single mom's. I'm saddened by the lack of understanding both sexes have about xx and xy chromosomes. Xy men have 500 genes while women xx have 2000! Where's it go? A lymphatic system that's in charge of emotions, pain tolerance and understandings found useful in mothering. However parenting ideally shouldn't be mom's job, especially when it's so stressful being mom and boss. BTW I also started my own business and I don't treat people like they work for me but rather with me. I simply want to be allowed to be. When the world makes me feel "unloveable" I learn to love myself and I can see my son loves me, if I do all this for my son, myself and pay full price and literally take care of two houses, bills, cars, groceries, doctors, oh BTW my son is in the hospital a lot with asthma and I'm the only one alive or around left please think of how hurt I am. I'm a 27 year old attractive woman, college I paid in full out of pocket one class at a time, no child support no government no family to babysit no discount on shit. I want to die, but my son wouldn't have anyone. I do grass, trash, cook, clean, job, everything and the stereotype image I fall into feels like people don't like it. Men don't understand why I'm crying and stressed. They say "you're mom, it's all on you" and I feel like being with a man is just more to do than someone to love. It feels like men and women who do bs assume I'm a whore or I hate men and I'm not and I don't. I hate that doing my very best leaves me exhausted and suicidal.
Claire Khaw said…
So you are saying you wished you had married someone better and didn't have to work so hard. I am just saying women should choose their sex partner carefully so they don't end up being knocked up by someone who pumps and dumps them leaving them on their own holding the baby. I am sure if you had a daughter you would advise her better than you were.

It sounds like you were singly-parented too.

I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Life may get easier as you get older and I hope your son turns out well.
Stephanie Hill said…
Lol no silly I'm saying I wish people would just stop judging my life. It's just as stressful for married coupleso too. My parents died happily married BTW together. Why hate on people for simply taking care of children?
Claire Khaw said…
You cannot stop people from thinking whatever they want about you. If fornication is a mortal sin, surely we should hate sluts for their sin or at the very least denounce them?
Stephanie Hill said…
Oh so your God specifically told you to hate sinners? I assume you don't sin? You believe in being man's little helper? You probably have no knowledge of human DNA huh? Well I forgive you, you know not what you have done.
Claire Khaw said…
I do not hate sinners and have never said I am sinless. What knowledge about DNA do you believe I lack?

All I am saying is that 24:2 of the Koran should become law to discourage bastardy which leads to degeneracy.
Ronny Collins said…
Hi. I am a 34-year-old loner who has never had a girlfriend, and will most likely die alone. From having a mother who was a verbally abusive sadist who loved to explain to the world what garbage I am, and having a former best friend all the way back from high-school who constantly picked women up off the streets, damn near impregnated them that same night, and regularly demoted me to a Third-Fucking-Wheel… I don’t even like talking about sexually at all.

I am also a Muay-Thai kickboxer who worships physical training and violence, and I want to maximize my fighting skills, so that I can take on my real enemy; guys who hurt women, and guys who fucking brag to me about their fucking sexual scoreboards!!

This message is for any feminists and lesbians who have actually been hurt or attacked by men in their past:

I ask you to channel all of that hatred, desire for vengeance, and justifiable anger, and aim it at ME. I want you to talk shit to me, and explain to me why I am fucking GARBAGE. PISS ME OFF… so that I can train harder, and improve my fighting skills more quickly and efficiently. Demonize me, and treat me like the bad-guy… so that I can take on the real bad-guys. Talk me into committing suicide if you want to… I can’t even deny that I probably should.

Hell, if you want, I’ll even compare your words to those of my mother, and give you tips on how to Improve your ability to talk shit. After all, your ability to talk shit is pretty much your greatest weapon, and you need to make sure that ability is razor-sharp, and ready for use at any given time.

So if you want to tell a man how little he means to the world, then fucking DO IT… TALK SHIT TO ME!!

(Maniacal Hyena-like laughter)

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