The 30 second rapist

"Perth resident Kevin Ibbs was having consensual sex with Christine Watson on the night of 29 November 1986. Watson, a close friend of Ibbs's wife, Katrina Carter, was living in the same house with Ibbs and Carter. The sex act was taking place with the full knowledge of Carter who was in the house at the time.

As Ibbs was nearing ejaculation, Watson suddenly withdrew her consent to sex (so she later claimed) and tried to push Ibbs away. He continued for a short time. Too late, he was trapped. He was charged with sexual assault and found guilty under the new law. The judge found that Ibbs had continued sexual intercourse for about thirty seconds without consent (for which he was later dubbed the 30-second rapist). The judge sentenced him to four years imprisonment."

"Some years later Watson admitted to police that the whole incident was a set-up orchestrated by Carter to have Ibbs charged with sexual assault to get him out of the house they were sharing.

Christine Elizabeth Watson a.k.a. Christine Elizabeth Wardle and Katrina Ann Carter were subsequently convicted of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. They served seven months in jail.

Mr Ibbs was acquitted in 2001 but the damage was done. He says that his health has been affected, his career as a tradesman has been ruined and the whole affair has cost him over one million dollars."



Oksanna said…
The then W.A. Attorney General Jim McGinty refused to give Ibbs compensation, but on appeal he was awarded a generous (/sarc) sum of $20,000 by the High Court of Australia, and Ibbs body was later found under a bridge. Suicide. His life ruined. The reason the woman confessed was because they were lesbian lovers and later split up. When thieves fall out, as they say.
There is little online of what happened to Ibbs later, but all the above is 100% true. Sad to say.
Anonymous said…
That's so very shocking and tragic news about Kevin. I knew him inside and most people felt he was just saying,as people do, that he was innocent. He sat and talked to me often and was in the art class I attended. I only wish I could have gotten in touch with him many years ago. Maybe he'd feel different with a friend around and maybe he's still be alive. So sorry Kevin, you were innocent but you never got justice!!!!!

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