The difficulty of living with authenticity if you are a white female non-Muslim in the West

I was discussing living with authenticity with a woman in a pub yesterday evening.

I suggested it was something to do with knowing what we want to do and being prepared to say what it is we want.

Women these days are sadly disadvantaged, however.   The ones who say they want to get married and have children are sneered at by their feminist peers, and so the middle class women feel obliged to say they want to have a career, when all they really want to do is get married and have children.

The working class ones either become single mothers of variously-fathered feral children or convert to Islam so they stand a fighting chance of finding a husband who is not a NEET and who is at least aware of his Islamic and husbandly duty to support a wife and children without sending her out to work.

It is well known that those who are graduates and have proper professional careers find a certain lack of interest in working after they have had their children. This is understandable.  After all, who would really want two jobs and the risk of doing both badly??  Apart from a feminist, of course.

Yet they would insist that jobs are kept open for them while they go on maternity leave while men are kept from competing against them by sex discrimination and equal pay legislation.

Of course, men who feel they want to be kept and be househusbands are looked at askance, especially a man who says quite openly that all his wants is marry a wealthy wife who will keep him in a manner to which he wishes to become accustomed.

Sadly, very sadly for most women, it is only when they are in their 30s that they realise that the best time for them to find husbands has come and gone:while they were busy chasing the careers they did not want.

They will then be condemned to a middle age of single parenthood, or if not an an old age of childless melancholy and pitiable loneliness, with no child to even send them into a nursing home when they become too frail to continue living alone.

Soon, the solution for us all will be Soylent Green, thanks to feminism.

Those of us who are not Soylent Greened will no doubt be daily abused and tortured by our foreign carers in our nursing homes, who will only have utter contempt for us because they will know we have been abandoned by our children and our feminist daughters - such as Joan Smith - who will be too busy working to care for us.

Joan Smith
@rossaverde Yes, and the assumption is that 'the family' ie women should look after them, as well as their other jobs. 


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