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Not only do British men not have an alpha male to lead them, most of them are omega males afraid of omega females

Now that I have explained to the beta male of Britain how and why they are oppressed by feminism, which marginalises the beta male, it is up to them to ask their leaders why he won't say anything about it.

You would have thought that their leader would be an alpha male, but in fact Britain does not have an alpha male anywhere at all, not even in the highest echelons of government.

How can you be an alpha male if you are afraid of offending omega females?

Below are some points to note on the Khavian Theory of Race and Gender:
An alpha female is the mate of an alpha male. A beta female is the mate of the beta male.  An omega female is an SSM. An omega female is undeniably the least desirable female partner for a man seeking a wife to be the mother of his biological and legitimate children.Any male afraid of criticising the morals of the omega female is an omega male.The omega male (who can…

Why the alpha male no longer exists in Western society

The brutal truth about the laws of the matriarchy is that an alpha male can be deprived of his status, property and children by his wife who may even be an omega female.

I say again: an alpha male can be deprived of his status by his wife who may turn out to be an omega female, ie a slut, or an SSM or an adulteress.

Those who realise this after seeing this happening to other men he knows, will predictably decide not to marry or have children.

If he does have children they will be inferior and degenerate because they are likely to be illegitimate, he is unlikely to be living with their mother, he is unlikely to have authority over them or care much about them because his female partner will have got pregnant accidentally on purpose.

The birth rate will continue to decline and each successive generation be more degenerate than the other.

The patriarchy gives men authority over women and it is this perceived superiority of their status that makes them do what they are supposed to do…

The brutal truths of being single and looking when you are middle-aged

All matchmakers or dating websites can only work with what they have got. All single people by definition have something wrong with them.Beta females do not fancy beta males.Beta males do not fancy women an alpha male would not fancy.Alpha females do not fancy beta males. Most middle-aged single males are beta.Most middle-aged single females are beta.In most cases, you really should put up with the devil you know.  The fact that you are divorced means you have failed.  That you are contemplating divorce means you are contemplating acknowledging that you have failed. Divorcing your spouse means condemning your offspring to inferior status, but you are a selfish stupid bitch anyway so you wouldn't give a shit about what happens to your offspring, would you?  If anything bad happens to them or you, you would just claim the victimhood status that you are entitled as a woman to do.  Anyway, most of your friends are single mothers just like you, so why would you give a fuck anyway?

Gender politics is the politics of race

Consider the answer to the questions below:

"All women would rather fuck an alpha of another race than fuck a beta of her own race."  (Please note I said "fuck", not "marry".)"Are you aware that all females *without exception* want an alpha male? If you are beta, your female partner had to settle for you because she realised she couldn't do any better. You were her last bus.""Women probably despise beta males more than the most rabid racist hates people he thinks are of an inferior race.""If you had a daughter and wanted the best for her, would you rather she married a beta male of her own race, or an alpha of another?"If you are male, imagine you are female and had to marry. Which would you rather do?  (a)  Marry a beta male of your own race  (b) Marry an alpha male of another raceWhat would be more rational?  For a woman to marry a beta male of her own race or for her to marry an alpha male of another race?


The Omega Male must eventually make way for the Islamic Male when British women eventually wise up

There is something deeply repulsive about the kind of blatant antisemitism expressed by the more primitive species of ethno-nationalist, and we have an example of this in the link above.

For daring to visit a synagogue on London Open Day two years ago and inviting me along so I took photos, Jeffrey Marshall is now suspected of being a Jew because he had to cover his head to enter a synagogue. He was given a skull cap to wear. He wore it, and now every retard in nationalism thinks he is a Jew and therefore the enemy.

It is a bit like my flag and gun photo.  In the same way that some imbecilic liberals believe that I am a Nazi, just by being photographed near a swastika, it is generally believed by retard nationalists that Jeffrey Marshall is a Jew because he was photographed in a synagogue wearing a skull cap.

I have met Jeffrey's mother and she is not a Jewess.  He is also the son of a publican.

It is only to be expected that these Nat…

Feminist admits "The decline of marriage is a natural consequence of gender equality"

But she thinks it is a good thing.

Are feminists evil, or just stupid?

" ... while the first feminist victory was arguably the freedom to marry for love, one of the most recent has been the freedom not to get married at all. Also, we're all really, really skint."
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett burbles on.  
Does she ever wonder if feminism and legislation protecting the matriarchy is responsible for the fact that "we're all really really skint" now?
Clearly not.  I would put her in the latter category of stupid then.  She is yet another over-promoted and over-indulged mediocrity that liberals so love to indulge.  
Men cannot really blame women for messing things up.  It would be like two parents leaving their sexually-liberated adolescent daughter in charge of the home for three months without any guidance or rules and complaining that she is pregnant, unsure of the identi…

What is the difference between a men's rights activist and a real man who is not afraid of saying he is anti-feminist?

A men's rights activist would want paternity leave for fathers just because he sees mothers getting maternity leave.  He, like feminists, is not interested in promoting the institution of marriage.

A real man would demand that maternity leave be abolished altogether and the idea of demanding paternity leave for fathers never cross his mind.   He would be unashamed and unafraid to state that he is anti-feminist and sees it as his masculine and social responsibility to promote and reconsecrate the institution of marriage.

What men's rights activists want

Chandrapal S Bhasker:

"abandon all systems of gynocentricity that enslave men, including marriage
take no responsibility for women or their behaviour. men are responsible for themselves and for the the welfare of other boys and men."
This is what men's rights activists want.

This is the future. We will have gangs of marauding men raping lone women or women with men who cannot protect them. Remember how that woman in India died after some men attacked her when she was with her male companion on a bus?

"During the rape, the victim was attacked by six men on a bus. A metal rod was inserted in her body, which resulted in the removal of almost all of her intestines."
The more the institution of marriage is desecrated the more likely your children and descendants will become the marauding men, or the victims of these marauding men.

What is the betting that the rapists ha…

Beta males in anti-feminist movement refuse to accept necessity of having an alpha male to lead them

Jackson Wright Is there anyone who is a leader in the men's rights movement? Or considered the leader?Like · · Unfollow Post · July 5 at 10:00am
Seen by 27 Peter GoodwinGood question. There is certainly a need for a focal point. I have been looking for a way to get engaged with the issue for sometime but it seems so fragmented it is hard to see where I can make a genuine difference. I think the Justice for Men and Boys political party is the nearest thing to it. July 5 at 10:07am · Like