Men's rights group having a hissy fit about their pathetic whingeing being made public

Martin Brady
Further to the recent troll activity by Claire Khaw within the group, here is a post on her blog in which she's used screenshots of selected threads without the consent of the members involved:

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    • Christopher Karamian "I am also trying to get the Jews to acknowledge me as their Messiah and sponsor my conversion"

      What a fascinating character
    • Martin Brady No, to move on without taking further action would be simply sweeping this situation under the carpet. She's compromised the privacy of the group and its members by posting unauthorised screenshots to her blog. We need to consider what can be done to make her remove the offending post, including the ultimate threat of legal action.
    • Martin Brady Money isn't the issue here: teaching her a lesson in the grown-up world is. And compromising the privacy of a closed Facebook group must be against their rules; I imagine that Blogger would also take a dim view of such activity, and would respond positively to any complaints. I suspect that it would be worth obtaining legal advice on this matter too, provided that such advice was inexpensive, or ideally free.
    • Adrienne Hartley Martin, I feel that John is right, at best all Blogger will do is ask her to remove the posts. Jessica Thorm had her arrested for comments made suggesting she faked having Tourettes. It didn't achieve anything other than publicity.
    • Martin Brady Adrienne Hartley, getting Blogger to remove the offending post would be a result, and the possibility of getting her banned from Facebook would also spare the members of other closed groups a similar experience. Doing nothing under such circumstances is NOT an option!

      I do think, however, that we should obtain legal advice, if only to give us better information on how to deal with such issues in the future.
    • Adrienne Hartley Claire has operated this way for years on fb and Blogger. She has been reported and banned many, many times but never removed permanently. If she is permanently banned she will simply open another profile. 

      I know nothing about internet privacy law at
      all but knowing what has prevailed leads me to think that not much can be done.

      I do however understand your outrage and concern. One does not expect or relish seeing their comments in a private group displayed in public.
    • Martin Brady If we can inconvenience her in carrying out such activities, even if the effects are temporary, so much the better.
    • John Wyres-Smith Well something needs to be done, as this strikes me as being defamation of character of everyone in the group.
    • Steve Moxon As someone regularly in receipt of mainstream media defamation, I should point out that at this stage all publicity really is good.

      What has Claire done other than to claim that this group is not as extreme as she would like it to be? Hardly defamation

      If people come across posts from the group then that is useful.

      I get all sorts of serious misrepresentation,. and all it does is increase my profile and support. Just the other day the Gruniad described me as 'marginal'. and in the very act of writing about me showed me hardly to be so -- as evidenced by Rod Liddle's subsequent Facebook 'friend' request.
    • Martin Brady She's compromised the privacy of a closed group, for starters; what's more, she's been very selective about what she's screengrabbed and quoted members out of context. Much of what gets posted to this group is done on the assumption that this is a private forum, and whilst I'd stand by anything that I posted here (and phrase myself accordingly, based on the assumption that such leaks have always been possible, and to avoid any possible misunderstandings), I don't appreciate the contents of my non-public discussions being splashed all over public areas of the internet.
    • Fiona Teasdale There isn't a way to fight someone like this, she has her own agenda and we can't possibly know or understand it, all I'll say is there IS a case for defamation and breach of privacy but I do not feel comfortable discussing it any further in public here.

      Just remember, friends stick by friends, as misguided and messed up as it may be, not to mention stomach-churningly sickening, but maybe that's just me as I couldn't befriend someone who felt that disabled people should be killed or that single men should be treated as second class citizens.
    • Martin Brady On the contrary, there are PLENTY of ways to fight someone like her...
    • Pete Nicholls I got about the same impression from a quick glance through.
    • Adrienne Hartley No she wants to implement a form of koranic rule based on Islam.
    • Adrienne Hartley Ben's blog is three years old, things have changed since then.


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