Why the alpha male no longer exists in Western society

The brutal truth about the laws of the matriarchy is that an alpha male can be deprived of his status, property and children by his wife who may even be an omega female.

I say again: an alpha male can be deprived of his status by his wife who may turn out to be an omega female, ie a slut, or an SSM or an adulteress.

Those who realise this after seeing this happening to other men he knows, will predictably decide not to marry or have children.

If he does have children they will be inferior and degenerate because they are likely to be illegitimate, he is unlikely to be living with their mother, he is unlikely to have authority over them or care much about them because his female partner will have got pregnant accidentally on purpose.

The birth rate will continue to decline and each successive generation be more degenerate than the other.

The patriarchy gives men authority over women and it is this perceived superiority of their status that makes them do what they are supposed to do, ie marry, provide, be good fathers, work hard, take risks etc.

The matriarchy gives women authority over men by encouraging promiscuity in women, in the way that a drug-dealer might give free samples of drugs to potential customers until they are hooked.  When they are hooked the dealer will be calling the shots over his customer.  When the customer runs out of money, he would become the slave of the drug-dealer and then forced to prostitute himself or herself or even commit crimes.  The consequence of living in a matriarchy for a man is to be demoralised and degenerate.  Men will not risk much if their immediate needs eg food and sex are met and they no longer feel shame in being provided for by their women.  If they are being provided for by their women, they will not wish to offend them.

The entire nation will become risk averse, effeminate, and vulnerable to exploitation and invasion by other races and nations who will hold them in hatred, ridicule and contempt because they know that these pussywhipped men have no alpha male to lead them and men of this society are afraid of the worst of their women, who are SSMs.  In short, they are are already cursed by degeneracy, illegitimacy, dishonour, dementia, cowardice and hypocrisy.

There are no alpha males in the West now.  The Prime Minister of Britain is not an alpha male.  He allows his British social and economic policy to be dictated by his wife and the rest of the betas are too stupid to question or criticise this.



So far none of the fucking stupid pathetic beta and omega male Tories seem to be getting their 46 signatures together for the Chairman of the 1922 Committee to make him pay dearly for imposing gay marriage on the British.  Perhaps their wives or slut girlfriends are telling them not to?

Betas do not question why, they only do or die, and boy do they deserve to die.  


Great. You are a woman and you can exactly grasp the male phsyce so deeply, i am ashtonished. The family system of the society depends on the conservative nature of women and when they are not ,you know the result.

Anyway, feminism has also changed a lot of female psyche in India:

Claire Khaw said…
I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman.

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