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Lord Justice Ward pisses in the faces of husbands in favour of mothers who always get custody

'I cannot be Solomon and order the children to be cut in half', says judge in custody battle

The judge told the court the paternal grandmother took in the mother and her children in 2010, because the mother was 'in a mess' and was clearly unable to cope with bringing them up.
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What a cop-out. It just means if you are the father or the mother of the father of the child, you are basically FUCKED in an English court.

I do wish Lord Justice Ward had done a King Solomon. Who would have crumbled first?

No mention of the father, of course.  It is like he didn't exist, that stupid cunt who married the useless mother who was "in a mess" or why he and his wife divorced.

Why not?

Would it not go towards deciding whether the mother deserved to have custody of the children of the marriage?

Nah, liberal judges don't think that, cos t…

Divorced women who literally turn their sons into women


Would YOU back your 16-year-old if he wanted to change sex? How Miranda Parram is fighting for her son's human right to wear make-up

‘But Ashlyn’s father and step-father have coped well and my parents are very accepting, though her paternal grandparents have found it harder.
Would YOU let your ex-wife turn your son into a woman?

Note how the Mail reporter Kathryn Knight,

This is the reality of divorce though.  This is what your ex-wife might do - turn your son into a woman to spite you.  There have been other cases too.

Too many women have the vote, and the solution is OBVIOUS

Women more likely to vote Democrat regardless of age

"Labour support jumped dramatically in 1994," says Prof Whiteley. "Why? Because Labour got a new leader, Tony Blair, who was very popular at the time, and women in particular liked him."
The nature of other countries' gender gaps supports this argument. American women are significantly less hostile to a "big state" than American men and much more likely to vote Democrat. In Sweden, women are particularly anxious to preserve the welfare state and vote accordingly.
Why More Women Vote Democrat

What a sensible female Facebook friend of mine said:

"Women are more empathetic by nature, in the main, they tend to look for the good in people and situations and find condemning people for their actions difficult. They make more excu…

Five forceful steps towards remoralising Britain

Abolish the CSA and require men to maintain only the children of the women they are married to.Allow a man to reject a child, especially if it is disabled and unviable and if he can prove it is not his.  Abolish child benefit and the welfare state. Stigmatise the mothers of illegitimate children.Propose that SSMs be lashed 100 times.  (The Koran prescribes the lashing of adulterers/adulteresses, fornicators and fornicatresses.  I am not even going this far, but what is a Slut Single Mum but a fornicatress?   No further evidence is needed, surely, unless she is claiming it was an Immaculate Conception?  Anyway, Mary managed to get Joseph to marry her so Jesus was in fact legitimate.)

Why do most of us have an instinctive repugnance about cross-dressing?

Probably because societies in which men and women do not fulfil their allotted roles soon decline, fall and become extinct.  This instinctive repugnance in the way of self-preservation is no more than our visceral disgust when we smell the smell of rotting flesh and see maggots crawling about in it.  

When you give women too much power, sexual and then moral anarchy is what happens.

Stop it now before it destroys your civilisation.  

Is it now time to tell feminism to fuck off?

You betcha.

In defence of the beta male

Would the British nation be better off with the children fathered by the likes of Ian or Omar?  In the case of Ian his children are most likely to be legitimate and loved with a sensible and loving wife and mother, while Omar would be the type to find women he can fuck and forget.  His children would most probably be illegitimate and the women impregnated by him stupid sexually incontinent slags and slappers who only wanted a good shag rather than a husband and a father for their legitimate children.

Which of them are more likely to lead a fulfilled and worthwhile life?

Whose children are more likely to be a credit to their parents and father and become useful citizens?

Do you think a nation most of whose women would instinctively choose Omar (because all they care about is a good shag) can possibly prosper?

Do you think it is right that a government that does not dare to speak on the morals of British women are serving the long-term national interest or even fit for purpose?

Most b…

The matriarchy wants to stick their noses into Muslim affairs to fuck up the women and marriages of Muslims too

You can't use sharia law in divorce deal: Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules
Dr Zaid Al-Saffar told he must follow 'the rule in this country' 
Ordered to pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar
He felt the payments were illegitimate according to Islamic cultureClaims: 'Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people’

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So now, you can't even convert to Islam to escape the "justice" of matriarchal family courts.

English courts are now claiming to set aside Muslim marriage contracts validly made and entered into by adults who have taken legal advice.

This is how much the matriarchy wishes to interfere in your life and this is how it demonstrates its MALICE tow…

Too many women have the vote

Woman subjected to years of abuse by violent husband took him back after new partner died of heart attack - and weeks later savage bit off her nose

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Most women are hypocrites and cowards wanting to be loved. They now have too much power and this explains why our society is now SHIT. They have turned it to shit and the men are too stupid and scared to tell them to fuck off, because they have been turned into women by generations of slut single mums.

Now most men have turned into their slut single mums and this country is turning into fucking SHIT.

Why not use our reason and judgement if we have it?

Women don't want to judge because it makes them seem uncompassionate and this means that they will be regarded as unfeminine.

These women need to cling on to their femininity more than their judgement and reason, it seems.

That is why so many of them seem so stupid …

Do gay people ever apologise to straight people for hurting their feelings?

Then why the hell should straight people tread on egg shells where they are concerned?

Lots of gay men drop dead mysteriously or kill themselves in their 40s. It is probably something to do with all the gay sex they have and the STIs they catch.

That, or when they hit their 40s when they realise that they can only have sex with men they want have to sex with IF THEY PAY.

Gay men are horrible to men they don't fancy.  I was with a gay friend of mine who was no spring chicken, and this was a few years back.  He was buying me a drink and then complained about the gay barman who was practically throwing his change at him because he didn't fancy him.

I also knew a gay man in middle age who said he would give it all up to have a long-term partner and a stable family life, but it was too late for him now.

If  you think women are mercenary and treacherous to men, you …

Kevin Myers, a white man who still says things a white man might and is still in the mainstream media. Good on you, Kev!

Henry V - directed by Thea Sharrock

" ... it is no reflection on the acting skills of Paterson Joseph to say that it was absurd to cast a black man as Duke of York. For the Duke was grandson of the Plantagenet King Edward III, and on his mother's side, great grandson of Philip III of France. In other words, blanc de blanc.
This was just the latest example of British drama producers being 'colour-blind', though there is actually an agenda here, as identified by Paterson Joseph himself: "The problem with not seeing representations of black British life before 1948 is that it makes young black people feel like newcomers. Television and film have been whitewashed, but I think theatre is well ahead."
Well, there you have it. Theatre's apparent role is now to create a politically correct and racially adjusted history of England. In this, the black population of England did not…

How far, if at all, did Ruth Dudley and her Facebook friends deal with the issues I raised about Down's Syndrome children? Are their attitudes symptomatic of feminine irrationality, cowardice, hypocrisy and censoriousness?


Ruth Dudley Edwards on 25 July said about Down's Syndrome children in clothes advertisements:  

"This made me feel happy...."

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Claire Khaw So now we will have more Down's Syndrome babies. Why is this considered a Good Thing?
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Carolyn Gibson Are downs syndrome babies worth less then any other baby ?? And honestly Claire your statement displays no logic whatsoever
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Jane Griffiths Claire that makes no sense. how does it follow that more Down's babies are going to be born as a result of this?
23 hours ago · Like · 2

Claire Khaw Putting them in ads will make them socially acceptable.
23 hours ago · Like

Claire Khaw I am just saying I won't have one of those, but weaker-minded women might, and these women and their Down's Syndrome offspring will be a b…

Free speech martyr Voula Papachristou

I cannot but help feel something approaching love for this woman - a veritable Greek Goddess.

Black people should be more like this tweeter at

Calling the police is not what you do about Internet trolls

Looks like the Down's Syndrome child would not have even recognised herself even if she had come across a photo of herself online.

Would the retard have known about it if she hadn't been told by her parents?

Stupid attention-seeking parents. What is worse than retards are their fucking cunting attention-seeking parents.

Fucking cunting attention-seeking parents of retards want to destroy our free speech.

Don't fucking let them.

Jail me then, you fucking cunting attention-seeking parents of retards who use your children to get attention and feel important.

Call the fucking cops, go on, I dare you.  Retards.  Not your children, YOU.

The reality of no-fault divorce

Mrs Fiore said: ‘We were together for 14 years but got married four years ago in July 2008. I decided to call it a day because we'd simply grown apart.
‘We had nothing in common anymore and I didn't enjoy his company. He didn't do anything wrong really but I just didn't want to be with him any more.’

Bitch deserved it. Well done, Kev. I would have done the same thing if I were you. Nice one.

She took his son too.

What a bunch of jerks British men are. This is the sort of shit you get, and you still want no-fault divorce, eh? Stupid fuckers who don't deserve to pass your genes on. No wonder your women would rather shag niggers.

Fiore is an Italian name, isn't it? That explains why he wouldn't take it lying down unlike the scummy locals who need a rod of iron up their arses to make them stand upright.

Not only will Briti…

The reality of feminism

Husbandless career-women have no one to pay for them, and they will get older and uglier and soon they will have to pay men to have sex with them, if they still want sex.  

They will probably feel more comfortable being lesbian if they want a bit of action from time to time with another human being.  

I imagine these career-women probably started out smart, but they failed to find a husband with whom to pass on their genes, because they were fooled by the false promises of feminism.

Only the stupid and feckless in Britain breed now, and, of course, the foreigners, especially the Muslims.

By the way, feminism is anti-eugenic and I would say that eugenics is moral because it is necessary.

Otherwise, we will just be Paedo Fatso Bastard Britain Slutland with ageing old crones with no children who will have to work until they die.

Nietzsche on Truth

"All Truths that are kept silent become poisonous."
Thus Spake Zarathustra

Can you think of a poisonous Truth?

The Truth that dare not speak its name?

The Truth about how feminism spreads degeneracy through the agency of Slut Single Mums?

Why is it being kept so silent?

Because more than half the mothers in Britain now are SSMs.

This means more than half the next generation are BASTARDS brought up by SLUTS.  

What kind of shit generation is that going to produce?  A shittier one that this lot certainly.  

Shhhhhh ....  They don't want us to know just yet how shit our descendants are going to be, how slut, how bastard and how paedo.   Even if they are not slut, bastard and paedo to begin with, they will be turned into sluts, bastards and paedos by their slut, bastard paedo friends.  

Shhhh ... Don't say anything or the women will be upset with you for calling them sluts, which they are, bringing up bastards, which they are, spreading their filthy degenerate genes, which the…

Matriarchal "Tell Mama" turns Muslims into despised crybabies and stokes even more Islamophobia


The majority of Muslims being physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to interim results from the UK's first ever 'official' anti-Muslim violence helpline, Kevin Bocquet reports. [Towards the end of the programme.]
Mohammed Ansar at who was being interviewed has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

I commented that he is a government-approved Muslim who makes money from his Muslim identity as he is in the pay of the government.  He is absolutely no good on doctrinal issues at all and refused to discuss them with me.  What he does is engage the Islamophobes, goad them into Islamophobic rants and then call the cops on them, which is what is all about.

Tell Mama, eh?  Talk about the matriarchy turning Muslims into crybabies and causing them to…

Man who tricked stupid women into taking their clothes off and performing porn star acts for him jailed by vengeful matriarchy for TWO YEARS

In a rational more masculine world these women should have been humiliated for being so stupid so that any women stupid enough to have been tricked by a man in this way would think hesitate to waste the court's time. suggests that he should appeal against the conviction on the ground that the judge misdirected the jury.

If I get you to take off your clothes and persuade you to entertain me by doing things a porn star would, by the sheer force of my personality and powers of my persuasion, you should not be able to have me imprisoned for two years just because you were stupid enough to accede to my requests but later felt a bit foolish after your friends told you what a ninny you had been for believing that you would get closer to your deceased loved ones the more out…

Broken Man for sale at Sainsbury's for 25p


Two women breaching the rules of natural justice

Bar Council's disciplinary procedure is judged to breach human rights laws
Monday 21 March 2005 02.47 GMT
Bar Standards Board 'in shambolic state'

If anyone should be able to organise a rigorous system of complaint and disciplinary tribunals, you would expect lawyers to. Yet, on this programme on Tuesday we heard a number of complaints about the Bar Standards Board - the body that regulates barristers in England and Wales. Today, the Board answers back. Baroness Deech is the chairman and will answer the critics.

As I thought, female Chairmen have been in charge of this shambles.

The Bar Standards Council was created in 2006.  The Chairman then was Ruth Evans until 2008, and after that it was Baroness Deech.…

How much money should the taxpayer spend on this hopeless case?

It is interesting that no one asked the question most on any taxpayer's mind:

How much does Monty cost to keep alive at the expense of the taxpayer?

Is the matriarchy rubbing the faces of the British taxpayer into this useless exercise of liberals bleeding hearts spewing their compassion all over your nice white carpet, just because it can?

Does the matriarchy enjoy mocking, infuriating and enraging the taxpayer, just because it can?

In what way is making a programme like this - produced by a WOMAN of course - different to poking a caged and enraged animal with a stick and rattling its cage, just because you can and think you will get away with it?

Is this programme in itself not sufficient reason to overthrow the matriarchy?

Are the two men on the panel not the worst kind of  floppy limp-dickery you have ever come across?

The matriarchy wastes your money, taxpayer, and wastes it blatantly and shamelessly, and throws that fact in your face b…

What is necessary is therefore moral

The defence to murder is self defence and necessity, in case you didn't know. It is necessary that a society should protect itself from degeneracy or it will be invaded, conquered, exploited and abused. Child euthanasia or legalised infanticide for parents with severely deformed, disabled and unviable babies is moral and should be legal. Do you agree?

Is feminism necessary?

Is feminism anti-eugenic?

Is feminism moral?

Why is it necessary to defend the privileges of women who are evil and immoral?

They won't die if they are forced to make rational reproductive choices, will they?

Why is Alison Saunders of the *gender imbalanced* London CPS "disappointed" that John Terry was acquitted of a racially aggravated offence?

Why females prefer immigrant males
The very revealing structure of the very matriarchal London Crown Prosecution Service

Would you stand any chance at all in London CPS if you are white and male?

Why Eugenics, anti-feminism and nationalism go hand in hand

What is moral is necessary, and what is necessary for the long term national interest must be moral.

Any self-respecting nationalist should be prepared to have a rational and civil discussion on the subject of eugenics. What is nationalism but the promotion of the LONG-TERM national interest? Eugenics are merely policies designed to prevent degeneracy. It is in the long-term national interest to prevent degeneracy.

Is it not necessary in the long term national interest to prevent degeneracy?

If it is necessary, is it not moral?

Feminists hate the idea of eugenics, but feminists are immoral women, are they not?  Immoral women are promiscuous women, and promiscuous women are the cause of widespread illegitimacy.

Widespread illegitimacy is of course the cause of degeneracy.

What is degeneracy?

Being physically, morally and intellectually inferior to your parents.  

Eugenics is necessary and moral in the long-term national interest.

A prosperous farmer is one who practices good husband…

Islam is not the threat to Western civilisation, feminism is

Daryll Christopher:

"The only way Islam will take hold in this country is if the people voted for it. Islam can never take power by force. The fact that we have these "Macho Men" roaming the streets and seeking confrontations with the police tells us all we need to know of the calibre of the men in our society. Many of these men have no jobs, they can't see their kids, some have even been cleaned out in a divorce etc, but yet they will tell you that Islam is a huge threat. Where were these people when the IRA was letting off bombs all over the country?.

If Islamists plan to take power, how exactly would they do it? The only people who benefit from men fighting against other men are women. You do not get women campaigning for men's rights, because they have the men in their pockets and do not see them as a threat. They however see Islam as a threat, so they campaign against Is…

Birdbrains in Bournemouth

Did you MEN notice the sex of the people involved? Was it a WOMAN in Pizza Express who called the RSPCA, RSPB and then fire brigade? Was it a WOMAN at the RSPCA who called the fire brigade? Was it a WOMAN at the fire brigade who sent the MEN to rescue the flying vermin?

Are we living in a matriarchy?

Do the men of Britain have shit for brains and piss for guts?

Slut Single Mum


Feminism and Eugenics

Whether or not you believe in God, it has to be acknowledged that the commandments of the Abrahamic God promote eugenics.

Eugenics is the practice of preventing degeneracy. For example, marriage and the prohibition against incest are eugenic in purpose. Therefore any practice of "sexual liberation" that desecrates the institutions of marriage and family would be ANTI-EUGENIC. Feminism is anti-eugenic. Therefore feminism is evil and eugenics is good.

Feminists will never demand ....


The plot to make it illegal for British fathers to ascertain the paternity of children they suspect of not being theirs

Below are the members of the Human Genetics Commission:

Professor Jonathan MontgomeryProfessor Sarah Cunningham-BurleyProfessor Timothy AitmanProfessor Thomas BaldwinDr Paul DebenhamMrs Nicola DruryProfessor Frances FlinterMrs Ros Gardner Caroline HarrisonMr Alastair KentProfessor Anneke LucassenDr Duncan McHaleDr Alice MaynardDr Lola Oni OBEDr Bella StarlingDr Anita Thomas Professor Angus Clarke Dr Paul Darragh 
8 men, 10 women.
What were these women trying to do?
"The Human Genetics Commission will recommend in a report to ministers that the theft of a person's DNA, including the clandestine removal of a child's hair or saliva, should become a criminal offence.
The proposal has come out of fears that increasing numbers of fathers are exploiting the growth of internet DNA testing services to undertake paternity checks without the consent of the child …