The plot to make it illegal for British fathers to ascertain the paternity of children they suspect of not being theirs

Below are the members of the Human Genetics Commission:

  1. Professor Jonathan Montgomery
  2. Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley
  3. Professor Timothy Aitman
  4. Professor Thomas Baldwin
  5. Dr Paul Debenham
  6. Mrs Nicola Drury
  7. Professor Frances Flinter
  8. Mrs Ros Gardner 
  9. Caroline Harrison
  10. Mr Alastair Kent
  11. Professor Anneke Lucassen
  12. Dr Duncan McHale
  13. Dr Alice Maynard
  14. Dr Lola Oni OBE
  15. Dr Bella Starling
  16. Dr Anita Thomas 
  17. Professor Angus Clarke 
  18. Dr Paul Darragh 

8 men, 10 women.

What were these women trying to do?

"The Human Genetics Commission will recommend in a report to ministers that the theft of a person's DNA, including the clandestine removal of a child's hair or saliva, should become a criminal offence.

The proposal has come out of fears that increasing numbers of fathers are exploiting the growth of internet DNA testing services to undertake paternity checks without the consent of the child or its mother, with potentially traumatic consequences for all involved."

They were trying to sneak through the idea of presumed parentage.

"A summary of who is responsible for child support:

1. Child support responsibility lies with the biological parents, except for itemised cases including gamete donation, surrogacy, adoption, and those declared to be parents by a court.

2. Although parentage can be “presumed” in certain cases (such as marriage), that is simply to avoid delay in the flow of money. It does not replace the above rule about biological parents.

3. If a man later uses the courts to demonstrate that he does not satisfy the conditions in “1” above, for example he is not the biological father, the CSA will refund payments made to date (at taxpayers’ expense)."

These women were trying to make it illegal for a man to try to prove that a child is not his.  


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