In defence of the beta male

A nice steady young man who works hard.  Actually, he already has a nice girlfriend.  Let us call him  IAN.  Most  British women these days - immoral and promiscuous creatures that they are - would rather shag a Bad Boy rather than think in terms of marriage, family or finding a man who would be a good husband and father to their legitimate children.

Omar - a young man who runs on ego, but who is what might be described as "fit".  I am sure many women  are happy to fellate him without Omar even having to ask, because that is what most British women are like these days.  Consequently, he thinks he is God and thinks he must be right on every pronouncement he makes.  Anyone who disagrees with him is by definition mad and bad and stupid, as far as this ignorant and arrogant young man is concerned.  

Would the British nation be better off with the children fathered by the likes of Ian or Omar?  In the case of Ian his children are most likely to be legitimate and loved with a sensible and loving wife and mother, while Omar would be the type to find women he can fuck and forget.  His children would most probably be illegitimate and the women impregnated by him stupid sexually incontinent slags and slappers who only wanted a good shag rather than a husband and a father for their legitimate children.

Which of them are more likely to lead a fulfilled and worthwhile life?

Whose children are more likely to be a credit to their parents and father and become useful citizens?

Do you think a nation most of whose women would instinctively choose Omar (because all they care about is a good shag) can possibly prosper?

Do you think it is right that a government that does not dare to speak on the morals of British women are serving the long-term national interest or even fit for purpose?

Most babies born n Britain are now illegitimate.  That is because most women in Britain are now sluts, slags and slappers, and most mothers are SSMs (Slut Single Mums).  That is what feminism does to your country: fuck it up and fuck up its future.

It is now time to tell FEMINISM TO FUCK OFF if you care about the future of your country and your descendants.   


Anonymous said…
Neither of these men look white and Northern European in racial appearance.
Anonymous said…
I think the real question here is; would either of them look twice at a chinese nazi?
Claire Khaw said…
The response of the first young man:

"I have to say that this is not the first time I have heard this. I can assure you that my mother's side is fully English and my father's side is fully Scottish. It has to be said that my parents say that I am the spitting image of my great Granddad Macdonald who was Glaswegian. It is not uncommon for Scottish people to have thick dark hair, hazel eyes and an olive complexion. It is merely a stereotype that all Scottish people are all pale with fair hair."
Claire Khaw said…
I wonder why on earth you think looking at a "Chinese Nazi" twice is the "real question here".

The point I am trying to make is about the morals of most British women.
Anonymous said…
Do they know you are using their pictures to promote your agender?

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