Lord Justice Ward pisses in the faces of husbands in favour of mothers who always get custody

'I cannot be Solomon and order the children to be cut in half', says judge in custody battle

The judge told the court the paternal grandmother took in the mother and her children in 2010, because the mother was 'in a mess' and was clearly unable to cope with bringing them up.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2181408/I-Solomon-order-cut-half-says-judge-child-custody-battle.html#ixzz22DQaAXUu

What a cop-out. It just means if you are the father or the mother of the father of the child, you are basically FUCKED in an English court.

I do wish Lord Justice Ward had done a King Solomon. Who would have crumbled first?

No mention of the father, of course.  It is like he didn't exist, that stupid cunt who married the useless mother who was "in a mess" or why he and his wife divorced.

Why not?

Would it not go towards deciding whether the mother deserved to have custody of the children of the marriage?

Nah, liberal judges don't think that, cos they are fucking shitting liberal cunts who don't want to be "judgemental".

(And does anyone else think it is odd that there no mention of the father in this report at all?  Perhaps he died.)

Liberalism - has it been taking the piss out of us for long enough?

Is it time for it to be given a smack in it its stupid smug face?

Lord Justice Ward outside court (2000-09-22).

By the way, Lord Justice Ward was the one who set aside a marriage contract willingly entered into by a Muslim couple, in favour of the wife.   Is he a pissy shitty fucking liberal feminist cunt, or what?



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