So Cameron is now officially a promoter of Mumsnet? His take on children with SENs

Well, at least he is making noises to the effect that he is not too happy about these older mothers with their Down's Syndrome and autistic children (which they like boasting about) shoving their children in mainstream schools, suing the school for their very own special adult to pick up after them and follow them around, slowing things down for everyone.  If your kind is a retard then just send it to a School for Children with SENs, even if you think this might "stigmatise" it rather than drag us all down, you selfish bitches. 

The teachers hate it too, because they are not trained to deal with your retard with its behavioural problems when there are already so many "normal" kids with behavioural problems. shows that suing your school to give your specially needier child a special carer and special privileges has now become a legal specialisation.  Yes, parasites do hire parasites to do their dirty work.  And parasites are not just lower class unmarried single mums, but can also be middle class professional women with husbands. 

If your child is autistic and retarded, make your arrangements rather than shoving it on us, please, parasitic mothers of special needs children, even if you have a husband.  We don't want to pay for your retard, or have our children forced to go slower because your kid can't keep up, so that you and your child lower the educational standards of our children, get all the attention and claim all the sympathy.

You can fuck off too.


Anonymous said…
And all of your posts were deleted! Oh boo hoo.

You engage with Mumsnet all of the time, emailing them about their demographics, joining and getting deleted (god knows how many times).

Yet here you are again writing about them. Makes me laugh.
Anonymous said…
"If your child is autistic and retarded"....erm I think you need to get your phrasing right. We, by we I mean educated British people, don't use the word retarded and autism is such a wide spectrum that that description alone is enough. Even allowing for your outdated terminology you would be autistic or retarded.
Anonymous said…
You are a sorry ass piece of shit.

Learn to spell.
Claire Khaw said…
Deleting my comments merely demonstrates the lack of free speech on Mumsnet, and the irrational censorship women exercise.

I write about Mumsnet because they should be exposed for the hysterical harridans that they are.

Indeed, I regard it as my duty to expose Mumsnet for the vacuity of their values and the nastiness of their parasitical behaviour.

They are very good examples of the exercise of power without responsibility.

You will notice that I do not delete the comments here, no matter how unkind and vicious they are about me.

Allowing Mumsnetters to condemn themselves with their own words is half the job done.
Claire Khaw said…
Shall I instead use the words "weird", "emotionally, intellectually, behaviourally- and physically-challenged" then?

As you please, though I prefer to call a spade a spade.
Claire Khaw said…
Which word have I mis-spelt, Anonymous?
Claire Khaw said…
I am aware that Gordon Brown has been called autistic. It just means being unable to control our emotions and not being able to see another's point of view. We all suffer from that from time to time. But it is a question of degree, is it not?
Anonymous said…
Why are you so backward thinking? Is it because you were brought up in a culture that is far behind Britain?

Still it's nice to know that Mumsnet truly bothers you, quite an obsession isn't it?

All those clever free women must make you envious.
Claire Khaw said…
No, I actually feel sorry for these single/unmarried/divorced/working mums who are bad employees.

And I don't think the country should be run by the values of parasitical women who are not good mothers, not good employees and who have basically messed up their lives.

In fact, I fear for the next generation.
Anonymous said…
How on earth could you make such wild accusations? What are they based upon? MN has a wide range of people from a wealth of backgrounds, educational level and employment status. One female entrepreneur owns her own island and another widow struggles to feed her children.
Anonymous said…
Claire, someone messaged me via fb to say I have been contributing to one of your blogs. Just to let you know that ship has passed, I got bored of you on facebook and have no desire to further correspond with you.

Kellie-Jay (not AKA Posie anything)
Leos Tomicek said…
Notice how all these trolls write as anonymous!

They do not even have a nickname? Are they afraid of having their identity exposed?

Why do they not write under their own names?


That cultural superiority comment was ridiculous. Britain is not even superior to any country on the European continent, let alone traditional cultures outside the Occident.

This article is a little over the top and I do not agree with everything but it makes a good hit at British sense of superiority.
Claire Khaw said…
The point I am making about Mumsnet values is that women are basically parasitical and want to mother everything. That is their nature and their purpose.

If they can find a husband then at least they are supposed to be serving him.

If they cannot find a husband then the taxpayer is the victim of this forced marriage.

I am merely saying that the country can no longer afford to pay parasites to breed the next generation of parasites.

For some reason, saying this upsets Mumsnetters.

But it is something I think should be made clear to people who want lower taxes and fewer laws.

It is women - who constitute half the electorate - who prevent his from happening.
Claire Khaw said…
Ah, a sensible male voice at last! Thanks, Leos.

Most women are incorrigibly censorious, cowardly and without principle. That is their nature.

And that is why the government must not give these parasitical women too much power without responsibility.
Anonymous said…
Behind Britain is not asserting superiority of Britain as a whole, merely with regard to gender rights and equality.

Must say Leos your blog puts this to shame, so much better written with much better arguments.

Jo Sharp.
Leos Tomicek said…
Yeah, the females can do anything myth is only sustained by government intervention and general prosperity that is however quickly becoming a thing of the past.

As for all these people claiming that you are obsessed with mumsnet. So what? I also have my nemesis site and I'm banned there too.
Anonymous said…

Females can do anything, just not everything all at the same time. There are many very happy families where childcare is shared, Dad's staying home not so much a myth afterall.
Claire Khaw said…
I am aware it is not a myth. Indeed a man I know who took his child to the playground complained of being ostracised by the women, who didn't know what to say to him or how to deal with him.

Division of Labour and Specialisation are concepts in economics designed to promote efficiency and free trade.
Leos Tomicek said…
Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous

My father is a busy man, making money you know. My mom, on the other hand, took care of me, my brother and the entire extensive household.

That's my experience.

Women cannot do everything, but they do some things better than men, just as men are more capable in other things. It's about cooperation between the sexes, not inventing new fantasies. We have had the map for thousands of years.

Besides I was talking about single mothers that require state for their maintenance most of the time.
Anonymous said…
Talk about single parents then, because singling out women makes you sound like an ignorant fool. Surely a single man with children would encounter similar issues?
Claire Khaw said…
There is a clear connection between the Mumsnet values and Woman's Whinge and the decline of the nation.

It is women who are always whingeing for more handouts and state intervention.

I am saying that it is the female vote and the male adoption of all the feminine and proletarian vices that is the reason why this country cannot return to rational government and the small state.

Are you denying this?
Anonymous said…
Mumsnet is not womankind, it has female members no doubt but your loathing for a website cannot be an argument for or against anything, surely.

I've yet to see a convincing argument from you beyond sound bites.
Claire Khaw said…
Mumsnet and Woman's Hour are big with male politicians. While they do not represent every British woman, the periodic abasement by male politicians before these harridans speaks for itself.

Is "res ipsa loquitur" a soundbite?
Anonymous said…
No, not really, because it's not true. Mumsnet is, apparently, or rather the members are middle class, married and educated women. Just trawling the topics anyone can see it's not just about nappies.

Claire Khaw said…
Mumsnet promote the liberal outlook, JS. Mumsnet users are a bunch of Champagne Socialists who are having their champagne on the taxpayer.
Anonymous said…
on the taxpayer? what?
Claire Khaw said…
Mumsnet are always asking for more handouts from the state. The last one was all about going to David Cameron PM and asking him for free nappies for their disabled children.
Anonymous said…
Champagne socialists and taxpayers asking for handouts? hmmmm? Do you mean asking for others? Because you don't make any sense.

Must be lonely with your view of my country.

Claire Khaw said…
Champagne socialists are indeed very generous with other taxpayers' money.

This is my country too.
Anonymous said…
You make no sense.

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