Feminine Rationalism and Family Values


It's Catholics reinventing the wheel!

The religion most capable of  promoting family values now is Islam.

The ideology most poisonous to family values is liberalism and feminism.

The religion most conducive to family values is Islam.  It acknowledges the right of wives to divorce their husbands.

Catholics have to annul their marriages, ie pretend it never happened.

Wives of Orthodox Jews need to apply for a divorce whose consent may be withheld by the husband. 

Which is the more female-friendly religion?


Anonymous said…
You are either beyond stupid or a fool if you think you can call yourself a Muslim with some of your opinions. You are a disgusting, venomous individual, and certainly no follower of Islam.
Claire Khaw said…
Are you a Muslim, Anonymous?

I never said I was an orthodox Muslim. I am a Secular Libertarian Koranist.

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