The easy and cheap availability of British women

A conversation this morning with a Chinese girlfriend of mine reveals her shock and horror at how cheap and easy British women are, and how spoilt British men are. Chinese women  really cannot compete.

Chinese men know they would have woo a girl with hospitality, entertainment, gifts and good times, while British men know they can expect a blowjob on the first date (or should I say encounter?) without even buying her dinner.

Monica Lewinsky didn't even expect anything from The Man Who Denied Having Sex With That Woman.

I suppose it is a bit like unionised labour aghast at being dumped into and then finding itself drowning in a Sea of Scabs.


Anonymous said…
Weird that all the little Chinese slappers can't wait to fuck old westerners. The streets are teaming with 60+ expats with their Chinese wives and mixed race children. I've had a few myself but find Chinese women far too meek and subservient.

Simon Whitson
Claire Khaw said…
These Chinese slappers think Old Westerners have money, won't live very long and that they will soon be rich widows. They are often wrong, of course. I know a friend who told me his publicly meek Thai ex-wife tried to kill him, and a Chinese girlfriend who occasionally wonders what might have been if she had married the wealthy Chinese boyfriend she could have had instead of marrying a Westerner who turns out not to be that wealthy and is in fact rather parsimonious.

The point is you never know. Western men are not always wealthier or more generous, and Chinese women are not always that subservient.

To think thus is in a way a kind of racism.

They only pretend to be subservient, until you marry them. Western women don't know how to hold their tongues. That is why they are in difficulties finding men who will marry them.

There has certainly never been any reluctance for women to fuck men they think are rich.

The trouble with most modern Western men these days is that they think that women ought to love them for themselves, which is sad and stupid, as are the stupid women who fuck lowlife losers and get knocked up by them without so much as a dinner being bought for them.
Anonymous said…
Pot, Kettle, black. You spout racist and sexist stuff about your own gender and the country which hosts you. If the BNP get in(never ever will they) I hope you take your money and fuck off, asap.
Anonymous said…
According to my Chinese friends western men have much larger penises.

Wouldn't know if this were true.

Jo sharp
Claire Khaw said…
If Western men tend to be larger than Oriental men, then it would stand to reason that they have larger penises.

Oriental women, being smaller than Western women, would probably have no complaints proportionately, I imagine.

I am sorry that you have a problem with this and would seek to make an issue of this.

Are you suggesting a larger penis or a larger vagina signifies a greater intellect? That is an interesting racial theory I have never heard before and I do hope you will elaborate.
Anonymous said…
Walk along any Asian street and you will see how wrong you are. The Chinese women I know say they wouldn't want a Chinese man, apparently they are selfish, ignorant and crap in bed.

Jo Sharp
Anonymous said…
I think you'll find you spout racist shit by slagging off the English in the first place.

Claire Khaw said…
Simon, while I am aware that what I say could be found to be offensive to some English people, there are quite a few other English people who also agree with me.

Since I regard myself as culturally English, I think a spot of self-criticism is in order, don't you?
Claire Khaw said…
Jo, women are always complaining that their men are crap in bed. Men also complain that their women are crap in bed too.

This is the same for all cultures and races.

They are always fancying a bit of the other.

Well, good luck to them.

But anyone who thinks a member of the opposite sex of another race are X, Y or Z, without making further enquiries are stupid racists who deserve all they get.

Like stupid Oriental women who are so behind the times that they think Western men have better manners or more money.

Or stupid Western men who think all Oriental women are submissive quiet angels.

It is possible that Western men have the advantage on Oriental men on technique because of all the porn they watch and the practice they have had having sex with their women who are not taught to say no, so I'll give you that, Jo.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps a man who cares about how a woman feels is better in bed....

There is no correlation between porn watched and technique, quite a stupid suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Shakespeare Prostitutes

More than 99% English women in Britain are easy and one can easily pick them from the bars or discos for a one night stand.

These Easy English Women are called, Shakespeare Prostitutes.
Claire Khaw said…
Why are sluts, slags and slappers called "Shakespeare prostitutes"?
Jarvis said…
Many people in bars, male OR female, tend to be easy. That's why they're at crappy bars. Has it not occurred to people that the reason there is a high concentration of easy people in bars is because all the non-easy people are chilling at home with their other half or having dinner (and/or playing video games) round a friend's house?

From experience, I've been alarmed at the few times I've been in a nightclub (I don't much like them) and have been hit on so forwardly and so outrageously that it was evident that the accoster had little doubt that I would reciprocate.
Despite my rejection being polite (as much as was possible considering), I was met with hostility and direct insults.

I tend to avoid nightclubs when possible as the people there often make me feel uncomfortable with their wildness. I'm far too reserved for such displays, as are many (but not all) of my other friends.
Though I must say, in all my acquaintance I can perhaps think of only one or two occasions where someone has gone home with someone they met in the same night, male or female.

By the same token, in some respects I suppose I could be considered "easy". I certainly think waiting for marriage before having sex is a stupid and reckless thing to do.
In my opinion sexual compatibility is very important in a relationship if you want it to be intimate and loving (and lasting).
That said I generally never slept with someone until I was at least 95% certain of our emotional and intellectual compatibility and their long-term intentions.

My main point being that 99% of people in clubs in Britian are (probably) easy, not that it's unlikely that 99% of British people are easy.
peter name said…
wow, this is not spoilt our women are very very very cheap, wich for someone raisedd as a feminist by feminist mother i cant get a girl ever yes english women are incredibly INCREDIBLY easy for overconfident disrespectful abusive men, but if your well mannered respectful and loyal your never ever gonna get a girlfriend and even if you did after your 30 the woman will have been so oversexed old and hagged you wownt want one ! i personally would much rather english women werent so rediculusly easy for the very worst men but rediculously hard for anyone respectable !
peter name said…
guys ignore the comment above, obvviously an english women is never gonna say english women are easy but they truely are if your an abusive verconfident disrespectful guy ! think about it , even this women pretedning she isnt easy actually is and you can tell, look at her statements, i dont generally sleep with people unless i think i can probably connect with them emotionally, look at this this is supposedly a woman that isnt cheat and she doesnt generally sleep with men who most of the time she connects with, that means she is sleeping with men who she doesnt and she also will sleep with men sometimes even if there is no connection, she is cheap as hek, its so sad, women here are so dirty, if your a clean man who wants a clean woman there is no chance, the women here are so cheap so easy so discusting, but remember this is only to the very worst men, but also dont forget all the women will pretend they want a good man, so not only are they cheap and nasty for tthe very worst men, if you are a good man they will lie to you and try their best to keep you miserable and single ! women here are truely awfl, and the sick thing is all those mothers know this but STILL raise their children to be nice, yuk, women here are the very worst in the entire world !
Claire Khaw said…
If women are only supposed to choose a sex partner who must be her husband and only have one husband/sex partner at a time, and divorce were stigmatised and the Equal Pay Act repealed, women would choose respectful and reliable men with prospects again, instead of criminal jobless losers attached to a big penis.
Anonymous said…
I've never found that British women are any "easier" than any other women on the planet to have protracted and ecstatic sex with. But then because of my Y-chromosome I'm a Martian aren't I? In passing the best sex I ever had was with a girl I met at university from the sub-continent of India. Absolute incarnate unadulterated beauty within and without: I have never loved anybody or anything more than this goddess I worshipped with my soul, mind and body for three almost four years when younger. She was the highpoint of my life.

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