How about this win-win idea to bring about world peace and honour the world's oldest profession?

Past atrocities committed by one group to another can be symbolically paid for by allowing a member of the wronged group to choose a female member of the perpetrator group for sex.  This would probably be a famous actress or pop star.

This woman would name her price.  This would be paid for by the perpetrator group

The transaction would be carried out at an appointed time and place.

The world would be a more peaceful place and the woman who prostituted herself a much richer woman.

Does anyone have any exotic combinations they would like to suggest to show they understand the concept?  (I can think of Osama bin Laden asking for Lady Gaga, or perhaps Nick Griffin asking for Mishal Husain, the renowned Pakistani beauty capable of reducing men into wobbling jellies of lust by a mere flash of her eyes.)


Robin said…
Crimes are committed by individuals so symbolically choosing an individual from a group is stereotyping or racism.

And why is it a woman to pay the price?

And what would be the price?

Presumably it could be the execution of the person from the wronged group who chose a female meber of the perpetrator group.

Would that be prostitution?

I don't think peace would be guaranteed.
Claire Khaw said…
Robin, there is no *compulsion* for the woman to pay the price.

It just seems a *friendlier* way of compensating another group for any wronged suffered, that's all.

It is just *symbolic*, and would give a female celebrity of the perpetrator group a chance of earning a large sum of money.

You asked about the price. It would be up to the woman to name her price and up to the perpetrator group to see if they want to pay it.

There is *no compulsion* at all in this at all.
Claire Khaw said…
I have received a comment on Facebook by a man who thought this idea "romantic".
Adolfo said…
I don’t know. It seems to me that the Britons are not subjects of good credit under this system, they would run short of women the first day. Just do the math. Think about the countless number of atrocities the White race by its misruling has committed and is committing in every corner of the World. The first British women to redeem the sins of the Empire would be Elizabeth Hurley (in her 40s, but beautiful), Leona Lewis (a beautiful miscegenated darkie), Keira Knightley (blonde), Gemma Atkinson (another blondie), Kate Beckinsale (another blondie), Naomi Campbell (another darkie) and that’s it. Then who? Susan Boyle? The Spice Girls? Boy George?
Posie Parker said…
Another amazing idea Claire. For the hideous human rights conventions broken by China and Malaysia I nominate you for a ritual weekly gang rape. You can name a price if you like maybe one penny per crime, wow you will indeed be rich. I'm sure you have a price in mind. All the punishers will be women will very large dildos.

Is that what you had in mind?

Sex and money is a common theme for you, makes me think you have never been treated lovingly by anyone.
Claire Khaw said…
Sex and money is a common theme for all humanity, Posie. I am not such a hypocrite as to pretend I am any better.

I see that you are proposing gang rape by lesbians. Will you be one of the dildo-wearing lesbians, Posie? Or will they just be clones of you?

I seem to have aroused very passionate feelings in you.
Adolfo said…
Well, I guess you scored a point. Check this out:
The English Empire along with the French plotted and financed the War of Reformation in the mid 19th century against the legitimate Mexican Government, could you have Leona Lewis redeeming the sins of Britain against us?
Anonymous said…
Sex and money is a common need for most but not something that nourishes the soul. I like Posie's idea.

Why did you pick a woman to compensate men? Are you in favour of slavery? In so much of your rantings you separate yourself from women, are you one? Is Claire Khaw just a façade? I cannot figure out your motivations...they seem too outdated and egocentric to be real.
Claire Khaw said…
It is like offering you an opportunity to make make hundreds of thousands of pounds in a few hours.

What is the problem anyway? If you don't want to, I am sure many women would be happy to take your place.

I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman.
Anonymous said…
Funny because no man likes a masculine woman and no woman either, what a lonely person you must be.
Claire Khaw said…
I don't feel that lonely, actually, and like to think I am quite popular with men. Most of my best friends are men, probably because I share their interests.

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