"Progressive" Generational Degradation caused by Female Promiscuity

Feminism + Consumerism + Female Promiscuity + Fatherlessness = Bloody Useless Illegitimate Children who are drug-addicted, under-achieving, promiscuous, obese, neurotic, unbiddable and full of STIs.

You can imagine the quality of the next generation, and the generation after that etc .... 

We are at the third generation now.  The fifth generation will probably only be fit for being sold as meat if we are not careful.   Look at that obese single mum you see waddling down your street.  What could she be fit for, apart from being a guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show?


Anonymous said…
Or we could be a dried up old ugly bitch like you.
Claire Khaw said…
Another example of liberal feminine bitchery. Practioners of this method of "debate" have no concept of argument or facts, only personal insults about one's appearance.

She will be saying that I am like that because I don't get enough sex next.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure you have many customers.
Claire Khaw said…
Why, thank you, Anonymous. A successful business would have many customers.

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