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Battlefield of Love an Awarded Blog

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Real Men Can Read Women Like a Book by Corey Donaldson

I have asked him for a review copy.

What are the two types of women that every man must be aware of because of the different way each woman must be handled?How do some women make a man give up all his power?What are the signs that a woman is already cheating on you?What are the signs that a woman plans on cheating on you?What are the signs that you should run as fast as you can from a woman?What are the signs that a woman is about to break-up with you?What must a man say when his woman suggests a break-up?How do you inspire a woman to want to stop flirting with other men?What is the fear that men have that overrules their need for sex? (Men will go without sex for many years to protect against this fear)What do men do that make women emboldened to walk all over them?How does a man discover his life purpose?How can a man intelligently answer the question – Who are you?What are the signs that a woman will treat her …

Domestic abuse suspects 'could be banned from own homes'

"It is marvellous to increase protection for victims of domestic violence and the suggestion deserves cautious support. Contrary to BBC World Service news reports it does *not* work well in Austria. The law there is routinely abused by women to deprive innocent men of their property. Consequently many men now refuse to cohabit with their wives/girlfriends. The law there is predicated entirely on the premise that domestic violence is by men against women. Assumptions are made that men are wealthy. Police can exclude the man for up to 14 days without reference to a court and have no obligation to provide the man with temporary shelter."

"There is no need for Austrian women to contrive physical injuries. Domestic violence/abuse there includes psychological violence/abuse. A man there can be made homeless for simply arguing with his wife. I suggest we temper our…

1/3 of Anglican Church female - if that ain't a reason to convert to Islam I dunno wot is  Between 6.30 - 7.00 item mentioning 1/3 of Synod female, Church getting progressively feminised and liberal, men retiring, women taking over,  letting in  gay priests and fucking everything up with feminism, infecting everything it touches, spreading like cancer or gangrene ...   

Fuck feminism before it fucks you up the arse!

The engagement of Prince William and Katherine Middleton and the best wedding present the Muslims could give them


Katie Middleton's consistency and determination these days is almost tragically unEnglish in our late Elizabethan age, from having a poster of Prince William in her dorm when she at boarding school in Marlborough and then growing up to marry him - truly an inspiration for those of us who see the point in patience and perseverance.

Well done, Kate, for getting your man with so much aplomb and dignity!

I bet you didn't sleep around and cheapen yourself with any Tom, Dick and Harry.  I bet the reason why you look so supremely confident is because you just know there ain't gonna be any kiss and tell stories from your scummy ex-lovers who want to sell their story to The Sun through Max Clifford.

If there were to be any worms popping out of the woodwork then I do hope you will see to it that they get beaten black and blue before being thrown out of one of Prin…

Fair Trade, Barbara Crowther and why women are mostly predisposed to be parasitical bleeding hearts

Fair Trade has helped make the world a better place if you happen to be poor and rely on the income from the food you grow to survive. That has been the appeal of the fair trade foundation since it comes into existence 18 years ago. But now the think tank, the institute for economic affairs, as cast doubt on that claim in a report it's just produced. Mark Littlewood is its director general. Barbara Crowther of the Fair Trade Foundation also comments.
Fair Trade is a manifestation of conspicuous consumption. While the Chinese do this by eating exotic animals, Westerners like paying more for their food to show they are affluent liberal bleeding hearts. It distorts the market and rewards less efficient farmers. It is totemic for those who like to wear moral superiority, white guilt and bleeding hearts on their sleeves and shopping bills.

Why are most women collectivist bleeding hearts who want to make us…

One in four lap dancers has a degree

I suppose we should count our blessings and be thankful that not one in every four female graduate is a lap dancer.

Single mums get bashed by their out-of-control adolescents

More of these stories, please, BBC, to discourage sluts and slappers breeding the next generation of NEETs, criminals and single mums. 

There was a report on this on the Today Programme but it was just before 7am so I am sure most people missed it.