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Feminism and Consumerism

"Feminism is the main prop of the consumer society and the welfare state, that is so toxic to the institutions of marriage and family as well as the practice of rational government based on rational moral principles. The alarming and precipitate decline of Western civilisation demonstrates what feminism can do to your civilisation if you let women have too much power."

"Feminism is one of the drivers of the consumer society. It is after all women who love to shop."

Vote for Claire Khaw to win the Total Politics Awards 2011 as Top Blogger

For those of you who would like to vote for me in the Total Politics Awards 2011 at

may I recommend the following answer?

Q1. Please name your favourite political blog sites in order of preference and select the categories you think each one belongs in:

1. Voice of Reason - Right wing, Libertarian, non aligned
2. Battlefield of Love - Right wing, Libertarian, non-aligned
3. Old Holborn - Libertarian, non-alighed
4. James Delingpole - Right wing, Libertarian, Green
5. Katharine Birbalsingh - Conservative

Q2. Please name your favourite individual political bloggers in order of preference and select the categories you think each one belongs in:

1. Claire Khaw - Right wing, Libertarian, Non-aligned
2. Old Holborn - Libertarian
3. James Delingpole - Libertarian, Green
4. Joan Smith - Left Wing
5. Katharine Birbalsnigh - Conservative

Q3. Who is your favourite political tweeter and why?

Claire Khaw for her ability to entertain,…

Anti-Slut Campaign in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland after the riots

"Don't howl Starkey down. Gangsta culture is a poison spreading among youths of all races"
(For 'gangsta culture' read 'SLUT SINGLE MUM culture')

I am already known for being the victim of a BNP single mum with disabled children who got the Chairman to expel me from the party by kicking up a fuss when I pointed out to her that eugenics had always been discreetly practised before the welfare state and asked her why it was not her fault when she became a single mum after she was impregnated by a violent criminal who was not her husband. I am also known for challenging the likes of Ed West (whom I believe may have sired illegitimate children and is refusing to marry their mother),  Norman Wells of Family Youth Concern who persist in calling a spade a spatula and who tells me that his organisation is not in the business of bashing single mums.  (If …

Why British men are kneeling before their deity of the slut single mum, fearful of blaspheming against feminism and female promiscuity, propitiating her with a sexual favour in an attempt to take her wrath away ...

Ed West's egregiously confused blog post is probably testament to the fact that he is so afraid of the feminazis getting him that he has confused the matriarchy with polygamy in his nervousness.  To be polygamous, one has to take be able to legally take more than one wife, not impregnate more than one woman.  That should ahve been quite obvious to an educated man like him, but, strangely and sadly, Ed West affects not to notice this or really cannot understand the difference himself. Possibly, Telegraph readers these days are now to feminised and dumbed-down themselves to notice any errors of reasoning.

In a matriarchy, it pays women to be promiscuous.  In a matriarchy, extra-marital sex is condoned and even rewarding for the woman.  The man who has sex with a woman to whom he is not marred is deemed to want to pay for any bastard he sires even if it is quite cl…

A philosophical offer Slavoj Zizek should not refuse

Dear Dr Zizek

I have a theory that you would probably do better as a comedian than a philosopher because so much of what you say is so excellently funny.  I have myself done a bit of stand-up comedy myself in my time, but it is harder to be funny and remember all your lines than just to talk for about an hour about your favourite subject to a captive audience, so I understand.   
Having admired you greatly for a few days, I have decided that I would like to interview you during which I shall seriously consider whether or not I will offer myself to you, should you find me sufficiently attractive.

I have this theory that no man resist sex from a woman, provided she is not actually repulsive or obviously diseased.  
I would also like you to answer a few questions, before or after sex, as you wish.

These questions will centre around the question of the mislabelling of you as a philosopher of the Left when you are in fact a philosopher of the Right.…