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Supporting the traditional family by David Jones

The "traditional" family! Does it remind you of your mother walking around in dress and petty coat or dad driving a car from the "fifties."? Why is everyone so afraid of being labelled "old fashioned?"

Though in many respects we are better off materially, we all know there is something amiss, and just because things are new and progressive doesn't automatically mean they are right. Not that there was ever a “golden age” as there was never a time when everything was perfect but rather when things were more right with how people acted in society in general. It was a time when:

~ People taught their children how to behave in public and at home.  Children did not rule the house, they were given clearly understood directions as to what is acceptable and what is not.

~ Children were taught the meaning of money and hard work.  If something gets broken there isn't always money to buy another's a life lesson all children must to learn.


Daryll Christopher on the husband who committed suicide on holiday over his adulterous wife

‘She had two previous affairs and even got pregnant, but Alun took her back.’

Says Daryll Christopher:

"Men are weak. A woman with problems can always run to her friends, another man or the state, a man has fewer choices, this is why they should always look out for themselves first.

The man was simply weak, a disgrace to mankind.

This is a calibre of men we create today, very tragic really. Their Mothers talk down to them at home, Women talk down to them in nursery school, women talk down to them in Primary school, women talk down to them in secondary school, women talk down to them in the hospitals, there is probably an absent father, they probably have no males at hand to give them good advice. All they have ever known, is a dominant female figure who is always in charge.
When they become adults, they are so brow beaten, the come to see women as…

Daryll Christopher on how straight women undermine straight men by saying they prefer gay men

"Many men feel that by being sympathetic to gays and female issues, they are displaying there sensitive side and this will make them more attractive to women, leading to more bed time. I watch Come Dine With Me quite often. The trend there is to have many camp men on the program, or to have women saying that they hope one of the guests will be gay, because they find gay men more interesting. Knocking real men and supporting gays and women is being drummed into our minds from all angles."

The difference between a patriarchy and a matriarchy

Matriarchy = Words mean exactly what I want them to mean.

Patriarchy = My word is my bond.

Harriet and the Hoods

I wonder if Harriet Sergeant can even begin to say why she would not dream of doing any of these things with a member of a WHITE gang.   She must be even now shuddering at the thought.

Maybe white gangs are not so cool?  Maybe they are not so cuddly?

Why do white women hate white working class men so much?  I am sure there are white gangs in London which Harriet has disdained to notice.

Perhaps the photos would not be quite so eye-catching?

Perhaps if photographed with them she would only end up looking like their mother or grandmother on a bad hair day?  Perhaps the whole exercise was an exercise in vanity?  On the other hand, photographed with a black gang, she would look so cool and so brave and so sexy ....

Black gangstas have people like David Lammy MP and Dr Tony Sewell of Generating Genius looking out for them.  Yes, black males have men of their own race actually caring enough to look out for them.  …

Higher rate of illegitimacy in the UK linked to crap England team


In football, England is behind Portugal, Spain and Italy.

This is due to the higher rates of illegitimacy in Britain.   That is why we are such useless sluts and bastards who will never amount to anything, and having nothing to look forward to but decline and fall, extinction and death, criminality and barbarism, in a vicious circle of ever lowering standards of education and sport and ever lowering standards of morality ....

But most Britons these days are too stupid to care or too frightened to challenge the feminists.

Harriet Sergeant does not condemn the causes of crime and gang culture - SLUT SINGLE MUMS


Below is what she says about illegitimacy:

Despite the huge amount of evidence of the harm this causes children (mothers of children on the “at risk” register, for example, are five times more likely to be single teenage mothers), the Labour government made single motherhood an attractive proposition.
Since 1997 a single mother of two children has seen her benefits increase by 85%. We watched the effects of that policy play out on our streets every night last week.
To accuse these young girls of being feckless is unjust. They are merely responding to the economics of the situation. They are as much victims of the crisis in our schools and the perverse influence of benefits as teenage boys. What future is there for a girl who leaves school without a qualification? Whereas boys take to crime, girls get pregnant.
Ministers talk of family breakdown, …

Why is taxpayers' money being used to enrich lawyers?

Who was the person at the Welsh local authority who decided to waste taxpayers' money FEMALE?

I think we should be told.

A transgender person has won the right to tell a LIE.

Mediocre female teachers not worth their salt resent being paid by results
Men tend to be over-represented on the extreme ends of the scale, ie they are either really bad or really good.

It is the tendency of women to be mediocre.

I think it was Confucius who said

"The average man is better than the average woman, but the superior woman is superior to the superior man."   
I am a woman who thinks like a man but without a wife whom I fear will divorce me, take half my stuff and deprive me of my children.  It is possible that I am that superior woman.

My Facebook friend Daryl Christopher says:

This new revision of History to pass off women as playing a leading role does not surprise me. It just confirms the long, mad dash to Feminize society and pulverize men into being Second class citizens.
Their plan is to remove the man's traditional role as head of the home by claiming single mother is capable of raising well balanced, healthy children. They strip wealth a…

Andrew Hosken reports on London gangs without mentioning that virtually all gang members are SSM-parented


One should question Andrew Hosken's journalistic integrity and wonder if this poor man is the pitiable victim of self-censorship.  Perhaps he has sired illegitimate offspring?  Perhaps he knows the mother of his children would only divorce him and deprive of his children if he said anything about Slut Single Mums and he desperately wishes not to incur her wrath?  What else can explain his contemptible cowardice in not mentioning the role of Slut Single Mums in London gang culture?  We all know most back people are SSM-parented because Diane Abbot MP(a single mum) herself said so.

David Lammy MP is at least doing something active and practical to prevent the increase of fatherlessness.  The contemptible cowardice and hypocrisy of the wh…

Why David Lammy MP is my hero


Hey, Homo Pants


Matriarchy fritters away taxpayer money on pussy lifts *on the NHS*

Degrees of Sluttery

Technically, a slut is a woman who has sex with a man not her husband.

In that case the overwhelming number of women must be guilty, including myself.

There are however DEGREES OF SLUTTERY, and that can be measured by the number of a slut's sex partners.

1-10       Ever so slightly slutty

11-20     Slightly slutty

21-30     Quite slutty

31-40     Very slutty

41-50     Super slutty

51-60     Ultra slutty

61-70     Hyper slutty

71-80     Super Ultra slutty

81-90     Super Ultra Hyper slutty

91+         You have missed your vocation as a prostitute and should monetise your nymphomaniacal compulsions.

The Menace of Triumphant Feminism

Veronica Shugg writing in issue 23 of Right NOW! Magazine says:
“And just who were these feminists, these beings with an apparently self-conferred sort of divine right to sit in judgment on the lives of all women en masse and declare them wanting?  They were women who, embittered by their own inadequacies, blamed the whole world in general and men in particular for their own shortcomings.”
“The feminists spent years promoting the sexual revolution and telling women that they must be like men in pursuit of ‘sex for the sake of it,” with the result that the natural respect that men used for women has been extinguished, and that any and every woman is now considered fair game by men who listen to what the feminists have been saying for so long.  Now, having achieved their goal of ‘equality of out come for all’, some of the feminists have decide that they don like the result – suddenly they want a return to the better…