Supporting the traditional family by David Jones

The "traditional" family! Does it remind you of your mother walking around in dress and petty coat or dad driving a car from the "fifties."? Why is everyone so afraid of being labelled "old fashioned?"

Though in many respects we are better off materially, we all know there is something amiss, and just because things are new and progressive doesn't automatically mean they are right. Not that there was ever a “golden age” as there was never a time when everything was perfect but rather when things were more right with how people acted in society in general. It was a time when:

~ People taught their children how to behave in public and at home.  Children did not rule the house, they were given clearly understood directions as to what is acceptable and what is not.

~ Children were taught the meaning of money and hard work.  If something gets broken there isn't always money to buy another's a life lesson all children must to learn.

 ~We people still dressed decently and modestly.  Most people you meet in the street look like they just rolled out of bed.

~ Children were taught children self-control.  That rules and moral standards governed everything we do.

~ When families eat together at the table, it was a standing appointment unless you were sick.

~ Children were taught proper manners like "please, thank you and may I be excused."

~ We all fulfil our roles... The father leads, the mother supports and the children follows. Nobody questioned why, things just worked smoothly that way.

~ Girls were raised to be ladies and boys were trained to be a men so that they someday can lead a family . Women did not dress like sluts and boys did not act effeminate.

~A husband could be expected to be faithful, love his children and work hard for his family.

Do you want all this back again?

Feminism says NO.


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