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Tweeters who have stopped me from following their tweets

Is Joan Smith part of the new pornocracy?

Are we a pornocracy or a matriarchy? Is a matriarchy just another word for pornocracy?

It would appear that Joan Smith thinks she is several degrees above the Queen judging from her comments described at

Who the fuck does she think she is?

Would it be accurate to call her a pornocrat?

If we had a pornograph could we play her?

Sluts, slags and slappers are a degree above male Tory politicians in our demented matriarchy AKA pornocracy

To call sluts, slags and slappers sluts, slags and slappers is now lese majeste, it would appear. Does this mean we now live in a pornocracy or, to put it more politely, a matriarchy?

OFFICIAL: women CANNOT be criticised in the Demented Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

Glencore chairman Simon Murray criticised for sexism

Glencore’s new chairman has been widely condemned for making “unacceptable” and “deplorable” sexist remarks, raising further corporate governance concerns ahead of the commodity trader’s planned $60bn (£37bn) stock market debut.

Who would now deny that we live in a Demented Matriarchy?   Only the emasculated effeminate shits like Sir Roger Carr, Lord Davies and Vince "Eeyore" Cable.

It has now got so bad that men need the women to speak up for them.

I have now undertaken this task though my political ambitions - there is a theoretical possibility that I may be chosen as the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate - may soon run into the buffers as I have been told that my pro-AV stance is at odds with the BNP's anti-AV stance, and that my regular denunciations of single motherhood will alienate po…

Teachers warned: Do not become Facebook friends with your pupils


What a shame so many  British teachers are so stupid and so depraved.  

Are the particularly stupid and depraved ones mostly FEMALE?

They appear to be from the sound of this Mail article.  No wonder most British girls these days are sluts, slags and slappers having under-aged sex and schoolgirl mothers.   This is the kind of SHIT we have teaching the SHIT of the future.

UK now OFFICIALLY a matriarchy

OAA Apologise for "Career Women Make Bad Mothers" Campaign

The ones who wield true power are the ones that cannot be criticised.

The bad mothers and bad employees are now officially in charge.

A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.

A matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity.

If a man is promiscuous and has a baby out of wedlock he has to pay the CSA.

If a woman is promiscuous and has a baby out of wedlock she is paid by the CSA.

Does it not sound to you that we live in a society that condones fe…

How to make a woman perfectly happy

Give her EVERYTHING she wants AND something to complain about.

Feminism a failure - adolescent females unhappier than they ever were

Adolescent angst
Girls are twice as likely to suffer teenage angst than boys and are less happy than they were a year ago according to new research done by the think tank Demos. But why is this and what can be done to make girls happier? Jane talks to co-author of the report, Beatrice Karol Burks, and Francis Gilbert, a secondary school teacher and author of 'I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out of Here'.

A confused mish-mash of whingeing.  It is either a terrible indictment of feminism and bad parenting or it isn't. They try to have it both ways and want to simultaneously frighten and reassure us.

The long and short of this is that adolescent females still unhappy. In fact, females in general generally unhappy even after so many decades of feminism and getting what they think they want.

What they were persuaded they wanted was not what they needed.

Why British men are the even weaker sex

"Almost half of Ukip's core support is female, unlike the male-dominated BNP, suggesting it is attracting women sensitive to "party reputations for racism and intolerance".
Most women be seen dead with the BNP - they think BNP men are bunch of lower class lowlife scum.

They don't want to have anything to do with men who can't compete with foreigners. Being seen with anyone from the BNP would lower their status. It would be like having a retard for your boyfriend or a stammerer. Women are very status-conscious, don't you know, and very insecure.

You know the way women really want you to kill a bug that is bothering them and then tell you what a beast you are for doing what they asked you to do?

Well, lots of *men* think like these women too nowadays.  They have been feminised and infantilised after so many decades of feminism, which sta…

Feminism leads to widespread illegitimacy, family breakdown, working mums who are crap mums and crap employees, male unemployment, parasitic welfare dependency, paedophilia as well as the decline and fall of Western Civilisation

Challenge the demented matriarchy (which is depriving working class men of jobs that are now hogged by middle class women as explained at and defeat it by

1.  repealing the Sex Discrimination Act 1975
2.  repealing the Equal Pay Act
3.  abolishing child benefit
4.  making marriage contracts compulsory for anyone who wants to get married or stay married

Remember,  feminism has destroyed the quality of British men.  If you have daughters they will end up being single mums (because the quality of modern British men now is so abysmal) or marrying a Muslim or a foreigner.

Stop feminism from fucking you up even more before it flips you over and fucks you up t…

Cameron promised to fill up his Cabinet with Incompetent Women

Read Michael Crick's report.  I am not making this up.  

Is it not time Cameron is stopped dead in his tracks to prevent this deliberate policy of irrational sex discrimination that is trashing what is still good in this country?

We don't want to hug his hoodies or have his team of incompetent yes-women in charge of the ship of state, do we?

We don't want him to bomb Libya in our name while British schoolboys are stabbed to death in public places in broad daylight while his female Home Secretary wrings her hands and fusses with her hair and tells us we mustn't be nasty to single mums who breed these bastards who stab other people's sons.

We all know that female ministers are, with very few noble exceptions, usually crap.

Is David "Cunt" Cameron really a woman disguised as a man?    Do you thi…

Disenfranchise women and/or non-taxpayers for the greater good?

I believe that more women have unfriended me over my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group than men.  This suggests to me that women tend not to have a sense of humour, can't take jokes and are easily frightened.

They also get pregnant, and these days, they often get pregnant out of wedlock, mess up their lives, demand more support from the state and are generally slowing everything down and making things worse with their illegitimate, disabled, autistic, obese, neurotic, delinquent, sexually active or eating disordered children.

If that is how they are generally, should they really be given the vote and so much power over our politicians and taxpayers?

Poor Cameron actually admitted the other day that he is afraid of Mumsnet, who are of course a gang of thuggish but educated harridans, mostly single middle class mothers who work and deprive white working class men of job…

Why white people are now an inferior race

We are what we are. We are what we believe and what we do - and that is infinitely changeable. This is a more constructive view of humanity than being what our skin says we are, according to the views of other people.

White people are now an inferior race.

Why are they an inferior race?

Not because they are inherently inferior but they have allowed the feckless, promiscuous and unproductive of their number to breed in alarming numbers at the expense of white people who are productive and taxpaying. Five generations of white people have now been sexually reproduced in this way.  Five generations of the promiscuous, stupid, feckless and impecunious breeding and multiplying at taxpayers' expense with no politician in Parliament daring to criticise them.

Family Allowances Act 1945 (when Child Benefit started)

2011 - 1945 = 66

One generation = 16 years

66 divided by 16 = 4.125

Say five generations of feckless fuckers.

White people now have stupidity, promiscuity and fecklessness br…

Feminism fucks up your mind and makes it full of shit ideas like the ethical pill

Another shit idea reported by a dumb female journalist as serious news.

Instead of getting people to subject themselves to morality treatments and ethical pills (which would be very expensive, complicated and ineffective), we could:

1.  repeal the Sex Discrimination, Equal Pay and Equality Acts

2.  abolish child benefit

3.  stigmatise never-married mothers

4.  stigmatise the illegitimate

5.  expect mothers to be wives who stay at home to bring up their children

In short, if we destroyed feminism, then we wouldn't be dreaming up these imbecilic ideas to deal with our social problems.

Fuck Feminism Good and Hard ...
... the way it fucked up your society.  

Could this all go on a T-shirt?

For some reason I am just not shocked at Irish policemen threatening in jest to rape female protesters


Sunny Hundal on the other hand is having a fit of the vapours, apparently, just like a great great great Victorian maiden aunt ....

But it seems he is being pussywhipped into having a fit of the vapours.  Sirena Bergman informed him that he ought to be shocked, and he duly was.!/sirenabergman

sirenabergman Sirena Bergman @ @sunny_hundal This is utterly shocking. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep... how did you get hold of it?
sirenabergman Sirena Bergman Hideous and shocking: Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters!/sunny_hundal

Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters. Press conference planned tomorrow

Is Western civilisation being run like The Beach?

In that book a ruthless, vicious, sexually rapacious woman called Sal is unofficially in charge.  

Substitute Sal for Mumsnet and you should get the idea.

Notice how vociferously warmongering is Anne McElvoy.   There are many women like her.

An Irish American woman, Iman El-Maghribi is posting her warmongering propaganda with great energy and conviction from the American Midwest at the internationally infamous Colonel Gaddafi Support Group mentioned at

She is also single and looking for a nice Libyan man to replace her late Libyan  husband.

Remember the ones who handed out white feathers to frightened young men to make them go to the Western Front?  Plenty like her in the world.  

Wealthy woman seeks tall fit man with personality

TALL SUCCESSFUL, SKIING, SCUBA DIVING cultured charismatic MALE 55-65 required for my stunning, successful, sporty female client with London and country homes.  A brunette with adventurous fun spirit, warmth and femininity seeks life-long partner.  AGENCY/NO FEE required.  
with details for FULL profile
Ad in Eye to Eye, 1-14 April 2011   Issue No 1285  Page 36, Column 2

Does this sound good to you men?   If not, why not?  Do you think this advertiser needs to be told a few home truths?

A hint of moral courage from a Tory politician who says "feminism bad for working class men"

Yvette Cooper has a hissy fit:

Shadow equalities minister Yvette Cooper reacted angrily to the comments. She said: ‘The idea that working women are responsible for persistent child poverty or youth unemployment in disadvantaged areas is just shocking.
‘David Willetts should quickly withdraw this rubbish and face up to the real problems his policies are causing for young people and women who want to get on.’
Too bad David Willetts didn't say anything about the sluts, slag and slapper single mums (who are bad mothers and bad employees and therefore the worst of human parasites) who are busily breeding an inferior next generation of Britons.

Mumsnet will be screaming like banshees to have his balls ripped off for this capital crime of  lèse majesté.


More Welsh women are sluts and slappers than English and Scots women, apparently

and in need of more help from the taxpayer to discourage the birth of more unwanted and illegitimate Welsh children.