How to make a woman perfectly happy

Give her EVERYTHING she wants AND something to complain about.  


Jeremy Janson said…
ROFLMAO!!! And to think I came here looking for advice... Poor me...
Claire Khaw said…
If you cannot give her everything she wants, just keep buying her dinner and promising her the world. Women are very simple creatures and will eventually fall into your arms if you give them enough dinners and promise them the world consistently and frequently.

She doesn't need to be perfectly happy anyway, just happy enough not to give you a hard time.
Adolfo said…
Give a woman a good spanking once a week and she'll love you.
Adolfo said…
Thinking more deeply about your post, I would say the following:
As far as I have dated women and studied feminine nature I would say that 6 out of every 10 women, that is, 60% of women want to be housewives and mothers. Yeap! They don’t want to go to college, they don’t want to have a career, they don’t want to get a big salary and they don’t want to have an exciting and demanding professional life. They just want to marry and have children. So, at some point in her life, a woman appreciates a man who can afford a decent way of life, that is, a house, three meals a day and a car in the garage. While a woman wants financial security, she detests emotional and romantic security, that’s why she is always shit testing you when you have a relationship with her. She needs to live in a permanent state of romantic schizophrenia and distress, testing if you either love her or you already have another love. So, if you have a living decent enough to give a woman the means to raise a family (what she likes the most) and in the other side let her known that she can’t take for granted your love (what she worries the most) with you having action on the side, you will make her very happy.
Problem is that with the current misandrist family laws now operating in the West, women are encouraged to divorce you, take away your children and half of your assets, just because you picked up one of the millions of slutty teenagers that today crowd our crumbling cities (or just because she wants to do so). Stop the madness!

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