OFFICIAL: women CANNOT be criticised in the Demented Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

Simon Murray cannot speak the truth about women in Totalitarian Matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland

Glencore chairman Simon Murray criticised for sexism

Glencore’s new chairman has been widely condemned for making “unacceptable” and “deplorable” sexist remarks, raising further corporate governance concerns ahead of the commodity trader’s planned $60bn (£37bn) stock market debut.

Who would now deny that we live in a Demented Matriarchy?   Only the emasculated effeminate shits like Sir Roger Carr, Lord Davies and Vince "Eeyore" Cable.

It has now got so bad that men need the women to speak up for them.

I have now undertaken this task though my political ambitions - there is a theoretical possibility that I may be chosen as the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate - may soon run into the buffers as I have been told that my pro-AV stance is at odds with the BNP's anti-AV stance, and that my regular denunciations of single motherhood will alienate potential female supporters, which the BNP now wish to attract with their new heart logo amongst other things.

Since I have entered politics to speak out about the things I believe in, I shall certainly not be shutting up about the main reason - feminism - why white people are now in their current degraded and degenerate state. (Feminism encourages paedophilia as well as female promiscuity and single parenthood.

I see that all white men who dare to challenge feminism end up apologising profusely or denying what they had in fact said.

I shall not be doing any of that.

In fact, I think I would be the best BNP London mayoral candidate because I am saying things that many BNP men think but dare not say for fear of alienating their women.  So yes, lots of BNP men are just as pussy-whipped as their LibLabCon counterparts.  In fact, because they are more shunned by women than their LibLabCon counterparts, they are probably even more desperate to gain their approval.

I am the only BNP candidate that understands what has happened to the British and feels it her duty to keep saying it until everyone understands the point I am making.  I want good things for white people of all classes because I wish to continue living here, and it would sadden me that this country cannot be saved from feminism because white people are now so infested with all the feminine vices of irrationality, hypocrisy and cowardice that they cannot now save themselves from feminism.  It is for this reason that I feel I must now step into the breach.

I imagine that a male BNP candidate would fear his wife leaving him for saying anti-feminist things, or his girlfriend shunning him and potential female partners also shunning him.  The thought of never having sex with a woman ever again would force him into submitting to the shrieks of the demented matriarchy that has turned white working class people into a degenerate race of illegitimate, singly-parenting welfare-dependent scum whom British employers shun and avoid like the plague in favour of foreign labour.

I however am not that bothered if I don't have sex with a woman ever again.  Indeed, it is possible that my saying what I say will excite much interest in men and women wishing to have sex with me.  For all I know, they will be throwing themselves at my feet when I am Mayor of London .... or even if I am not.

But if I never have sex with a man or a woman again that is a noble sacrifice I am prepared to make for the benefit of sex-addicted white people whom I wish to save from themselves.

The greater prize of becoming Mayor of London which I may have to sacrifice because of my anti-feminist stance I suppose I must also come to terms with.

The BNP selection panel should also know that no UKIP mayoral candidate will be saying anything against feminism (though I believe they have plans to say they want to legalise brothel-keeping).

The BNP selection panel should also know that no London mayoral candidate who does not have the Muslim bloc vote ever gets elected mayor and that is why our Red Ken so skillfully cultivated them.

The BNP selection panel should know that I would probably the only BNP London mayoral candidate that would attract any significant Muslim votes, because I have taken the trouble to understand their religion and their concerns and have visited their mosques and spoken to their scholars both radical and moderate.

Muslims will already know that I am the BNP peacenik opposed the invasions of Muslim lands, who deplores the war in "Afraqbya" and have been regular denouncing Liberal Western interventionism for many years now in my blogs at and here at

Muslims will know how often I have told them that they are fools for supporting the very parties that make war on Muslim nations while being in needless fear and hatred of a party that - though unashamed about their dislike of Muslims - has quite categorically stated that they would never have  invaded "Afrabya" because it is not in the British National Interest to say they wish to save Muslims from each other by bombing and invading their countries, unquestioningly supporting Israel, and then complaining about Muslim terrorism.

Even if I do not attract enough Muslim voters to make me Mayor of London, I believe I have a pretty good chance of doing better than the previous BNP London mayoral candidates and of showing that Muslims and the BNP have quite a number of things in common chief of which is promoting family values supported by marriage.

So there.  


Invictus_88 said…
Boris Johnson had the Muslim bloc vote?

Claire Khaw said…
You will remember Boris saying he had a Muslim ancestor during his mayoral campaign.

"My grandfather was a Muslim and so was my great-grandfather. I am proud of my Muslim ancestry," he said.
Claire Khaw said…

When he announced that his great-great-grandmother was a Circassian slave, was it just another "inverted pyramid of piffle" from Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?

"If anyone can confirm Boris's great-great-grandmother's origins, however, I'm sure he'd be grateful. The election's going to be close, and the ex-Circassian slave vote could be crucial."

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