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Is yet more matriarchal legislation to protect stupid women good for Britain?

"Ann Moulds, from Ayr, was stalked for almost three years by a man she thought was her friend.
When he heard about her stalker, he even offered her support and even offered to stay in her home to help protect her and make her feel safe in her home. All the time he was her stalker, bombarding her with sexually explicit texts, messages and phone calls.
Ann told Sky News: "I ended up where my home became a prison. I was terrified to go out, I kept the curtains closed, I even stopped putting on the television or playing music so I could listen if there were any sounds outside.
"I just couldn't see a future, I couldn't see an end to it all. I lost my friends, I lost lots of weight and I lost my hair."
"So when I discovered that my supportive friend was this crazy man who was stalking me it was total shock, disbelief, absolute betrayal and it took me a long, long time to understand how that kind of mind can work."…

Feminist family lawyer loses argument on feminism with Claire Khaw and predictably blocks her

Zoe Saunders ‏@ZASaunders
Astonished 2 find a casual reference 2 feminism seems 2 have me being bombarded with bonkers articles about how we're all man hating loonies
1:51 PM - 21 Nov 12

Rosie Harris ‏@Rosie_Rocket
@ZASaunders Oh really?
3:13 PM - 21 Nov 12

Zoe Saunders ‏@ZASaunders
@Rosie_Rocket do you want a sample of the craziness?
10:27 PM - 21 Nov 12

Rosie Harris ‏@Rosie_Rocket
@ZASaunders Yeah why not ;)
12:37 AM - 22 Nov 12

Zoe Saunders ‏@ZASaunders
@Rosie_Rocket @1party4all: @ZASaunders Why #feminism is bad deal for women if they are not that into sex
1:19 AM - 22 Nov 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@ZASaunders @Rosie_Rocket I think when feminists say "crazy" sometimes they just mean "heresy" as in heretical to #feminism.
2:01 AM - 22 Nov 12

Zoe Saunders ‏@ZASaunders
@1party4all I didn't say you had - I said that what you sent me was an example of the kind o…

Why feminism is bad deal for women if they are not that into sex

It seems to me that women now have to give more sex to more men than before to find a decent partner. This is a really bad deal if you are a woman and you hate sex but want a husband so you can be the mother of legitimate children.

Some women love sex, it is true, but many women only regard it as "work" or as a means to an end.

If you are a "sex is a means to an end" kind of woman feminism is a TERRIBLE DEAL.

Women now have to put out more to men who have less money and are less masculine and less intelligent than their fathers (because feminism is dysgenic and causes degeneracy), and who are less likely to be husband or father material.

In this way is feminism a BAD DEAL for women.


Would you like to nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year Honour for being the most entertainingly philosophical, political and theological Woman of the Year?  Go on, go on, go on!

Would you like me to the be the Most Powe…

Questions for Anglicans about female bishops

Question 1
Is the Church of England a vehicle for ambitious and selfish women who don't give a shit about its male parishioners?

Question 2
Is a female-dominated Church of England good for its male parishioners?

Question 3
The Church of England is already full of shit. Will it be less or more full of shit with female bishops?

Question 4
Would a Church of England with female bishops be better or worse for male parishioners?

Don't knowWorseBetterMale parishioners are already a minority and don't matter anyway
Question 5
Does the Church of England do anything other than promote the feminist liberal PC agenda, such as safeguard the morals of the nation?  If not, what is it really for?

Question 6
If it is indeed the case that Man created God to protect him from Woman, then the infestation of the Church of England by feminists clamouring to be made bishops means men are in great moral danger.

Question 7
Is the Church of England full of third rate male minds helpless against…

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on Traditions


“I remember lots of tradition from my childhood, but, you see, they can no longer be performed in the modern world. Women work, women get divorced, women need to be reminded by the men to perform these traditions, and men need to have women or things wouldn't get done.”“Traditions are meant to tell you the story of how your ancestors accumulated wisdom, and can only be passed on by fathers, not single mothers.”"Tradition is something apparently pointless that we do, in order to please our fathers."Our traditions come from our fathers, not our mothers.""Feminism has orphaned white men from their traditions and their masculinity."

Would you like to nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year Honour for being the most entertainingly philosophical, political and theological Woman of the Year?  Go on, go on, go on!

Would you like me to the be the Most Powerful Woman i…

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on feminism and gender relations


"A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity and a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity.""Punishing female promiscuity serves as prevention because it is seen as a warning to other sluts, while punishing male promiscuity serves only as a cure, after the bastard has been born.  Prevention is better than cure.""The woman who thinks a man to whom she is not married is having sex with her with the intention of paying for the upkeep of any illegitimate offspring they conceive is stupid enough to be spayed so that her genes do not contaminate the next generation.""The only miscegenation we should worry about is the miscegenation of the unmarried.""Tolerating single motherhood is tolerating female promiscuity, which is far more dangerous to the long term health of any society than tolerating male promiscuity.""Lust is a deadly sin.  Like a slow-growing cancer on any organ…

Claire Khaw to be recognised for the achievement of challenging liberal and feminist orthodoxies in her own quiet way?
iPM New Year HonourIs there someone in your life worthy of an honour? While the great and the good will be rewarded in the Queen's New Year Honours, here at iPM we have our own award.  Our honour is about recognising the achievements of people who are not normally in the limelight, Britain's unsung heroes if you like. And we'd like you to nominate them. Who do YOU know that deserves some recognition? Perhaps it's a member of your family, a neighbour or a colleague you work with? Is there someone who has done something extraordinary and perhaps gone about it in their own quiet way?  There are no special rules about who qualifies or what kind of person it needs to be, it's up to you. There is no prize, you won't be able to call yourself a knight or a dame, but we will make a fuss of the winner.  Previous winners include Delma Hughes, the founder of a charity which helps siblings separated by the care system. Hilary Holdawa…

Flavia Coelho is mesmerising and seductive

Flavia Coelho Singer Flavia Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Paris six years ago.  It was there she developed her musical sound, which is a mixture of samba, bossa nova and ragamuffin.  Her album is called Bossa Muffin, which she describes it as a spontaneous musical movement and a celebration of cultural blending.  Flavia and her band will perform as part of the London Jazz Festival at the South Bank Centre and join Jenni to perform the single Sunshine.

The law will support a woman even when she lies and breaks her promises

Make it the rule that no man is obliged to support any child that he does not acknowledge and whose mother he is not married to.

Poor Mark Langridge - stitched up by his female lawyer friend and by his former lesbian friend.

Come on, Mark, give me her name and I will mention her name here.   Anyway, you were a FOOL to trust these treacherous and incompetent women.  

His lesbian ex-friend has now engaged Max Clifford so she can sell her story and make some money.  Once she has done that she might let you off the hook, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Never trust a woman because the law in our matriarchy encourages them to be mendacious, malicious, irresponsible and immoral.

Sperm Donors and the CSA Mark Langridge thought he was helping out a lesbian friend when he agreed to become a sperm donor so that she could have children. Mark Langridge says that they agreed he would not be legally responsible for the child or be named on the birth ce…

If single mothers had to commit hara kiri if their sons turned out like Breivik ...

would they be quite so negligent about how they bring them up?

If parents were made responsible for the behaviour of their offspring, and honour was considered a matter of life and death, would British children be quite so degenerate, illegitimate and behaviourally-challenged?

If single mothers had to take sole responsibility for the behaviour of their illegitimate children and expected to commit ritual suicide, would they not be more likely to stay with the father of their children?

I think the answers are obvious, and so is the way forward.


"Feminism is responsible for the decline and fall of Western civilisation."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree"Feminism is the ridiculous notion that it is either sustainable or moral to allow women to do men's jobs badly while neglecting their own work."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree "Cut open a feminist and you will find a Red."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree "Does feminism cause paedophilia?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No"Is it laughable, ridiculous, and counter-productive to aim for gender equality by focusing on the claimed interests and perspectives of only ONE gender, as advocated by feminists?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No"In the name of gender equality, shall we make women soldiers and allow the men to stay at home cooking, cleaning and rearing the children?"  Option 1: Feminists are mad and silly.  Option 2: Let us return to the patriarchy, which is the lesser evil."How would feminists feel ab…

Spinster Single Mum T-shirt


SSM scourge of Western Civilisation long sleeve black T-shirt


Chinese man who sues wife for giving birth to 'incredibly ugly' child wins £75,000


A very interesting legal case.

I would love to see a photograph of the "incredibly ugly daughter"! I suppose it is fair enough.

The husband could argue that of course he married her for her books in contemplation of having beautiful children.

Abigail Haworth ‏@AbiHaworth
@limlouisa I want to know if there's more to this than is being reported too. If not, it's terrifying.
4:17 AM - 5 Nov 12 · Details
Why is it terrifying? I would never have plastic surgery just to marry a man. I thought these women were feminists?!

For me, it is a great relief to know that women are not even SUPPOSED to have plastic surgery to nab a man.

All we need do is pretend that butter wouldn't melt in our mouths and then turn after we get the ring on our finger.

Husbands cannot "return the goods"after marriage and say "My swee…

Is feminist mothering in the West what it ought to be?


Claire Khaw should be on the Woman's Hour Power List if there is any justice in the world

Woman's Hour Power List We're compiling a list of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. Who are the movers and shakers who shape the way we live today? Which women have the greatest impact on British politics, society, culture and the economy?

We're compiling a list of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. Who are the movers and shakers who shape the way we live today? Which women have the greatest impact on British politics, society, culture and the economy? Tell us who you'd like to see on the Woman's Hour Power List and we'll pass your suggestions on to our panel of judges. Find out more about the List and our panel here. Alternatively you can submit your suggestion via Twitter, using #whpowerlist. There are specific rules for contributing to the Power List. Please read the full Terms & Conditions before you submit your suggestion. Please state clearly if you wish to remain anonymous as your …

Male Guardian hack too afraid to discuss feminism with Claire Khaw

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@JonathanHaynes Deborah Orr calls Claire Khaw a "self-hating, misandrist fool". #feminism #libertarianism #EU
1:32 AM - 4 Nov 12 ·

Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all why have you sent this to me?
3:54 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
@JonathanHaynes I sent you … in the hope that the #evil of #feminism will be discussed by the liberal intelligentsia.
3:58 AM - 4 Nov 12

1h Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all I see. Feminism isn't evil. Sorry.
4:04 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
@JonathanHaynes My definition of #feminism is at
4:14 AM - 4 Nov 12

Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all your definition isn't right though is it?
4:21 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw

Feminists scheme and plot to take over BBC *completely*

Louisa Lim
Disgraceful examples in this story via @guardian. Women take on BBC over failure to get female experts on air

Rebecca Kesby
there is something in line that a woman is less likely to "consider herself an 'expert'" too. Less likely to be pushy

Louisa Lim
Agreed. But still - not a single woman to talk about teenage girls and contraception? M Stopes? Social workers?

Rebecca Kesby
I agree with you. Think there are some conversations that need to happen in that prog team - words like 'hard graft'

Louisa Lim
imagining programme team of wellington-educated white boys. unfortunate.

Rebecca Kesby
can't believe it's that bad, but yes understand. Wonder if it will ever change...

Louisa Lim
‏not until there's a DG who is not a white middle-aged male!
11:34 AM - 4 Nov 12

Rebecca Kesby
white, middle class, middle aged men run EVERYTHING. Sooooo BOooorrrrinnnngggggg

Imagine, BBC m…

Two men look on while feminist and anti-feminist slug it out. Who won the argument?

Deborah Orr
Westminster is the real anachronism, not the European Union @DeborahJaneOrr  via @guardian

Westminster is the real anachronism, not the European Union
Deborah Orr: Europe is still being used as a lazy-push-button topic for inflaming passions and sentiments, and little else
 The Guardian @guardian
11:02 AM - 3 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
Meaningless drivel. What on earth do you mean?
11:05 AM - 3 Nov 12

Deborah Orr
From you, that's a compliment. Many thanks.
11:10 AM - 3 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
At least I cared enough to ask, though I can see you are not going to bother explaining.
11:17 AM - 3 Nov 12

Claire Khaw ‏
Bet you can't explain or clarify what you mean and no one else can be bothered to ask. If only I were Grauniad editor!
11:17 AM - 3 Nov 12

Deborah Orr
Westminster is a highly centralised government. There's little local political accountability. That's the problem, not the EU.
11:23 AM - 3 Nov 12

Claire Khaw ‏
Why is it ba…