Chinese man who sues wife for giving birth to 'incredibly ugly' child wins £75,000

Left: before cosmetic surgery   Right: after cosmetic surgery 

A very interesting legal case.

I would love to see a photograph of the "incredibly ugly daughter"! I suppose it is fair enough.

The husband could argue that of course he married her for her books in contemplation of having beautiful children.

Abigail Haworth ‏@AbiHaworth
@limlouisa I want to know if there's more to this than is being reported too. If not, it's terrifying.
4:17 AM - 5 Nov 12 · Details

Why is it terrifying? I would never have plastic surgery just to marry a man. I thought these women were feminists?!

For me, it is a great relief to know that women are not even SUPPOSED to have plastic surgery to nab a man.

All we need do is pretend that butter wouldn't melt in our mouths and then turn after we get the ring on our finger.

Husbands cannot "return the goods"after marriage and say "My sweet girlfriend was really a harridan in disguise."

But they can if we got them to marry us by pretending that our physical attributes that they found so irresistible were natural and intrinsic to our charms and would be passed on to any children of the marriage.   


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