1. "Feminism is responsible for the decline and fall of Western civilisation."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  2. "Feminism is the ridiculous notion that it is either sustainable or moral to allow women to do men's jobs badly while neglecting their own work."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  3.  "Cut open a feminist and you will find a Red."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  4.  "Does feminism cause paedophilia?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  5. "Is it laughable, ridiculous, and counter-productive to aim for gender equality by focusing on the claimed interests and perspectives of only ONE gender, as advocated by feminists?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  6. "In the name of gender equality, shall we make women soldiers and allow the men to stay at home cooking, cleaning and rearing the children?"  Option 1: Feminists are mad and silly.  Option 2: Let us return to the patriarchy, which is the lesser evil.
  7. "How would feminists feel about only female police officers, female paramedics, female plumbers, female firefighters and male nannies responding to their emergency, plumbing and childcare needs?"  Option 1:  Appalled and indignant at the thought of the substandard service I shall receive.  Option 2: Indifferent in the name of gender equality
  8. "Do you understand the principle of being treated as innocent till you are proven guilty?"  Option 1:  No, Assange is guilty and MUST BE PUNISHED NOW!!!!!  Option 2:  Yes, it means not assuming the guilt of anyone accused until after conviction.
  9. "Is free speech safe under feminism?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  10. "Are women more easily offended, totalitarian and censorious than men, generally speaking?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  11. "Would you say that, generally speaking, women are more emotional and irrational than men?  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  12. "Do you think the accusations of rape and sexual assault against Julian Assange have any merit?"  Option 1:  They are obviously the trumped-up charges of immoral women.  Option 2:  These women have clearly been abused terribly and Assange must be punished.
  13. "Is it right that a woman can consent to sex and then subsequently withdraw that consent when the man she had sex with the night before did not make a courtesy call the morning after, and accuse him of rape?"  Option 1: Yes  Option 2: No
  14. "A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity and a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity." Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  15. "Punishing female promiscuity serves as prevention because it is seen as a warning to other sluts, while punishing male promiscuity serves only as a cure, after the bastard has been born.  Prevention is better than cure."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  16. "The woman who thinks a man to whom she is not married is having sex with her with the intention of paying for the upkeep of any illegitimate offspring they conceive is stupid enough to be spayed so that her genes do not contaminate the next generation."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  17. "The only miscegenation we should worry about is the miscegenation of the unmarried."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  18. "Tolerating single motherhood is tolerating female promiscuity, which is far more dangerous to the long term health of any society than tolerating male promiscuity."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  19. "Lust is a deadly sin.  Like a slow-growing cancer on any organ below the belt, by the time it manifests itself, the cancer will have spread to other organs.  Just under half the babies born in Britain are now born out of wedlock.  Bastardy is therefore now the norm in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  When over 50% are bastards we will have reached the point of no return on our journey to hell in a handcart."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  20. "Female promiscuity is the facilitator of male promiscuity."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  21. "A slut is analogous to a drug dealer who consumes his own merchandise rather than seeking the best and most regular customer."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  22. "The instinctive abhorrence of bastardy felt by other cultures has been bred out of Western Man after too many decades of feminism and the welfare state."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  23. "The white race is the race most affected and infected by feminism and liberalism."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  24. "The only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  25. "If your society is a matriarchy then it means that your society is ill, perhaps terminally ill."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  26. "The trouble with feminism is that its ideology of gender equality allows women to be as promiscuous as men."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  27. "It behoves the one who is left holding the baby to take more care with contraception."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  28. "Feminism allows women to claim that they are equal to men, superior to men and at the same time also in need of the financial support of men."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  29. "Feminism, like Communism, is an unnatural ideology and all unnatural and artificial ideologies are destructive to the health and happiness of its practitioners."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  30. "Most of the strength, wealth and wisdom acquired after centuries of struggle by the white man has been thrown away and forgotten after half a century of feminism, liberalism and consumerism."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  31. "Women are validated by how many people are dependent on them.  The more dependent they are, the more important she feels.  Indeed, she sometimes deliberately infantilises her children and her men in order to make herself more important and needed.  The tragedy of it is that they let her."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  32. " 'Stupid slut' is a pleonasm and a tautology."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  33. "All women are prostitutes, and all men are punters. This is no tragedy, for it was always ever thus. The tragedy for a woman is to sell herself too cheaply or to price herself right out of the market. The tragedy for a man is to not get value for his money or do the equivalent of buying a car he cannot afford to run."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  34. "If housewives and mothers saw to it that their husbands would pay them a sum of money that represented a minimum of tax they are required to pay in order to vote, most of them would end up spending it on some feminine frivolity than vote."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  35. "Liberalism is feminine, Conservatism is masculine.  There should be a balance of Yin and Yang."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  36. "There is nothing at all clever in getting a man to have sex with you, because most men cannot say no and will think it rude to refuse if you are offering them free sex."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  37. "When men become women, who will protect the men?  Not the women, who will mate with the enemy."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  38. "Women mostly cannot discuss politics rationally because they take disagreement with their views as a personal insult."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  39. "Women tend to be more insecure, vindictive, interfering and censorious than men and it is therefore a mistake to let them have too much power."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  40. "A woman generally seeks martyrdom, while a man seeks success."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  41. "The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  42. "Feminism turns women into bad mothers who cannot be criticised."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  43. "The hand of the slut single mum that rocks the cradle in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland will destroy what's left of its civilisation."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  44. "The more you tolerate bastards and never married mothers, the more of them there will be."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  45. "Even the bastards and single mothers who have done well are part of the problem, if they censor the criticism of bastards and single mothers." Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  46. "The Chinese term for bastard is translated literally as 'it is the mother's' - 'ma te' expressed in two short syllables.  What is the mother's?  The reason why one is having the trouble with the bastard in question is due to the morals and mothering of the single mother in question.  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  47. "The fact that the illegitimate are called bastards, which is also a term abuse, should put us on notice that it is not a good idea to have too many of them in your society."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  48. "We know who is in power by the ones we cannot criticise.  In Britain, the disabled and their single mother are beyond criticism, which suggests that the men of Britain are either very easily frightened or very gullible indeed."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  49. "Not discouraging bastardy amounts to encouraging the stupid to breed with the poor, and the irresponsible with the depraved."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  50. "Feminism turns men into women while the women stay women."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  51. "In Britain, there is the Weaker Sex, and the Even Weaker Sex."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  52. "Feminism bribes men with cheap sex and easy women, which is the only benefit for men."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  53. "Because men are only after One Thing, giving them Free Love only corrupts their characters and turns them into women."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  54. "Neanderthal Man became extinct because it was matriarchal and because Homo Sapiens, who were patriarchal, easily defeated him." Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  55. "A matriarchy allows the female to mate on the basis of short term considerations of arousal and sexual prowess.  A patriarchy compels her to choose her partner wisely."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  56. "Women who choose their partners wisely can improve the quality of the next generation while sluts cause the deterioration of the next generation, as does the female-dominated 'progressive' teaching profession who refuse to criticise slut single mums."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  57. "It is much easier to get a man to fuck you than to get him to marry you.  Too many British women these days are taking the easy way out."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  58. "A prostitute who is not a burden on the state should be considered a degree above a never married mother who is."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  59. "Feminism is all about saying that women are simultaneously equal, superior and also in need of the protection and support of men. That is all feminism is. Do not expect anything resembling rationalism or morality to come from this incoherent and immoral ideology that supports the right of women to be as promiscuous as men and rewarding them, while punishing men for the same sin."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  60. "Liberalism, Atheism, Feminism, Free Love and the Matriarchy are the natural enemies of Conservatism, God, Family, Marriage  and the Patriarchy."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  61. ‎"Feminism is the main prop of the consumer society and the welfare state, that is so toxic to the institutions of marriage and family as well as the practice of rational government based on rational moral principles. The alarming and precipitate decline of Western civilisation demonstrates what feminism can do to your civilisation if you let women have too much power."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  62. "Feminism is the main driver of the consumer society.  It is after all women who love to shop."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  63. "Women are the other half of the nation and they now have the vote.  Therefore they too have responsibility for at least half the nation's ills, particularly as they refuse to see anything wrong with having children out of wedlock, refuse to condemn it, and condemn anyone who condemns it.  Feminism, and women who unquestioningly support feminism, are the cause of at least half the nation's ills - more, if they have more power than men, and it does look as if women have more power than men now.  The men who support feminism - which bribes them with cheap and free sex mainly from unmarried single mothers and those who will become the single mothers of the future - are sleeping with the Enemies of Society."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  64. "Tradition is something apparently pointless that we do, in order to please our fathers."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  65. "Our traditions come from our fathers, not our mothers."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  66. "Feminism has orphaned white men from their traditions and their masculinity."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  67. "Men and women being roughly each about 50% of the population are proportionately responsible for the world's ills.  However, if women have more power than men, they are responsible for more than half of the world's ills.  This is now the situation that pertains in the West.  That is why Western civilisation is now going down the plughole, because feminised Western men have allowed their Slut Single Mums to breed without restraint their feral variously-fathered bastards  - who are the forces of Chaos and Disorder - to overwhelm their thinning ranks of Order and Reason."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  68. "In pre-feminist times, rational women would sell themselves to men for the highest price, or their parents would arrange for this. After the advent of feminism, women get jobs and buy the things they want themselves.  In the practice of feminism the women impoverish the men, corrupt the government by their economic and voting power, forget to have enough good quality children, and impoverish the society they have infested."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  69. “Feminists caused the ‘demographic time bomb’, which is what they and the liberals call the soon to be old.  They will defuse it by means of a device called  Euthanasia."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  70. "The policies and practices of feminism break up the family and thereby consign to the scrapheap the elderly, who will be neglected and abused by their new feminist-trained graduate nurses who think nursing and women’s work beneath them."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  71. "Men who wish to protest against the behaviour of variously-fathered feral bastards of Slut Single Mums are vulnerable to accusations of paedophilia, who will be treated as guilty unless they prove themselves innocent. Such are the rewards of submitting to feminism in the West, for these Slut Single Mums who are supported by feminists devalue age and wisdom and overvalue the superficial qualities of youth and beauty.  But even Slut Single Mums and their feminist supporters will in time grow old and be in turn neglected and abused by the women they have indoctrinated when they lie childless and doubly incontinent in the bed of an uncaring care home."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  72. "Men empower the worst of women when they say it is OK to be a Slut Single Mum. A slut, however, is not an honest prostitute, but a dishonest one who will charge men more than they ever intended to pay. She is like the saleswoman who tells you something is free, when really it is not and full of hidden charges.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  73. "The civilisation that fails to regulate the sexual morality of its women declines and falls."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  74. “In the advanced stages of matriarchal dementia, white people find the word 'nigger' more offensive than black people do, and 'black' more offensive than 'cunt'."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  75. “The difference between a slut and a slut single mum is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  76. “It is a law of nature that the more promiscuous you allow your women to be, the more fearful of women your men will be, and the more cowardly, hypocritical, atomised, irrational and chaotic your society will become.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  77. “Just as a bachelor is an unmarried man and a spinster an unmarried woman, a slut is the mother of a bastard.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  78. “We must remember that ALL criminal bastards come from slut single mothers, without exception.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  79. "The ills of Western civilisation can be chiefly attributed to feminists refusing to give up their legal privileges while demanding yet more in ever shriller tones, while male politicians subjugated by the female vote submit to their demands.”  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  80. "Feminism is the existence of legislation protecting the right of women to fuck whom they like without fear of the consequences, at the expense of men, children and the future of your nation."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  81. In a degenerate society, women find good men dull and bad men attractive, and will cheat on good men with bad men, and are not punished for this preference.  A degenerate society condones female promiscuity while punishing male promiscuity.  We should always choose the lesser evil if it is available.  Sadly, our degenerate politicians who court the vote of the degenerate voter cannot do even this, and are tied together leading each other inexorably to the edge of doom."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  82. "‎The corruption of women's morals infect men's."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  83. "Feminism is the absurd idea that women should be treated as the equals of men without first compelling them to give up their privileges."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  84. "Women and the urban proletariat have these in common - the inability to think clearly, mawkish sentimentality and the compulsion to be generous with other people's money. I already know that sentimental people are renowned for their cruelty. The shrewd peasant is above women and the urban proletariat."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  85. The reason why women cannot be trusted with too much political power is because she is less likely to respect free speech.  It is only natural that she would dislike the thing that hurts her feelings or offends her sensibilities, and Nature has decreed that it is womanly to be sensitive to the emotions and opinions of others."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  86. The Matriarchy is dangerous to everyone, including itself.   Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  87. “No libertarian can be a feminist and no feminist a libertarian, for feminism can only be sustained by a bloated over-bearing nanny state.” Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  88. "What's wrong with feminism is that you get most women behaving like bad men and most men behaving like bad women."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  89. "Feminists are just selfish, stupid and promiscuous women who will cling to their privileges at all costs, with no thought for the future or the long-term national interest or the harm they do to society."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  90. "Man created God to protect him from Woman." Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
  91. "It is the female who is really the one who practises eugenics. This she does by choosing the best possible father for her children and the best possible husband for herself before having children. Western women are not fit for this purpose when they have children without first finding a husband. Western governments are not fit for purpose when they allow their stupid immoral women to breed at the expense of the taxpayer and even now refuse to criticise them."  Option 1: Agree  Option 2: Disagree
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