Male Guardian hack too afraid to discuss feminism with Claire Khaw

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@JonathanHaynes Deborah Orr calls Claire Khaw a "self-hating, misandrist fool". #feminism #libertarianism #EU
1:32 AM - 4 Nov 12 ·

Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all why have you sent this to me?
3:54 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
@JonathanHaynes I sent you … in the hope that the #evil of #feminism will be discussed by the liberal intelligentsia.
3:58 AM - 4 Nov 12

1h Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all I see. Feminism isn't evil. Sorry.
4:04 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
@JonathanHaynes My definition of #feminism is at
4:14 AM - 4 Nov 12

Jonathan Haynes ‏@JonathanHaynes
@1party4all your definition isn't right though is it?
4:21 AM - 4 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
@JonathanHaynes If you don't think my definition of #feminism is right then you tell me how it is wrong.
4:39 AM - 4 Nov 12

The Guardian Web News Editor then blocks me.


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