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Men on Marriage Strike

Marriage strike is a term coined by some masculist authors to describe the idea that a substantial fraction of men avoid (or should avoid) marriage out of a conscious fear of financial devastation in the event of divorce.

Advocates of the marriage strike hold that the combination of laws permitting no-fault divorce , and prevailing conditions in divorce ourts that are substantially more likely to favor the wife over the husband in disputes over child custody, visitation rights, ownership of the family residence and other shared property, child support, and alimony, makes it possible for a woman to unilaterally divorce her husband while simultaneously depriving him of the right to see his offspring and financially crippling him. They argue that since the divorce rate is high, and since women are more likely than men to seek no-fault divorce, scenarios like the above are a likely outcome of marriage, and that many men, fearing such an ou…

Children need their Fathers but Women Deprive Children of Their Fathers

Well, how about that, The Guardian appears to be saying that children need their fathers, especially boys.

Maybe that is why men have now become increasingly womannish and society has become morbidly over-feminised.

Indecisiveness and wishing to wound but afraid to strike (a very dishonourable position to be in, as Michael Portillo himself admitted on TV) are of course typical female traits.

There have been matriarchies in the past but they were all without exception primitive societies, and that is why we have not heard of them.

It would appear that we are now about to enter a spot of matriarchal primitivism unless and until we deal with the scourge of feminism.

I am not suggesting anything dramatic, just the repeal of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

Muslim and Looking for Love

It seems Muslim women are also pricing themselves out of the market. British Muslim women want to marry British Muslim men, but they are very fussy and critical. British Muslim men have the advantage of opting to have a wife from Pakistan, untouched by feminist assumptions, who will be properly respectful of their husbands.

How should women who falsely accuse men of rape be punished?

How should women who falsely accuse men of rape be punished? I already know two locals I know from the pub that this happened to. They are pussycats and their theory is that the woman couldn't take no for an answer. Serves them right for having anything to do with the crazy ladies they meet in pubs, eh?

How the UK Family Courts operate, apparently

I remember a divorce lawyer girlfriend of mine telling me, in the late 80s, of her unease that her female client was falsely accusing her estranged husband of paedophilia to get him out of the house.

Ever-lowering standards of the Church that refuses to condemn female promiscuity or question feminism

"44% of children are born to unmarried mothers"

The number 4 is considered unlucky by the Chinese because it sounds like death. Two 4s therefore would be considered doubly unlucky. It would appear that we are an unlucky nation in a doomed civilisation.

Do you hear anything being proposed by the government about discouraging women from becoming unmarried mothers? Well, do you?

Of course not, because they have shit for brains.

Do you hear anything from the Church about condemning family breakdown and female promiscuity? Other than to be "more relevant to modern life" and lowering their standards just to get more bums on seats?

No, because they have shit for brains too. What happens to civilisations whose people don't do anything about their shit-for-brains politicians?

They all die a natural death of course.

Our alotted time-span is now coming to an end.

YUSUFALI: And how many populations …

Polygamy and the Muslims,4273,4314573,00.html

Sorry to go on about this, but I am of the opinion that even an alpha male shared is better than a multiplicity of sub-alpha males.

Newsnight last night did a feature on polygamy. Tim Winter, the Islamic scholar, was telling us of polygamy being something a wife who had a job in the City was asking him about, because she would prefer it if she could resume her career after having her child, and entrust her child to the care of her husband's other wife.

Divorce Law Since 1970

Something to chill your blood and look at your wife with a degree of trepidation ...

If you've already been mugged, ie divorced, then none of this will come as much of a surprise to you.

If you are considering taking the plunge again, you may wish to consider converting to Islam and marrying a Muslim wife to safeguard your assets.

Marrying Muslims sign marriage contracts, just like they did in Restoration Comedies.

In the event of a divorce, the matter will not go to a UK Family Court but a Sharia Court, which would be an advantage for the partner with the vulnerable assets.

Appearing to be Alpha (for men)

How to attract a woman worth attracting:Don't show her that you're scared.Don't show her that you're poor and without prospects.Don't show her that you're mean.Don't show her that you're stupid.Don't tell her you just want to be mothered.Don't tell her you can't deal with modern technology and are "stupid" with mobile phones and the computer. Don't show her your bad side.Don't show her your mad side.Don't show her your sad side.Don't show her your neediness.Don't talk about your comfort zones.Don't ever try to make her feel sorry for you. Don't ever admit that you need her more than she needs you, even if you do.Don't be fussy.Don't whinge about being badly treated by anyone, even if you have been.Never admit weakness to her. (Cultivate a female friend for you to unburden your heart to, if you must.)Remember: just as a man wishes to marry someone like his mother (if he loves and admires his mothe…

Feminism and Promiscuity

Female promiscuity is supported by feminism. Female promiscuity causes single parenthood, family breakdown, which in turn causes societal breakdown through rising crime and ever-lowering standards of education and behaviour.

Should all decent right-thinking members of society of both sexes now challenge feminsim?

Masculine and Feminine Virtues and Vices

What are masculine virtues and vices? What are the feminine ones?

Good Husbandry versus Over-Nannying

Shall we equate Libertarian principles with governmental minimalism, rational and masculine principles of good husbandry, and liberal socialism with the suffocating over-nannying of a neurotic attention-seeking mother, reluctant to let go of her apron strings?

Feminism and the Welfare State

Does feminism, backed up by a welfare state, make women as well as men stupid? Are we already doomed because our politicians now all think like stupid lying women, with the exception of Peter Mandelson? It is said that a civilisation rots from the head down but it would appear that we are simultaneously suffering from foot rot as well as brain rot.

Swine flu will make Britain a better place soon!

Women instituting polygamy if the quality of the average British male declines further

It would be a rational decision because:

many hands make light workmore women would at least get a decent man, ie an alpha malewives would never be bored and lonelythe burden of childcare would be easily sharedchildren would be better behaved in a more competitive environmenta winner-take-all culture would persuade other men to up their game, and not be the penniless losers, drug addicts and drunkards most British men seem to be these daysa patriarchy would at least be ruled on rational principles and be essentially Libertariana matriarchy is chaotic, irrational, censorious, micromanaging, as we have already seen in our cradle-to-grave Neurotic Nanny State

Women are Prostitutes and Men are Punters

This is perfectly true, I fear, and an Ugly Truth that many will find hard to accept in an age of romantic sentimentality and feminine irrationality.

It is fine to be a prostitute if the punter thinks he has got a good deal.

It is fine to be a punter if he pays the prostitute for her service, which is up to her to price correctly.

There is nothing wrong in being a prostitute or a courtesan. It is an honourable trade if she gives satisfaction and pleasure and gets paid properly for her services.

The worst thing for any woman to do is to price herself too low, or price herself out of the market altogether.

But this is what seems to be happening to women in Britain.

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 10: Conservatism and Liberalism

I had an eureka moment just now.

Liberalism favours women.

Conservatism favours men.

Western society is saturated with liberal and feminine values which have now become intolerant, censorious, totalitarian and irrational.

This must therefore be the hormonal imbalance that is causing malaise and decline.

I am not of course saying all feminine values are vicious, or that all masculine values are virtues, only that there must a judicious balance of Yin and Yang.

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 9: Why the wrong kind of sex with the wrong kind of woman is bad for men and society

Why is a nation of slags and slappers bad for men?

Because easy sex is analogous to the welfare state making infantilised weaklings of us. If men do not have to prove themselves worthy to women in order to get sex - other than by being a good shag - then they do not bother with the other important things of life, such as income, status, intellect, strength, courage and ambition - the sort of thing that excites sensible women.

Instead, the average male Briton is happy to "make do" and "keep his head above water".

This, coupled with the motivational deadening of the welfare state, becomes a morbidifying factor.

Feminist values prevent a woman from insisting that a man display his ability to look after her by paying for her.

If a woman is desperate enough to go dutch with a man and still give him sex, he would be a fool to say no, would he not?

And that is why British men are so useless at courtship and have…

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 8: The Loser Culture of Female Promiscuity

Women can and do ruin the characters of men and society.

This is achieved by:

1. encouraging female promiscuity

2. refusing to deal with female promiscuity

2. depriving their children of their biological fathers

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 7: Unchecked Feminine Values Will Be The Death of Western Civilisation; Yin and Yang

Women who are losers, mediocre thinkers, with their loser thought-patterns, are infecting men with their loser values of victimhood, ie whingeing but not doing anything about it because they are mostly frightened, socially insecure, and don't want to look foolish.

They have passed their contagion on to men. Yet no one dares points this out.

This is because the West (and their Family Courts) is now ruled by irrational and totalitarian feminine/feminist values. Yes, the ones that prevent reporters reporting the injustices daily perpetrated by the Family Courts against men "in the interests of the child".

Health and safety, bossy anti-smoking laws, the nuclear weapon of accusing recalcitrant men of paedophilia - when he will be assumed guilty until proven innocent - these are all signs of the toxic irrationality of dominant feminine values.

Yet still these women whinge.

More men than ever before are undergoing castration to become women because they sense the power of women, and…

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 6: The Trouble With Men and Women

You are hoist by your own petard I am afraid, when you compare the acquisition of a woman with the acquisition of a pet you would eventually tire of, the moment she loses her looks!

While men complain about being treated like meal tickets, women complain about being treated as sex objects, and therefore treat each other as means to end, something Kant told us we must not do.

Not that an old cynic like me would find that at all surprising, but I just wish people would be more honest about it, instead of harbouring impossibly high expectations of romantic love.

I have already said that I include myself amongst life's losers because I am not already partnered. In fact, I have not even met anyone I remotely fancy who has rejected me! This is a state of affairs I find shocking, but then my mother's mocking comments that most British men are poor and lazy jobless welfare claimants explains a lot. And those who are not on welfare, who still have jobs and are middle class, middle-aged an…

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 5: The Trouble With Women

I am afraid I am quite offended. I have no particular need of a 'relationship' and no desire for one.

There have been occasions when - if you remember - we have been followed home by cats.

On those occasions it is clear to me that the cats are charming - for a short time.

Would I consider keeping one as a pet? Frankly, no. I would become tired of it in time.

If you view successful people as halves of couples then fair enough. Why aren't you one half of a couple then?

Surely it is all a matter of your expectations. You told your friend who wouldn't come to dinner that both your male guests were 'probably too old and too poor' for her.

Well, did you really expect her to come after that?

It is true that I don't make much but your other guest used to own a house which I happen to know was worth at least a million by the time he parted with it.

Was he completely cleaned out by his divorce or what?

Women like you make me angry. No wonder none of us can marry or find women…

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 4: Why the British are Indeed Losers

These are points raised by indignant male friend denying that the British are a bunch of losers in the previous post:

Girlfriend B is not responding to any of my communications. Girlfriend A (the one who would not come to dinner) says she can't that weekend.

Girlfriend B may be out of the country. Girlfiend A may be offended when I declined to join her and others in the pub the day after she declined my invitation to dinner. I asked what the action was like at the pub that evening, and she said there was no action, just a pleasant evening. I then wondered what exactly was the point of single women meeting in a pub all dolled up and then not getting any "action". Surely it would be cheaper and easier - if they only wanted to be in each other's company - to go to each other's homes instead of meeting in a pub after dolling themselves up? Such "cruise buddy" evenings were invariably disappointing and expensive, and I suggested to her …

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 3: denial that the British are losers

What I said to the male friend who did not want to be tarred with the same brush as my other male friends whom I did not think could easily produce a bird and a bottle.

Thank you for your suggestion, but it seems a bit of an imposition to ask single male friends to bring a bottle and a bird when I already know they are in difficulties getting hold of the latter. I suppose this means I must concentrate on making more female friends so that I lead a more gender-balanced life.

He responded:

I think you make your single male friends sound like a bunch of losers. I would not - I would have you know - find any difficulty finding a female companion to take to an event, provided there was a certain amount of notice.

You are making a mistake if you assume that I belong to a group of men that cannot find women.

Perhaps you did not mean me, but it is possible that you do.

I then said to him:

I would not like it if I received an invitation to a party asking me to bring a male partner, whether or not I …

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 2: the Proposed Summer Party

Every now and then I think about having a party, especially in the summer. I therefore mused on Facebook and solicited opinions about whether to have one, bearing in mind my gender-unbalanced life of always having more male friends than female friends, due to my obsessive interest in politics.

Women on the whole find it uncomfortable hurtful to have their views challenged or scrutinised and take it very personally when they lose an argument. Men, I generally find, are far more forgiving creatures. I am sure I have been more offensive to men than I have been to women, yet they mostly forgive me. Not so women, who anticipate the position I might take on something and then break off a friendship in anticipation of my disapproval, without even allowing me the opportunity to express that disapproval!

Since one of my male friends declared that he would find it unbearable to be at a party where the guests were mostly men, I wondered allowed how I could scrabble together enough female guests to…

Britain's Loser Culture - Part 1: The Dinner Party

What follows is a series of exchanges with a male friend who is offended by a number of things I have said.

The origins of this was a rant about the unreliability of my female friends, which led to a rant about my male friends, which then became a generalised rant about the way this country is going, with its nation of losers, myself included.

I recently had a dinner party to return the hospitality of a man with whom I had recently had a convivial lunch, whom I hadn't seen for many years.

I was anxious not to give the impression that I was available, and, aware of his Casanova-like characteristics, wished neither to sacrifice my virtue nor disappoint and offend my dinner guest, whose expectations would be understandably heightened if he were the sole guest.

I therefore attempted to invite a both a male and female guest, both single, to make up the numbers.

I had hoped that a local girlfriend (divorced and vegetarian) would come since I already knew she did not go out much, and whose ch…

Comparing Peter Mandelson to Richelieu?

Apparently, Jonathan Freedland will be doing precisely this on 14 July 2009 9.00 am and 9.30pm.

I do believe that Peter Mandelson is the only one capable of saving the Labour Party now, and indeed even this country. The Labourites do not like him, it seems, but I believe he is a man more sinned against than sinning, and that he has been misunderstood and traduced.

Doubtless he would have had to step on a few toes to make the shower that was the Labour Party electable as New Labour, and it seems they have not forgiven him for that.

I believe he will need a girlfriend and perhaps even a wife to make the British people warm to him. I willingly offer myself as a candidate should none more suitable than I be found, for I cannot now tell whether I am more in love with the idea or with the man himself. I am more than happy to find out, and commit to my project of saving the British people from David "PR" Cameron and his lily-livered Etonians.

I w…