Muslim and Looking for Love

It seems Muslim women are also pricing themselves out of the market. British Muslim women want to marry British Muslim men, but they are very fussy and critical. British Muslim men have the advantage of opting to have a wife from Pakistan, untouched by feminist assumptions, who will be properly respectful of their husbands.


"British Muslim women want to marry British Muslim men, but they are very fussy and critical."

It's not necessarily that they're being "very fussy". They just require that a prospective husband has equal or greater earning power compared to her. This is women's natural programming.

However the mass entry of women into the workforce, birth control, and the mass outperformance of young men by young women upsets this arrangement.

An educated wealthy woman is setting herself up for failure, if marriage is part of her idea of success.

Accordingly, why more and more young, educated, wealthy women are turning to things such as prostitution as a way of exploiting male resources.

As a flower leans towards the sun, women will lean towards alternative methods of tapping into male productivity and wealth.

Needless to say, some of those methods are better than others (from mens' point of view).
I don't say that fussiness is not a factor at all - it may well be, I am not familiar with British Muslim youth culture.

I am saying that the current economic trends between young men and women cannot be discounted.
Anonymous said…
Of course Muslim men are opting for traditional Muslim women. Men are usually not interested in a womens earning power. They want a wife who will be a good wife and mother. I'd get a traditional Muslim women myself if I was Muslim and wanted a strong, healthy family.
Anonymous said…
Traditional Muslim relationships should not be your ideal if you are a healthy and normal man. There they have child brides and can get away with beating the crap out of their wives. I have friends from very traditional foreign families and every one of them - sons AND daughters are encouraged to get high grades and get good jobs.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you Anonymous of 10 October 2012 04:31 for giving us a fine example of a non sequitur.

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