Appearing to be Alpha (for men)

How to attract a woman worth attracting:

  1. Don't show her that you're scared.
  2. Don't show her that you're poor and without prospects.
  3. Don't show her that you're mean.
  4. Don't show her that you're stupid.
  5. Don't tell her you just want to be mothered.
  6. Don't tell her you can't deal with modern technology and are "stupid" with mobile phones and the computer.
  7. Don't show her your bad side.
  8. Don't show her your mad side.
  9. Don't show her your sad side.
  10. Don't show her your neediness.
  11. Don't talk about your comfort zones.
  12. Don't ever try to make her feel sorry for you.
  13. Don't ever admit that you need her more than she needs you, even if you do.
  14. Don't be fussy.
  15. Don't whinge about being badly treated by anyone, even if you have been.
  16. Never admit weakness to her. (Cultivate a female friend for you to unburden your heart to, if you must.)

Remember: just as a man wishes to marry someone like his mother (if he loves and admires his mother), a woman wishes to marry someone like her father (if she loves and admires her father).

We all want to be looked after, but admitting that to your partner will kill everything dead in the water.


Jeff Marshall said…
Good advice. And one should be protective too, when necessary, displaying courage even in the most dangerous, or potentially lethal, situations.
Andromeda said…
Yes, that is the most impressive trait of all. I had a girlfriend who described a man she only met once at a dinner party I had as "kind", simply because he spontaneously offered to help her deal with a problem tenant, whenever the trinity of men, kindness and chivalry arises between us.

While she can no longer remember the name of this particular guest, it seems that she will probably remember this act of instinctive chivalry to her dying day.

The other dinner party guest, in possession of a luxury car and who even took her out a few times in it and who was described by her as "all car", did not quite have such a good review.

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