Women are Prostitutes and Men are Punters

This is perfectly true, I fear, and an Ugly Truth that many will find hard to accept in an age of romantic sentimentality and feminine irrationality.

It is fine to be a prostitute if the punter thinks he has got a good deal.

It is fine to be a punter if he pays the prostitute for her service, which is up to her to price correctly.

There is nothing wrong in being a prostitute or a courtesan. It is an honourable trade if she gives satisfaction and pleasure and gets paid properly for her services.

The worst thing for any woman to do is to price herself too low, or price herself out of the market altogether.

But this is what seems to be happening to women in Britain.


Jeff Marshall said…
Odd that being a prostitute is not traditionally thought of as 'an honourable trade'.

Neither does it seem to be only our own age which has this prejudice.

Neither too - since so many whores tend to be crack addicts who grew up in care homes or, at best, single mothers attempting to find ways of providing for their unexpected bastard offspring - do the profile of prostitutes tend to inspire confidence.

Imagine if some other 'honourable' profession contained such an overwhelming quantity of dysfunctional types.

Picture, if you will, legions of crack-addicted doctors, lawyers, architects and plumbers on offer whenever you tried to engage their services.

The professionals in question would no longer inspire very much confidence, would they?

Lastly, the average wife and mother tends not to enjoy being compared to a prostitute.

Do these facts taken together not make you wonder whether your thinking on this matter might not be slightly askew?
Andromeda said…
Jeff, when I posed this question, a male Faceboook friend replied:

"no discussion needed"

I said:

"Damn! Did I just say that the earth is round, water is wet and fire is hot?"

Another male Facebook friend said:

"I'm afraid you did!"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtesan suggests you can move in courtly circles if you do it right.
rgundapa said…
The question of man having to pay for woman's service arises only when the man is inferior to the woman in some wat - for example, the woman not finding a particular man unattractive! Else, seeking money and pleasure too is too unfair!!!

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