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Question for A A Gill

Dear A A Gill

I hope to interest you in commenting on the domestic partnership, elaborated at

Your recent piece on Seventy Thirty suggests that you may have more to say on the subject of long-term relationships. That it ended "A A Gill is 54" suggests that you may even now be single and looking. (Should this be so, it may interest you to know that I fall within recommended age range of 10 years' difference.)

I am unclear about your current relationship status but believe it would interest you to know that my Speedier Dating for the Already Grown-Up idea has the following goals:

a) finding out the worst of your potential partner as soon as possible

b) revealing the worst of yourself to your potential partner as soon as possible

c) treating negotiation (of the terms of the domestic partnership) as a substitute for courtship

This could be done through -

i) discussing previous relationships and conducting a po…

A A Gill on Gold-diggers: Wealth, sex and money vampires

I know a man who never married. He’s not gay, hideous or furious, he doesn’t have eczema, halitosis, a twitch, a stammer or deformed genitalia. He doesn’t live with his mother or in Bolton, he isn’t a Scientologist or a plane-spotter or an amateur taxidermist, and I’ve never heard him play the harmonica. He is independently wealthy, attractive, cultured, amusing, kind and popular. He always has a girlfriend. Each of these relationships trundles along, as relationships will, to that point where commitments have to be undertaken, irrevocable decisions made, a collective future mapped and fenced, questions must be asked that involve diamonds, placement cards and singing Love Divine All Love Excelling. And at that point, he shies. Invariably, inevitably, they are gently dumped and depart, and he will wax sentimental about the sadness of the split, the fatal flaws in the relationship, the tiny cracks th…

What sex has to with the state of the nation

What connection there may be between the sexual partners we choose and current levels of immigration I really do not know. I would surprised if you are able to establish that one is actually the cause of the other."

Let me explain then.

Our schools teach the children it is OK to have sex once they have reached secondary school.

11 year old mother, 13 year old father stories are not uncommon.

Society and schools make excuses for their behaviour and dumb down education to bend over backwards to accommodate the kind of children these child-parents are going to bring up.

This would explain the uselessness of state education.

The uselessness of British state education makes British employers avoid indigenous workers.

Immigrants keep coming because they know most Britons are congenitally incapable of being made employable because their "education" system that is such a national and international disgrace.

Government dare not stop this in-flow because employers would start complaining…

The Sacred Cow that the British worship


This BNP film is another conspiracy theory used by them to blame "traitors" and foreigners.

Instinctively preferring the cock-up theory to the conspiracy one, I find it astonishing that so many of us have not yet worked out that family breakdown is caused by the easy availability of extra-marital sex.

Most of us are conscious and unconscious worshippers at the shrine of sexual freedom. The idol of the Sacred Cow we worship is the Slag, Slapper and the Single Mother.

I am proposing that she be slain, metaphorically, of course.

But try saying that in mixed company and you risk being slain yourself!

There is no need for any violence or butchery, merely -

1) the withdrawal of child benefit for mothers unable to produce a marriage certificate

2) the end of no-fault divorce, which is what we in effect have in this country

3) the repeal of the Sex Discrimination Act 1972 (as well as all the other "thought-crime" anti-d…

Zoe Lewis - betrayed by feminism!

So - feminism ain't what it was cracked out to be?

You were warned, but didn't listen?

Now you are in your late 30s, single and wondering what it might have been like to be a mother, with a husband and children? Or at least divorced or widowed with offspring?

Never mind. You still have your career, or have you? The men are all useless anyway ...

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from 4 February 2009


BBC values: slags and slappers protected, saying "golliwog" condemned

So, Carol Thatcher calling a tennis player a "golliwog" is more offensive than Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross leaving obscene messages on the answering machine of Andrew Sachs to the effect that Russell Brand has had carnal knowledge of his granddaughter, Georgina Bailie.

Why didn't Ross and Brand just leave an obscene message on the answering machine of Georgina Bailie, the Satanic Slut and burlesque dancer? This may be due to the operating fear that the feminists in charge at the BBC would have their balls for breakfast.

And so they picked on her grandfather.

So, in British society, it is considered more socially-acceptable to leave obscene messages for a grandfather of a slag and slapper than it is to call a slag and slapper a slag and slapper?

And calling someone "golliwog" is worse than either of the above?

These are the values the BBC are now propagating.

There is no need to ask yourself if the world h…