The Sacred Cow that the British worship


This BNP film is another conspiracy theory used by them to blame "traitors" and foreigners.

Instinctively preferring the cock-up theory to the conspiracy one, I find it astonishing that so many of us have not yet worked out that family breakdown is caused by the easy availability of extra-marital sex.

Most of us are conscious and unconscious worshippers at the shrine of sexual freedom. The idol of the Sacred Cow we worship is the Slag, Slapper and the Single Mother.

I am proposing that she be slain, metaphorically, of course.

But try saying that in mixed company and you risk being slain yourself!

There is no need for any violence or butchery, merely -

1) the withdrawal of child benefit for mothers unable to produce a marriage certificate

2) the end of no-fault divorce, which is what we in effect have in this country

3) the repeal of the Sex Discrimination Act 1972 (as well as all the other "thought-crime" anti-discrimination legislation)

The break-down and low birth-rate of Western society can be traced to consumerism, sexual liberation and the pill, as well as the welfare state's role in preventing individuals from suffering the consequences of their sexual liberation. (The promiscuity and simultaneous incompetence in the practice of contraception of the typical worshipper of Sexual Freedom would be laughable if it were not so tragic.)

Since it is sexual liberation that has turned Britain into a Nation of Illegitimate, Illiterate and Innumerate Losers whom British employers would rather not employ, it is time that we asked ourselves what is to be done.

The matter has now become urgent, since it has a knock-on effect on state education, which is increasingly affected by the behaviour of badly-parented children. Instead of teaching children what every British school-child ought to know to become employable, they are now devoting considerable resources and time to socialising them, at the expense of real education and Britain's ability to compete internationally.

Yet, what does the BNP do but bleat on about bringing back grammar schools and the Christianity that has yesterday so decisively rejected them? Anglican clergymen are now banned from joining the BNP. Grammar schools are full of the children of pushy middle classes parents. In urban areas, there are actually more children of non-white pushy parents than there are of white pushy parents.

I would be very surprised if there is a even one child in a grammar school today whose parent(s) can be said to be working class.

What does the BNP say about single-parenthood, no-fault easy divorce and feminism? Nothing! Because these "brave" British nationalists fear the withdrawal of "normal service" from their WAGs.

They of course prefer to blame foreigners, especially Muslims, rather than acknowledge that their own womenfolk (ie their grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters) and of course their own preference for easy sex with no guilt, could perhaps be to blame.

In fact, anyone who does not express disapproval of single parenthood, for fear of being seen to be judgemental, is to some degree culpable.

We are all to blame!

The Jeremy Kyle Show perfectly illustrates the degradation of the urban proletariat, also known as CHAVs, as a result of decades of toxic social policy and sex "education" as taught by British secondary schools.

This is what you become, when you do exactly what you want, and make a god of your appetites, is the moral to be extracted from the accelerating dementia, decline and degradation of the British people. This would of course apply to any people similarly in thrall to feminism, female promiscuity and who lack the backbone to condemn single-parenthood amongst their friends and family, in case they should incur social disapproval for being "judgemental".

There is no conspiracy and no requirement for any conspiracy to be in existence, for the British to continue destroying all that was once good about being British.


Jeff Marshall said…
I would point out that the film referred to here is unlikely to have been produced by the BNP.

The spelling mistakes are one indication. In other ways too the film does not reflect BNP policies.

I may be wrong but until this is confirmed either way, some scepticism about its origins would be in order.

However it is an interesting film - and the comments made here about its subject matter are naturally no less valid for the film itself not being genuine.


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