Zoe Lewis - betrayed by feminism!


So - feminism ain't what it was cracked out to be?

You were warned, but didn't listen?

Now you are in your late 30s, single and wondering what it might have been like to be a mother, with a husband and children? Or at least divorced or widowed with offspring?

Never mind. You still have your career, or have you? The men are all useless anyway ...

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Hymn with Spade said…
I'm so sorry to read that reality has bitten and bitten hard.

My grandmother always said that a woman's place is in the home and she stuck to that throughout her entire life and died aged 97 a very happy and contented woman.

In the book I believe in it says, that the man job is to be the head of the house and be the bread winner and the woman's role in life is to bear children and be the homemaker.

If only more people read this book and understood it's content and obeyed it to the letter ... it would be a much more content and happier world to live in.

If you purchase a car from a manufacture, in the glove-box you would find the makers car manual. If you took the time to read it and follow it's instruction your car would be reliable and last you many years, however if you ignored this manual thinking you knew best what would be the result of this ...

Likewise the Human being has a manual that it needs to read and obey it's instructions so that your life would have purpose and meaning ... like the car, if you ran a petrol driven car and tried to run it instead on deisel because you thought you knew better, what would be the end result.

The answer's to life can all be found in one book called the BIBLE. Please take time to read & study it, especially if you want to have a fulfilling happy & content life.

Robert H. Brown
Anonymous said…
I'm also genuinely sad that this is how things have turned out for you.

I'm 36 unmarried, no kids, reasonable career and prospects etc. Am I worried, no, because I don't have that biological clock that the fairer sex do.

The difficulty that women have is that they try to mimic men and they do it badly, extremely badly. Have you ever seen a heterosexual man really try and mimic women? No.
We as men don't try to be what we're not. We're not as you've said "afraid of powerful women", not one of these powerful women could physically hurt me or my fellow males. Isn't that why women (when in a management role or position of power) become such bitches, because they think men talk to each other like dirt, knowing deep down that they can never truely be our equals?
Us mere mortal men then subsequently begin to hate women as bosses because if a guy talked to me like one of these powerful females then he'd be losing his teeth, even if I lost mine in the process! Men are always very careful with men for this simple primitive fact.
Women know deep down they can get away with this behaviour because decent men will never physically hurt a female even if she does deserve a slap for her post feminist revolutionary people skills.
So no, men are not scared of powerful women, we just don't like them! Powerful women for me are never a turn on.
I want an intelligent woman of course, but I'd rather have a partner like the traditional female, not because they're stuck at home or because I want them to have my tea on the table, but because the vast majority of women I meet are horrible pieces of work and/or emotionally crippled by their own self sacrificing hormonally charged existences and the women whom stay at home are in fact nice, lovely people. Often or not these powerful women are emotionally crippled because they have to have a man in tow, literally. Many women because of this then go from one bad relationship to the next, never fulfilling their desire yet happy because they're in charge of some small group of blokes as a middle manager.
I've never felt the need that I had to have one woman ready before dropping the last one or to be horrible to my staff, make fun of them yes, but not be a bitch. To me this is cold and calculating and certainly not a quality I find attractive.
I want a woman I can totally and utterly love because she's the most important person in my life, the angel, friend and mother of my children.
I'm not looking for miracles and in my opinion women have caused the problems that you, and many others like you, are now experiencing. Perhaps women are now being betrayed by feminism and hopefully you are not at all like the stereotyped modern day female that I have described above, the trouble is, the above is my own actual experiences of working mostly with women and observing their relationships.
Here's hoping that we can all get back to the way it used to be where we all knew our roles and took care of ourselves and our families. See that bears game? Hell of a game! Good luck. ;-)
Jeff Marshall said…
Good grief - what a lot of fuss.

She is a successful playwright & has presumably achieved her ambition.

Wishing now that she had married instead, had had kids & so on, is just another variant of desiring to have it all - the mental habit which has in fact guided her life up to now.

There is no reason at all why women cannot have serious vocations & careers - but they may need to make certain sacrifices to do so.

The way they always did in fact.

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