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Nationalists need to fight the gender war AKA feminism

I truly believe that if men and women wielded a fair balance of power against each other, then everything will eventually sort itself out.

The Chinese have a concept of this struggle, and it is the idea of Yin and Yang.

Those of you who are racial nationalists may scorn the wisdom of other nations, civilisations and races, but I believe that any wise leader would not scorn to use the wisdoms of others if it means the ultimate betterment of their own race and nation.

After all, the stealing of other people's military secrets and strategies is considered patriotic.

My ideological strategy is in fact very simple.

Reduce everything to gender politics, which is the cause of the Western malaise anyway, IMHO.

Once men understand that all feminism has had to offer them is the promise of cheap sex from immoral and stupid women who make bad reproductive decisions to the detriment of their race, nation and civilisation to distract them from the injustice and insanity of the matriarchy, then…

Teen pregnancy *rate* lowest since 1969


There was something about this on Woman's Hour today at

It basically said that we should rejoice because teen pregnancies are down to its lowest RATE OF INCREASE in the last 40 years.

There is sharp rise of in over 40s pregnancy rates however.

Great.  So we'll have more singly-parented IVF fertilised weaklings, Down's syndrome children and children birth abnormalities that is the problem of being an older mother being a drain on the NHS.   I suppose it could be said to be good news that stupid schoolgirl sluts who didn't pay attention in their sex education classes are not getting knocked up at quite the same rate as before.

Or maybe we have just reached the absolute limit on the numbers of stupid schoolgirl sluts who will let anyone fuck and forget them.

Only morons would take this as a sign of improvement.

How many SSMs were there in 1969 and what was the percentage of SSMs then?


The male ego is a fragile thing and needs to be wrapped in cotton wool by women

The male ego is a fragile thing, perhaps even more fragile than the female ego.

The female at least has the option of talking about her emotions with her female friends.  This is not open to men, because we know that any display by a man of his weakness to his peers would result in loss of status.  As for displaying weakness to women, that would be even more disastrous.  

While it is easy to get sex with women of their own age, they actually want their women to be less sexually experienced, and not say things like "My last lover was so much more experienced and gave me so much more pleasure than you" and that kind of thing, which is devastating to men, especially if they are dumped because of that.

I think that is the reason why you get more men who are paedophiles these days.

On the whole, men prefer their women to be passive and appreciative and not be showing off all the tricks in bed they have learnt in their long, promiscuous and varied sex life.

Because most women - e…

British Nationalists think nothing of exposing themselves to women in their cars

Shocking, but true.

No one in the BNP is even saying that the Sunday Star story is untrue, and the Chairman himself has not seen fit to deny the story.

So it must be true.

Many white British men think it is a non-story because that is how most British men really behave, BNP or not.

Why do they behave like that?

Is it cos most white women are sluts?  

Offering a white woman the opportunity to suck them your cock is as unremarkable as offering to buy her a drink, apparently.

If she says no and looks disgusted, you merely sigh, roll your eyes, put it back in your trousers, and carry on as if nothing had happened.

If people make a fuss about it, you just ignore them, and everyone in your party will say you were led on by a slapper.

If she really was the slapper everyone is saying she is she would have sucked it, I imagine, rather than sell her story.

Another possible version:

"As it ha…

Even if we gave Nick Griffin the benefit of the doubt that the ex-model led him on ....

The response of BNP men was very interesting.  No one actually said,

"Get away with you!  The very idea!  Our Chairman would never do such a thing as expose his tumescent member to a female party activist who came to  his rescue in her Jeep, because we all know that he is a gentleman as well a very happily married man whom we are sure would have no problem getting his wife to do such things for him."
What the BNP men have been saying without exception is that the ex-model must have led him on, and by implication any of them would inevitably have succumbed to such a temptation by such a temptress.

If Claudia were to drive up to each of their homes in her Jeep, suggest they buy her a curry in Swanley which they will consume in her vehicle in a car park, they would without exception accede to this.  They would all get out their cocks for her after she has "led them on", even as they…

Was the WOMAN who victimised Fireman Sam WHITE?


Even if the ex-model *did* lead the BNP Chairman on ....

Even if the ex-model had led the Chairman on, it would be good to hear his version of things. If he had not exposed himself to her one would expect an outright denial, since he was with her on 30 September 2011, and cannot deny it. But he does not even have the sense to do that.

If it was just her word against his, then it would make sense for him to do that, even if the allegation is true. It is very cynical of me to say this, of course, but I think I would have made a good Director of Communications for the BNP.

Perhaps the Chairman thinks the story will go away, which calls into question his lack of integrity, judgement and his lack of access to good advice, as well as his ability to persuade his wife to perform the sex act that he was alleged to have asked the ex-model to perform on him.

If he thinks the story will just go away, I think he is very much mistaken about the nature of the British …

Sexual promiscuity costing UK billions of pounds

Promiscuity has a direct financial cost as STIs are estimated to cost the NHS more than £1 billion per year. Diagnoses of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in England rose 74% cent between 1998 and 2009.
Teenage pregnancies cost the NHS £63 million per year.
The abortion rate continues to rise. The total number of abortions in England and Wales rose by 8% between 2000 and 2010.96% of abortions are paid for by the NHS, at a cost of £118 million per year.
Family breakdown
Family breakdown, including divorce and separation, directly costs the taxpayer an average of £42 billion per year, most of which comes from the cost of tax credits, lone parent benefits, housing benefits and the health, crime and educational impact of relationship breakdown.  
This sum, nearly £1,400 per year for every taxpayer, is equivalent to 6% of all public spending for 2011.

Fucking Sluts!!!!!! Fuck…

CRB check is a tax on business imposed by feminists who are BAD FOR BRITISH BUSINESS and FAMILIES

Crime checks for a million community volunteers as vetting spirals out of control, say critics

Read more:

Apparently, if your child is in secondary school and want to do a French exchange scheme, say, your entire family would have to have a CRB check.

I had previously thought this would apply on to those in your family over 18, but not so, according to

So, you and your partner (if you are not a single mum) would have to have a CRB check.

However, if that child has a father who is Muslim and has 4 wives, 5 CRB checks would be required.

If each of these wives had 4 children then they would presumably need to have CRB checks too. After all the two little bastards who tortured to death Jamie Bulger for their entertainment were only 11 and the age…

Eugenic reasons why a man should choose his woman and why women should not be sluts

"A man should choose his woman."

This was what Temujin's father conceded to him when Temujin decided he wanted a wife other than the one chosen for him.

All real men should always choose their female partners, but it is the case that these days most men just sit around  looking pretty, and they will eventually be picked up by a woman impatient to find a male partner.

Because feminism allows women to make the first move, men find that it is easier to just wait for the female to make the first move.

Most men are afraid of REJECTION, you see. Therefore, the cautious man will just wait for the offers of sex from impatient single and looking women to arrive. Some even target not particularly attractive women who are only good for one-off sex, because they think she is less likely to say no than someone more attractive but more likely to say no.

However, women who offer no-strings sex to timid men afraid of rejection are doing them…

Cameron and LibLabCon attempt to engage the female vote

The reason why the LibLabCon is always courting the female vote is because they think most women are gullible promiscuous welfare-claiming parasites and therefore easier to bribe with benefits and more stupid intrusive totalitarian laws to stop their feelings from being hurt.

Why don't they court the male vote for a change?  

Single Mums are a degree ABOVE grandparents

Jane Jackson, a grandmother tells Yasmin Alibhai Brown how her ex-daughter had her revenge on her ex-mother-in-law when she withheld contact between her 11 year old daughter (whom she has not seen for 4 years) and her ex-husband and by extension her paternal grandparents.

Shut the fuck up if you have a shit daughter-in-law. Don't you dare criticise her or she will shit on you by depriving you of all contact with all your grandchildren that that son of yours has had by her when she divorces your son, even if he has done nothing wrong, and takes half his stuff.  If you have given your son half his stuff, you will have given half your stuff to that evil bitch of an ex-daughter-in-law who will deprive you of your grandchildren.

What do you think that evil bitch of an ex-daughter-in-law might do?

Well, she might let your grand-daughter have sex or even under-aged sex under the former matrimonial home of your son, and even let her get knocked up…

Secularists impose their values on the religious

Why does no one get it that the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious?

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say homosexuality is an abomination and the secularists are talking about gay marriage.

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say extramarital sex is a sin and the taxpayer is compelled to pay for Slut Single Mums to have bastards at their expense and not allowed to complain about this in polite society.

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say usury and gambling is forbidden and the ones who do that most and best are the ones who control these secular governments. (They are now called Technocrats.)

Wake up, people, wake up.

You don't have to believe in God to instinctively know …

Without prostitutes men have no protection from what is in effect FORCED MARRIAGE

I think prostitution is an honest profession. More honest than getting knocked up and getting the CSA pursue the father of the illegitimate child who never wanted to be a father in the first place.

For this reason, I am proposing that men should treat known prostitutes as a degree above the Slut Single Mum.  If he wants to give up to his seat to a woman, for example, he should offer it to the prostitute first.  Only if the prostitute declines should he offer it to the Slut Single Mum and there is no other woman who is not an SSM in the vicinity who might want that seat.

Criminalising prostitution is a like women ganging up on men and saying "You have to marry us (or support an illegitimate baby you never intended to father) if you want to have sex with us."

That is what it really boils down to.

By the way, prostitution and by extension brothel-keeping is tolerated in the Koran.

Just think: the Koran is more tolerant of prostitution than feminists!

Men, if you want sex from…

The CRB check is a Paedophile Tax

Not a Paedo?  Then why are you paying it?  Cos you have SHIT for brains and your matriarchal government has SHIT for brains.

Apparently, if your child is in secondary school and want to do a French exchange scheme, say, your entire family would have to have a CRB check.

I had previously thought this would apply on to those in your family over 18, but not so, according to

So, you and your partner (if you are not a single mum) would have to have a CRB check.

However, if that child has a father who is Muslim and has 4 wives, 5 CRB checks would be required.

If each of these wives had 4 children then they would presumably need to have CRB checks too.

Your children might abuse your French exchange guest either physically or sexually so they woul…

Common Purpose is the brain behind the Matriarchy?

Watch this and see if you don't agree.

Probable super-injunction by the Matriarchy has suspended Twitter account of Fathers4Justice

F4J twitter account suspended soon after this interview of Matt O'Connor on the Today Programme took place.

Find out more from:!/MattGOConnor!/NadineOC

When I tweeted yesterday

1party4all Claire Khaw
Will someone tell me why #F4J twitter account has been suspended?
@Will2403!/Will2403 responded:

@1party4all that's a hashtag not an account. And the answer is 'cos they were associating with the likes of crazy bints like you'
I have no idea what he means though and no response so far to my request for an explanation:

1party4all Claire Khaw
@Will2403 What? Explain, please.

Arms and representatives of the Matriarchy:!/VeraBaird!/suzanne_moore!/MumsnetTowers!/Gin…

A very basic illustration of why Feminism/Liberalism is Anti-Eugenic

Eugenics is the "applied science or the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population", usually referring to the manipulation of human populations.

There is a race, say, the Purple Race.

You separate them into two random gender-balanced groups.

After separation, you tell one group that they must on no account have extramarital sex and God will punish them if they do.

You tell the other group they can have any kind of sex with anyone they like at any age because there is no God and all that matters is that they have fun before they die.

You come back later in 100 years' time to see what has happened to them.

Which group do you think will do better, all things being equal?

Remember: the purpose of marriage is eugenic.

The Lily-Livered Libertarian Philip Booth of the Institute of Economic Affairs

"A report out today says British women are facing a shockingly high price for motherhood as they are forced into lower skilled, part-time work after having children. Joining Jenni are Vidhya Alakeson from the Resolution Foundation and author of report out today, and Professor Philip Booth, an economist and director at the Institute of Economic Affairs."

My thoughts as I heard Philip Booth on Woman's Hour.   (Do men who go on Woman's Hour become women while they speak, I wonder.)
"Child care costs have rocketed", says Philip. "Extraordinarily expensive even after subsidies," he went on to say.
Oh come on, Philip, SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY IT, say that mothers with young children should not be working.
Why train women to be engineers if they are just going to take maternity leave and inconvenience their employers? Employers might as well hire men who can afford to …

How SSMs can make men pay them to fuck up their society IN JUST ONE GENERATION

No more job creation schemes for social workers (mostly women like Annie the Social Worker in to help the dregs of humanity to survive and make your country a worse place and make the taxpayer pay to make the country a worse place.

If parents want to kill their children let them. Why? Because parents who kill their children should never have had children in the first place. (Actually, it is not "parents", is it? We are really talking about SLUT SINGLE MUMS here.) Let the problem solve itself.

Or you will have damaged children growing into violent criminals burgling your home and raping your daughters and your wife and maybe killing them and you.  Or perhaps just being antisocial and pissing in your garden and killing your cat.   

Do you get it yet, British male taxpayer?


That is why you and your country are FUCKED.

The BNP don't get it that SSMs are bad for Britain e…

"There is a girl on Facebook ... " or The Evil of a Promiscuous Woman

There is a [white girl] girl on Facebook called X.  She doesn't like blokes wearing condoms and she got pregnant by a Jamaican bloke who has done a runner.  She has given away the baby away for adoption as it ruined her social life.  And she used to be respectable.  She has a degree.  I [a white male BNP buddy of mine] even offered to be the father as I don't care that the baby is black but it seems like she doesn't want any help.  Pure evil."

She went with a black bloke because I had an Asian girlfriend.  And she still thought I was racist for uploading BNP videos. I think she wanted to  spite me.  She had unprotected sex with black men to prove she wasn't racist.  The world is going mad.

If I had a million pounds ....

If I had a million pounds I would offer it as prize money to any card-carrying feminist who makes the best case against feminism.

I would love to award the prize to Suzanne Moore, my favourite feminist, who was once my Facebook friend, but who has now blocked me on Twitter and is telling everyone who will listen to her to block me and who will also be judging the Orwell Prize for blogging (which I have been entering since 2010), together with another judge with Labour associations Hopi Sen.

This is just my pathetic little attempt to bribe her with my thought present of £1,000,000.  Otherwise, I know I haven't got a chance of even making it to the longlist, with two judges with Labour loyalties who would LOATHE me for my BNP associations.

It should be noted that the Orwell Prize has never awarded its blogging prize to anyone who is not obviously a liberal (unless they are gay, as in the case of last year's Graeme Archer (described…

A metaphor of the corruption of female promiscuity on the morals of men?

Sex doll.

Sex doll perfectly represents the corruption of female promiscuity.
No, I don't think so.
What made you retweet that image then?
It's a photo I took of a sex doll covered with rubber swamp creatures. That is all.
I just *love* it.
It seems very symbolic and rather artistic.
You must be trying to tell us something if you bought yourself a sex doll, put creepy crawlies over it, and took photo of that!
Didn't buy myself sex doll. Was given it (mid-70s, when I took pic) by gay friends, as a joke. Already had the swamp creatures.
If you think that image is about female promiscuity being corrupting, I reckon that says more about you than about the image.
Well, it is a very potent image and can be interpreted in more than one way. Anyway, female promiscuity *is* corrupting.
What does thinking that that photo is about female promiscuity say about me?
A sex doll says: "Any man…

"There is a rotten apple, Jim, right at the top of the tree."
John Hurt talks about Tinker Tailor,_Tailor,_Soldier,_Spy

"There is a rotten apple, Jim, right at the top of the tree."
It seems to me that John Le Carre was trying to say something about women, all those years ago.  The words are chilling and sinister and sent a shiver down my spine.  It ought to send a shiver down men's spines too, but most young men these days would only display puzzlement and then indifference.  They wouldn't get it at all, you see.

Some forms of gangrene makes the affected limb go numb.   Ignore it (because you no longer feel any pain) and you will DIE.

Gangrene Symptoms
Dry gangrene:
The affected area becomes cold and numb.
Initially, the affected area becomes red.
Then, it develops a brown discoloration.
Finally, it becomes black and shriveled.
A fish rots from the head down. ex…

What is a slut?

How many men do you have to shag before you become a slut?
I an actually OK about sluts.  Most of my white British female friends are sluts, I suspect.  If by "slut" we mean a woman who has extramarital sex with men not her husband then I think an overwhelming number of the female population of Britain are indeed sluts.

The difference between a slut and a Slut Single Mum is the difference between being a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.  
I am only interested in convicted criminals and therefore sluts (ie women who have extramarital sex with men not their husbands) who do not have illegitimate offspring fall under my radar.   
I do not criticise those of you who have a healthy sex life with men not your husbands.  I only criticise those of you got knocked up and went on to have your illegitimate offspring.   As long as this is clear.

Of course, the more men you sleep around with and the more regularly you have sex with them, the more likely you are to become a S…

How to discourage Slut Single Mummery while still allowing sex to stay cheap

Legalise brothel-keeping.Make a rule that Slut Single Mothers will always be treated as lower than working prostitutes who pay their taxes.   I like to think that it will only be a matter of time before my political genius is recognised.

The male demand for sex robots and what it says about women

Suddenly, I realise why Onanism was considered a sin ...

I wonder if one of my white nationalist FB friends is going to suggest that the sex robot was invented by a Jew ....

We should note that it is men who want female sex robots. Is there a MALE sex robot?

If so, it would doubtless have "harder", "faster", "deeper" buttons for the female user to press, as well as a "chat" one for after. Listen, guys, if the woman is chatting away incessantly to you after you have had your orgasm, it means she has not had hers. If she has had hers she would be in the same kind of soporific stupor you are in too. 

Thought you might like to know that.

The report also never mentioned how you would have to clean them after use.

Do they get, er, "filled up" completely after regular use? Would you have to change them like a Hoover bag?

I suppose these female robots would all be submissive ones. I…

If women ruled the world


Why is Woman's Hour promoting immorality AKA sluttery and bastardy?

Single Mums v Single Dads
As the Office of National Statistics reveals the number of single parent families in the UK tipping two million for the first time why does a single dad invariably still attract greater social sympathy than single mum? Jenni is joined by Benjamin Mee, whose own experience of being a single dad is played by Matt Damon in the forthcoming film ‘We bought a Zoo’ and by Maria Roberts, author of ‘Single Mother on the Verge’.
‘Single Mother on the Verge’ ISBN: 978-0-141-03777-6 is written by Maria Roberts, published by Penguin Books.

Maria Roberts is a Slut Single Mum complaining about how much better-treated single fathers are compared to Slut Single Mums.

Haven't the feminists delighted us for long enough?

Why do these women want to destroy Western civilisation and the white race?

Why are white men so pathe…

Sir George Young a fine example of a cowardly Conservative CUNT

'It's an outrage!' Woman MPs up in arms at beer called 'Top Totty' for sale in Parliament bar
Read more:

Triumph of the matriarchy: subjugated male MPs eat SHIT and drink PISS. Sir George Young GROVELS, cuts off his dick and serves it to feminazis for TEA.

Sex, Feminism and Emasculation

Why is it so hard for white people to get that sex, if indulged in promiscuously and unwisely, can both ruin your life and your civilisation in the short and long term?

Having too much sex with too many people makes you stupid, depraved and degenerate.

Feminists want men to be stupid so they can control them.  In fact, they need men to be more stupid than women in order to control them, and that would have to be very very stupid indeed.  Bribing men with sex is as easy as bribing children with sweets.  That is why men these days are mostly infantilised, easily frightened and passive.   Perhaps that is why the female-dominated teaching profession have deliberately messed up the education system in the West.

If it a feminist conspiracy this is understandable.  But how much worse it is if these feminists have done all these things unwittingly and unconsciously.

Either way, they have delighted us for quite along enough.

It is not hard to defeat them once men wise up to the perniciousne…

Feminism is Communism. The Red is not UNDER your bed, she is ON YOUR BED

Men are helpless against this scourge because feminism bribes them with cheap sex and easy women.

Feminism emasculates men by making it OK for them to be stupid, irrational, emotional and self-pitying - just like women.

If sex is a drug then women are the SUPPLIERS.   The first few fucks are always free, and then you are HOOKED.

Women supply men with sex to CONTROL them.

Probably, the blowjob was invented by a woman (probably a mother) to make her crying infant son shut the fuck up.

Men are now infantilised because bribing men with sex is like bribing children with sweets.    

How to defeat Left Liberalism

Defeat Feminism, which is the Foundation and Source of stupid toxic cancer-causing Left Liberal Commie Pinko ideas.

No violence is required, only the use of Reason and Logic.  We all know most women, and, increasingly, more men nowadays who have been feminised and emasculated by Feminism, are in fact incapable of understanding and using these concepts to their advantage and will only end up having hissy fits about how offended they are with you and how evil you must be for upsetting them with the expression of your views.

Make the case that men and women who "reason" with their emotions should be disenfranchised.Make the case that those who pay no taxes should have no vote, instantly disenfranchising slut single mums who are a burden on the state together with their offspring, who in most cases are useless criminal sluts and bastards who breed the next generation of useless criminal sluts and bastards at the expense of the non-slut and non-bastard section of the population w…