CRB check is a tax on business imposed by feminists who are BAD FOR BRITISH BUSINESS and FAMILIES

Crime checks for a million community volunteers as vetting spirals out of control, say critics

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Apparently, if your child is in secondary school and want to do a French exchange scheme, say, your entire family would have to have a CRB check.

I had previously thought this would apply on to those in your family over 18, but not so, according to

So, you and your partner (if you are not a single mum) would have to have a CRB check.

However, if that child has a father who is Muslim and has 4 wives, 5 CRB checks would be required.

If each of these wives had 4 children then they would presumably need to have CRB checks too. After all the two little bastards who tortured to death Jamie Bulger for their entertainment were only 11 and the age of criminal responsibility is 10.

Your children might abuse your French exchange guest either physically or sexually so they would need a CRB check too.

And what if you have a lodger? He or she may be a paedo too, as well as you, your partner, your partner's other partners and your partner's partners' offspring who may share the same home as you and have access to that hypothetical French exchange student ....

Also, this system favours the single mum and penalises the married person whose spouse is still living with him/her.

This is the SHIT you get when you let feminists run your government. Feminism leads to paedophilia and the Paedophile Tax.

How Feminism causes Paedophilia is explained at

Feminism is SHIT and feminism is the shit they make British children learn at schools.

What is feminism? It is about creating SSMs, not criticising them, allowing homosexuals to "marry" each other and fining B&B owners for not wanting to do business with them.

Who represents feminism? Why, ALL the political parties, including the BNP who are too fucking thick to recognise that feminism is the antithesis of family values (which can only be supported by reintroducing fault into divorce), and that marriage is eugenic

They are too afraid of the sluts of their own race and prefer to whinge about Muslims and foreigners instead.

Sadly, they have no real racial pride or they would actually be ashamed of the way their women behave.

Instead of British men condemning Fiona McKeown (whom I would argue should have been charged with arranging and facilitating under-aged sex for her daughter when she arrived home), sympathy was given to her when she claimed that the death of her daughter - left in the care of her boyfriend who was an Indian tourist guide they had met while on holiday by her mother - should and could have been prevented by the Goan police.

It is all too despicable and contemptible.   Indeed, a BNP activist even agreed with me that this should have been done, and then backtracked.

When a party that is supposed to be promoting the interests of the white race cannot practice the basics of health and hygiene nor have the moral courage to discuss ways of preventing degeneracy in their own race, you know the white race is fucked.

Feminism is SHIT and don't you forget it, but don't expect the BNP to agree with me.  Most of them are hoping to get sex from SSMs so they won't be seen to be saying anything to offend them any time soon.   


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