Teen pregnancy *rate* lowest since 1969

Pregnancy rates in under 20s are going down, but there has been a sharp rise in the over 40s 


There was something about this on Woman's Hour today at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ckgfv

It basically said that we should rejoice because teen pregnancies are down to its lowest RATE OF INCREASE in the last 40 years.

There is sharp rise of in over 40s pregnancy rates however.

Great.  So we'll have more singly-parented IVF fertilised weaklings, Down's syndrome children and children birth abnormalities that is the problem of being an older mother being a drain on the NHS.   I suppose it could be said to be good news that stupid schoolgirl sluts who didn't pay attention in their sex education classes are not getting knocked up at quite the same rate as before.

Or maybe we have just reached the absolute limit on the numbers of stupid schoolgirl sluts who will let anyone fuck and forget them.

Only morons would take this as a sign of improvement.

How many SSMs were there in 1969 and what was the percentage of SSMs then?

How many SSMs are there now and what is percentage of SSMs now?

Come on BBC, you can tell us, but you won't, because you are a shitting stinking fucking pissing BASTARD Broadcasting Corporation for the Matriarchy that makes licence fee payers pay for propaganda against themselves.

Men should know that if they use their sex organ as their thinking organ, their brains, race, nation and civilisation will just turn to SHIT.

Too bad for you if you are too shit for brains not to have worked this out for yourselves earlier.

That story has been the best demonstration of "lies, damned statistics and lies" so far.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves if you hadn't spotted this earlier.


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