Probable super-injunction by the Matriarchy has suspended Twitter account of Fathers4Justice

F4J twitter account suspended soon after this interview of Matt O'Connor on the Today Programme took place.

Find out more from:!/MattGOConnor!/NadineOC

When I tweeted yesterday

1party4all Claire Khaw
Will someone tell me why #F4J twitter account has been suspended?

@Will2403!/Will2403 responded:

@1party4all that's a hashtag not an account. And the answer is 'cos they were associating with the likes of crazy bints like you'

I have no idea what he means though and no response so far to my request for an explanation:

1party4all Claire Khaw
@Will2403 What? Explain, please.

Arms and representatives of the Matriarchy:


You won't give a shit about any of this unless and until your wife divorces you and decides she doesn't want your children to see you any more, because it is all too upsetting and inconvenient.

1 and 3 marriages end in divorce, so if you are married with children be careful about getting on the wrong side of her.

Even if you do not get on the wrong side of her she can just decide that you are just too fat, farty, old and boring and that she would like to live in the matrimonial home without you getting under her feet.

If you are not married to the wife of your children you have virtually no rights.

If you are married, you are supposed to have more rights than fathers of illegitimate offspring (who have virtually no rights), but the family courts of the matriarchy in the UK that are held in camera (which means there are reporting restrictions on the proceedings of these secret courts that allow your children to be taken from you without good reason) means that in practice she can mess you around.  Court orders can be applied for and granted, and she still gets the fuck away with it, and you will be a poorer and more bitter man and one of the sad losers who have to go cap in hand to F4J, who are also in turn kicked around by the Matriarchy.

Yep, these women and people who think like them are running the country into the ground, making the male taxpayer pay for their lifestyle choices of irresponsible, stupid and malicious women, pay to create a new generation of women like them, and a new generation of scared, stupid, skint men like you.

Get used to it, and carry on eating SHIT, loser.

Or join
DECLARE AN OFFICIAL MARRIAGE AND SEX STRIKE!  (You don't have to be contemplating marriage to join.  It just a group for people who agree that it would be a good tactical move to say men should not get married until they get a better deal.  If this happened women would declare a sex strike and the human race would die out, but if terms were renegotiated, the strikes would be called off.  Simple, really!)

MARRIAGE CONTRACT CLUB (This means all marriages under this system would have to have a marriage contract so that blame can be apportioned in cases of breach of contract.   Under this system  the rule is that children under 7 live with mum.  After 7 they live with dad leaving mum to find a new man with no "baggage".  There will be exceptions of course if mum is abusive or dad has died, scarpered, is doing time or is just unsuitable to assume the role of a responsible parent.)


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