Even if we gave Nick Griffin the benefit of the doubt that the ex-model led him on ....


The response of BNP men was very interesting.  No one actually said,

"Get away with you!  The very idea!  Our Chairman would never do such a thing as expose his tumescent member to a female party activist who came to  his rescue in her Jeep, because we all know that he is a gentleman as well a very happily married man whom we are sure would have no problem getting his wife to do such things for him."

What the BNP men have been saying without exception is that the ex-model must have led him on, and by implication any of them would inevitably have succumbed to such a temptation by such a temptress.

If Claudia were to drive up to each of their homes in her Jeep, suggest they buy her a curry in Swanley which they will consume in her vehicle in a car park, they would without exception accede to this.  They would all get out their cocks for her after she has "led them on", even as they are armed with the knowledge of what happened to their esteemed Chairman with this ex-model in her Jeep.

It would just be like a porno version of Groundhog Day.

If the Chairman had been led on by the ex-model, his statement would look more like this:

"It was Claudia who told me to have my cock out ready for her when she came back from the litter bin after she had disposed of the remains of our curry lunch.  As it happened, when she came back, she took one look at me and suggested that I might like to get out of the car to walk my lunch off, with a rather disapproving expression on her face.  I then realised she had only been joking, took the hint, had a little walk until my excitement had subsided sufficiently, and got back into the car.  We never referred to the incident again.  Anyone who knows Claudia would know that she has a manner that could be described as provocative and flirtatious.  I think, after my near death experience that day, I might be allowed a little leeway.  The balance of my mind had been upset by my car flipping over like that on the motorway, and the curry we got from the Swanley Tandoori seemed to have aphrodisiac qualities, and it seemed to me that Claudia was being particularly flirtatious and suggestive to me that day, probably because of my brush with death.   She is very tactile and is perhaps unaware of the effect she has on most men.  Or perhaps she does, and it amuses her to tease men in this way.  I can only apologise to my wife, my family and the party for letting them down."

Perhaps such an admission might make the Chairman look slightly better, instead of his very guilty siilence.


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