Sex, Feminism and Emasculation

Why is it so hard for white people to get that sex, if indulged in promiscuously and unwisely, can both ruin your life and your civilisation in the short and long term?

Having too much sex with too many people makes you stupid, depraved and degenerate.

Feminists want men to be stupid so they can control them.  In fact, they need men to be more stupid than women in order to control them, and that would have to be very very stupid indeed.  Bribing men with sex is as easy as bribing children with sweets.  That is why men these days are mostly infantilised, easily frightened and passive.   Perhaps that is why the female-dominated teaching profession have deliberately messed up the education system in the West.

If it a feminist conspiracy this is understandable.  But how much worse it is if these feminists have done all these things unwittingly and unconsciously.

Either way, they have delighted us for quite along enough.

It is not hard to defeat them once men wise up to the perniciousness of feminism and the irrationality and illogicality of the thought processes of feminists.

Men are after all stronger than women and capable of thinking more rationally.

Women too can be brought to see sense.  If you conducted a poll amongst the mothers of toddlers in Britain, you will find that most do not want to work as well as look after their young children.

If that is the case, then there is even a democratic case for ending feminism, which can only be propped up by totalitarian legislation such as the Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination Acts (now consolidated in the Equality Act).

Feminism can be fatal to your civilisation because it makes speaking the truth illegal if anyone is offended.  We all know how easily offended women are, don't we?  Have these feminists never heard of the Ugly Truth?  Obviously not, or, if they have, they have forgotten it in their matriarchal dementia.

When you are no longer allowed to speak what you feel to be the the truth then you no longer have free speech.

When you no longer have free speech you live in a totalitarian state.

Are you too stupid to notice or too emasculated to protest?  Then shame on you and your race and your nation and your civilisation, which will soon be an extinct irrelevance

A race whose men are too afraid to criticise the worst of their women does not deserve to survive and will not survive.

Who are the worst of their women?  The ones who make bad reproductive choices - the ones who have illegitimate children and the ones who have disabled children (or both) and then complain they cannot cope, no matter how much help is given to them by the state.

The ones that come to mind are Riven Vincent (who knew 13 years ago that she had MS and then gave birth to a daughter who is severely disabled who is now 7) and Mrs Nickly Clark, who today tweeted:

mrsnickyclark nicky clark
I'm asking for the hate speech laws be amended to include disabled people.Obviously this is of NO consequence to my Tory MP or his party.

"Nicola Clark is the mother to two girls, both disabled, and a campaigner on the issue of promoting positive attitudes towards disabled people" it says on her byline.  How strange that she would think that carrying on in the way she does would promote positive attitudes towards the disabled when anyone with any sense would know that her actions do precisely the opposite and in fact promote and incite hatred and resentment against disabled people.

Perhaps the secret plan of these leftist subversives is to provoke us into saying things that offend disabled people and then throw us into prison for our thoughtcrime/hate speech offence.  Perhaps Mrs Nicky Clark is an agent provocateur ...

Read this, understand this, absorb this and pass it on, if you are not too emasculated to dare and not too apathetic to care.   


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