How SSMs can make men pay them to fuck up their society IN JUST ONE GENERATION

No more job creation schemes for social workers (mostly women like Annie the Social Worker in help the dregs of humanity to survive and make your country a worse place and make the taxpayer pay to make the country a worse place.

If parents want to kill their children let them. Why? Because parents who kill their children should never have had children in the first place. (Actually, it is not "parents", is it? We are really talking about SLUT SINGLE MUMS here.) Let the problem solve itself.

Or you will have damaged children growing into violent criminals burgling your home and raping your daughters and your wife and maybe killing them and you.  Or perhaps just being antisocial and pissing in your garden and killing your cat.   

Do you get it yet, British male taxpayer?


That is why you and your country are FUCKED.

The BNP don't get it that SSMs are bad for Britain either because they can only talk about immigration and Muslims and are afraid of their women. 

Most of their male members have female partners who are SSMs. 

Most of their male members have mothers who are SSMs. 

Most of their female members are SSMs.

Most of their male members are hoping to get sex from an SSM (because most women you meet these days are SSMs now).  If they say anything against SSMs they won't be getting any sex and they are too poor and mean to pay for the services of an honest prostitute.

That is why they are fucked too.

This is why the promiscuous female is reviled and despised in any society that is rational and moral.   

The subjugation of men to the morals of the worst women can easily be achieved in one generation if most women give men with no-strings sex and most men accept, even just once.  

Once most babies born in your society are bastards - and they already are- it is pretty much fucked until and unless remedial action is taken ASAP.  

Is it being taken ASAP?  Is it fuck.   


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