Nationalists need to fight the gender war AKA feminism

I truly believe that if men and women wielded a fair balance of power against each other, then everything will eventually sort itself out.

The Chinese have a concept of this struggle, and it is the idea of Yin and Yang.

Those of you who are racial nationalists may scorn the wisdom of other nations, civilisations and races, but I believe that any wise leader would not scorn to use the wisdoms of others if it means the ultimate betterment of their own race and nation.

After all, the stealing of other people's military secrets and strategies is considered patriotic.

My ideological strategy is in fact very simple.

Reduce everything to gender politics, which is the cause of the Western malaise anyway, IMHO.

Once men understand that all feminism has had to offer them is the promise of cheap sex from immoral and stupid women who make bad reproductive decisions to the detriment of their race, nation and civilisation to distract them from the injustice and insanity of the matriarchy, then the whole rotten edifice of feminism will collapse.

It can be done, it should be done, and it must be done WITHIN OUR LIFETIMES.

Most people do not care about foreign policy because they don't think they can (a) do anything about it or (b) understand its ramifications, so they become apathetic.

But if you talk about sex and gender relations, then everyone cares, because everyone has dealings and bargains with members of the opposite sex, and ought to be concerned about their old age and the future of their children.


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