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Our Future Fucked by Feminism

Britain is the European capital of broken homes as worst teenage pregnancy and single-parent household rates revealed

    * Our teenage pregnancy rate is the worst in Europe and the fifth worst in the Western world;

    * The proportion of children living in single-parent families is the worst in Europe and behind only the United States;

    * The proportion of lone parents out of work is the highest in Europe and the second in the industrialised world;

    * The divorce rate is the fourth highest in Europe;

    * The number of illegitimate births is the sixth highest in the continent.


Norman Wells, of Family and Youth Concern which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown, said: ‘These figures paint a gloomy picture of a society that values the short-lived pleasure of casual sexual relationships more highly than the lifelong commitment signified by marriage.

‘Those who imagine that the answer to high teen…

"Matriarchy generally equals poverty, Patriarchy equals wealth"

Cut and pasted from a comment Tom made:

Tom said...

The legal system's big time intrusion into peoples personal lives has turned marriage into a near guaranteed financial train wreak for an average guy.

This is the actual reality on the ground:

You can see how household are composed by area across the country, areas that are inhabited by the wealthy, single moms are not the majority. Where single moms are the majority you have a guaranteed high crime area and poverty. This is very consistent.

Matriarchy generally equals poverty, Patriarchy equals wealth. We are now seeing this sort itself out with the financial crises. I see a slow wealth redistribution. As the family and value structure changes the financial consequences follow. These are generational things and take time to realize.

The government has created many perverse intensives that destroy families, encourage irresponsibility and encourage dependence on the state.

Women on top

‘The axis of global conflict in this century will not be warring ideologies, or competing geopolitics, or clashing civilizations,’ writes Reihan Salam. ‘It won’t be race or ethnicity. It will be gender.’

The short-term solution would be for men to convert to Islam en masse.  That would also be the long-term solution, actually.

Would you marry a vegetarian if you are not one?

Is vegetarianism indicative of a deeper spiritual malaise?

Why are so many vegetarian females single?

To tell the truth, I have the deepest contempt for vegetarians.  I want to tear them from limb to limb, gnaw at their bones and then throw them over my shoulder, just as I have seen Henry VIII do at dinnertime in the movies.  

Vegetarian women are basically more neurotic than non-vegetarian women and vegetarian men are just effeminate.

BBC and Dominic Savage Corrupting the Morals of the Nation

Tweeted comments whilst watching DIVE:

watching DIVE on BBC2 abt teen slut n oik love. slut knocked up by oik. screwing in oik bedroom wiv dad downstairs.

Dominic FUCKING Savage is a fucking subversive shit of a perv who ncourages 14 yr olds 2 fuck each other so we can hv more feral yoof.

Dominic fucking Savage likes fucking pregnant 14 yr old teenage schoolgirl sluts.

muff-diving joke made by oik's brother in DIVING. best thing so far in this 2 hr crock of shit.
oik worried slut mum 2b may b more interested in her Olympic career than in looking up their little bastard n shags her girlfriend.

little bastard born. oik tox abt his dreams 4 his son. ma resumes her diving training. he loox after baby. The End. Dom Savage n BBC hv pissed on us.
Below is the complaint I have sent to the BBC:

"May I know the purpose of

1. romanticising and therefore encouraging underaged sex.

2. romanticising and therefore encouraging unwanted pregnancy

3. romanticising two 14 year olds messing …

WANTED: attractive marriageble men prepared to declare an official marriage strike

PR stunt on behalf of men to bring women to their senses.

Please list your attractions and the attributes a woman must have, or the conditions she must agree to, before you will marry her.

Please also join

If you do you may find a suitable woman who will abide by your rules.  Please note that I am prepared to help you broker the deal.

Feminism - the ideology of power without responsibility or the ability to reason

"Feminism and Mumsnet values are the main reason why we cannot return to rational government and a small state, because women constitute half the electorate and are always whingeing for more handouts because they are stupid and keeping messing up their lives. (This is because feminism, which promotes female promiscuity, is a toxic ideology that gives them power without responsibility .)

Bastard, Slut, Slapper and Slag-Creating BBC should be strung up together with anyone who praised this pile of SHITEहटमल

There were certain assumptions that I found objectionable.

1. The assumption that it was OK for Lindsey's fuck-bitch mum to make her dad leave home because she has fallen in love with another man.

2. The scene in sex ed when all the children were given penis models to put condoms on.  That was presumably where Lindsey's eyes met those of her intended fuck (but I was out the room at the time). 

3. The fact that the teacher who was telling them how to put a condom on properly had a very noticeable band of tattoo around her right arm.

4. The fact that it was "normal" to join your fellow CHAVs in the park for a smoke (cannabis) and for a drink (alcoholic).

5. The fact that is "normal" to shag that boy you know from school in …

Self -destructive masochism of the female of the species

Most women cannot control their children. Most women are single mothers these days. Ergo most children are out of control.

It's true. Women instinctively feel they have to put up with things.

It's not even women, it is also the female of the species.

A nature documentary showed two female beetles with their young.

One was a good mother, the other not.

The young of the bad mother migrated to the nest of the good mother, basically eating her out of house and home and making her have to work twice as hard to feed all of them.

Eventually she died of exhaustion, after which her charges were filmed devouring her in act of cannibalism.

Woman, thy name is Bail-Outism, Nanny Statism and Self-Destructive Masochism

And that is why most women should be disenfranchised.

Women get in the way of a small state and rational government because they constitute half the electorate and male politicians are taking orders from these parasites, bad mothers and bad employees who can't think their way out of a paper bag.  

Women are always being in the dishonorable position of wishing to wound but being afraid to strike.  (cf Michael Portillo)

They are of course waiting for some man to come along and squash that bug or kill that mouse or whatever vermin that is upsetting them.

Unfortunately for these women all these decades of feminism have fatally infected men, who now think and behave like women.  (After all, the conquered naturally ape the manners and the morals of their conquerors.)  Men now are afraid to squash that bug.  Not only are most British men mice these days, they are also afraid of mice.

Is Britain finally fucked?

Should all non-whites especially Muslims join the BNP and at least get a rese…

My third attempt to put the libertarian case for repealing liberal thoughtcrime legislation

Mumsnet users are Champagne Socialists having their Champagne on the Taxpayer.


Women will shoulder nearly three-quarters of the burden of cuts, says Yvette Cooper

Is it because this would so neatly demonstrate how parasitical unmarried mothers are?
Women will shoulder nearly three-quarters of the burden, eh?

They are the burden!

There should be a taxpayers' movement to protest against this practice of forced marriage of single mothers (who are a burden on the taxpayer) with the taxpayer who is expected to support them.

What the South Asians do is at least rational - not wanting their daughter to marry some low-life loser or their son to marry some promiscuous slattern.

In this country we have a decades-long policy of allowing stupid sexually incontinent women to have sex with low-life losers who are not their husband and looking to the taxpayer to pick up the pieces.

Why are we too stupid and afraid to even say "enough is enough"?

Is it because already 46% of babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock?  (This means that roughly every o…

Maire Macrae's Song on the London Underground

For some reason, this Poem on Underground reduced me to tears on my way to Bond Street. It seems to perfectly express an eternity as well as the inevitability of loss.  By Kathleen Raine. 

Maire Macrae's Song
The singer is old and has forgotten
Her girlhood's grief for the young soldier
Who sailed away across the ocean,
Love's brief joy and lonely sorrow:
The song is older than the singer.

The song is older than the singer
Shaped by the love and the long waiting
Of women dead and long forgotten
Who sang before remembered time
To teach the unbroken heart its sorrow.

The girl who waits for her young soldier
Learns from the cadence of a song
How deep her love, how long the waiting.
Sorrow is older than the heart,
Already old when love is young,
The song is older than the sorrow.

Religion and War

Religion or God is a weapon of war rather than a cause of war.

23 Reasons for repealing the Sex Discrimination Act 1975

because women

have too much power are always asking for more state handouts want to mother everything, no matter how useless and costly, because it feeds their sense of self-important and purpose are the people who are stopping the rest of us from getting lower taxes and lighter regulation, because our male politicians take orders from these people who make up the membership of MUMSNET and listeners of WOMAN'S HOUR. (Notice how they are always whingeing,  asking for more state handouts, and more nannying health and safety legislation.  Can you imagine a man asking for smoking to be banned?) who are single mothers are parasitical on the taxpayer when they have no husband to provide for them are in thrall to feminism - an evil unnatural ideology that requires you to pretend that both sexes are capable of doing the same work with equal competence and e…

Below is my contribution to Cleggy's excellent idea.

It basically urges the government to disenfranchise most women - especially the parasitical female - by requiring citizens to pay a minimum of tax before they can vote.

It recommends that the UK dump representative democracy in favour of one-party direct democracy under a narrower taxpayer-only franchise where voters get proportionately more votes if they pay proportionately more tax. 

This has benefits for the government and the governed.  MPs would get better job security and the governed would be better and more rationally governed and given the lower taxes and fewer laws that they actually want.