BBC and Dominic Savage Corrupting the Morals of the Nation

Tweeted comments whilst watching DIVE:

watching DIVE on BBC2 abt teen slut n oik love. slut knocked up by oik. screwing in oik bedroom wiv dad downstairs.

Dominic FUCKING Savage is a fucking subversive shit of a perv who ncourages 14 yr olds 2 fuck each other so we can hv more feral yoof.

Dominic fucking Savage likes fucking pregnant 14 yr old teenage schoolgirl sluts.

muff-diving joke made by oik's brother in DIVING. best thing so far in this 2 hr crock of shit.

oik worried slut mum 2b may b more interested in her Olympic career than in looking up their little bastard n shags her girlfriend.

little bastard born. oik tox abt his dreams 4 his son. ma resumes her diving training. he loox after baby. The End. Dom Savage n BBC hv pissed on us.

Below is the complaint I have sent to the BBC:

"May I know the purpose of

1. romanticising and therefore encouraging underaged sex.

2. romanticising and therefore encouraging unwanted pregnancy

3. romanticising two 14 year olds messing up their lives (and encouraging others to do so)

4. romanticsing sending your husband packing when you find someone younger and more attractive (and encouraging others to do so)"

I am awaiting a response.

I dare that shit Dom FUCKING Inic PERV Savage to sue me including all the stupid slut-bitch journos who wittered on approvingly about this crock of shite, because I have a theory that he probably fucked their brains out and promised to marry them. 


Claire Khaw said…
I have finally received a response from the BBC today.

"Thanks for contacting the BBC regarding ‘Dive’.

We apologise for the very severe delay in replying which was due to a major fault in our systems.

We understand you were unhappy with the content of this programme as you felt it glamorised teen pregnancy.

This is a carefully observed, authentic drama that, through the contrasting experiences of Robert and Lindsey, explores the decisions and far-reaching consequences of the pregnancy, in a respectful and thought provoking way.
We can assure you that the BBC follows guidelines with regard to drama. You can find these at:

Audience reaction is crucial to the BBC as it helps inform our decisions in the future and we use a number of methods to provide feedback to programme makers, commissioning executives and senior management. Although the delay meant a reply wasn’t sent to you when you contacted us, we can assure you this did not affect our logging of the points you raised at the time.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

Joseph O'Brien"
Claire Khaw said…
Predictably, it made no attempt to answer the questions I raised, and asserted that it had done nothing wrong.

And Dominic Fucking Savage is a liberal piece of shite who likes fucking pregnant schoolgirl sluts, slags and slappers and wants more of them.

So there.

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