Would you marry a vegetarian if you are not one?

Is vegetarianism indicative of a deeper spiritual malaise?

Why are so many vegetarian females single?

To tell the truth, I have the deepest contempt for vegetarians.  I want to tear them from limb to limb, gnaw at their bones and then throw them over my shoulder, just as I have seen Henry VIII do at dinnertime in the movies.  

Vegetarian women are basically more neurotic than non-vegetarian women and vegetarian men are just effeminate. 


Leos Tomicek said…
I have seen one of the dullest PRs of vegetarianism recently. Being vegetarian saves the planet because animals produce methane. I discuss it more in detail here...


I think women and effeminate men are more prone to this type of bovine excrement.
Adolfo said…
Oh, no! Don’t you get me started with this one! I tell you -don’t do it! You are total and completely right!
When I was in my late twenties, and for about two years, I got a fuck buddy, a 20 years old ballet ballerina I met in a party. Since she failed to qualify to the final round to pick up the cast of the City’s Ballet Company, she decided to switch to Contemporary Dance, (supposedly because it’s less physical and artistically demanding). She applied to the Company and was accepted, then she became so obsessed with her weight that she turned vegetarian… and hysterical. One Friday we made a date at a downtown motel. When we met, she was so frenzied and I was so stressed (I had already had a dog day) that we started a nonsense fight. I couldn’t stand her stupidities and slapped her twice, then we fucked like crazy. From then on our encounters were becoming more and more bizarre (she just wanted to be mistreated). I got tired and stepped down. The last thing I knew about her (about two years ago) is that she spent two more years in the Company, then she quit just to marry an ugly and rich guy who treats her like shit, and with whom she has two children, and that she looks skinny, but happy. Unbelievable!
curiepoint said…

I can't abide anyone who thinks that they somehow are more enlightened or a better quality of person than I am, and that is what vegetarians are all about.
pjanus said…
Off topic:

A good article

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