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Accidentally on Purpose - now a sitcom!

Holy Moly! There's going to be sitcom out about a slut, slapper and slag who gets knocked up and has the kid.

An increasingly brain-rotted American establishment clearly sees this as something to encourage and emulate. The main character is being played by the undeniably glamorous Jenna Elfman. Were I doing the casting, Roseanne Barr would have been my preferred choice.

I see Uncle Sam staggering, drooling, twitching and convulsing as it dances the St Vitus Dance of the demented and dying ...

I feel certain that the Pilgrim Fathers would hold views similar to mine were they around to express them.

John Bull is doing the same, and the rest of Western civilisation who funds this lifestyle choice of the slattern and the slut.

No doubt the Muslims will sort things out when they take over.

2009 Fall Preview: Accidentally On Purpose - New Fall 2009 Preview

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE is a comedy starring Golden Globe Aw…

Advertising Andromeda's Sex Education Course

What do my readers think of the wording of this proposed ad?

"If you don't mind illegitimate grandchildren, ignore this ad. If you do, contact Andromeda."

Porn stars with a career plan

"To make money as a porn star you really need to have a plan, being hot and willing to do anything will assure you of a short career where you will have made little money.""Control your product and limit it, think of every movie like you were giving up your virginity."

I thought this piece of advice, from a male porn star, was very interesting indeed.

Sluts, slags and slappers should find this food for thought.

New Men and the Aphorisms of Abdal

"New Men without the numen neglect the marital and the martial." (Abdal's Aphorism)

The New Man, equipped only with his appetites but without moral discernment, has made a god of his appetites. Men who make a god of their appetites do not prosper. Neither do their women. (Andromeda's Aphorism)

* numen:

* aphorism:

It's Mama's Fault! by Lex Dras - the hardcore solution

WHAT is your definition of a Slut or a Whore?

WHY do women attract crap in the first place (guys as well as in life)?

HOW do guys view women in various social scenes?
WHAT type of guy will marry a woman with kids and WHY?

WHY and HOW are single mothers producing psychologically and emotionally weak males?

WHEN does the destruction of the African-American Race begin and WHERE must we start to stop it?Crime & H.S. Dropouts Emanating from Single Parent

The simple answer to the "Why are so many of our kids dropping out of school and going to jail?" is due to the circumstances into which the child is born.

The simple answer to the "How do we get them back on track?" is to destroy the old mindset and replace it with one where being a loser doesn’t fit. The more detailed explanations follow. When people ask "Why" questions it implies that one is trying to find the ROOT CAUSES and most do not want to know the real TRUTH, they wa…

Feminism, Promiscuity and Paedophilia

Are they linked?

I am afraid the evidence only points one way.

Feminism leads to promiscuity, facilitated by the pill.

Promiscuity inevitably becomes the practice of ever younger women, who are supplied with contraceptives even when they are known to be under age.

The age of consent becomes more widely flouted.

Anyone over the age of consent who has sex with anyone under the age of consent is technically a paedophile.

Is feminism responsible for paedophilia?

Is feminism responsible for the noticeable deterioration in the national gene pool of feral children of feral parents and the accelerating national decline of societies that have men too pussy-whipped to question it?

I think we already know the answer.

Remember, you read it here first.

Accidentally on Purpose: A One-Night Stand, My Unplanned Parenthood,

and Loving the Best Mistake I Ever Made by Mary F Pols (Penguin £7.99)

This is from The Sunday Mirror Magazine of 10 May 2009.

"I got pregnant after a one-night stand ... but it was no accident. "Gotcha pregnancies" - women aged 35 to 39 who deliberately get pregnant by having unprotected sex - are on the rise. Mary Pols, 44, talks about her experience.

"Dad asked if the man would marry me. I just hoped he wouldn't leave town.

Well, I wonder how the little bastard is doing these days.

Shall we ask her?

Her email is and her blog, which does not accept comments, is at

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